Discover the Hottest Etsy T-Shirt Niches for 2022!

Discover the Hottest Etsy T-Shirt Niches for 2022!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding Products for Print-on-Demand Business
  3. Steps to Identify the Right Products 3.1 Using the Sales Samurai Tool 3.2 Searching with Broad Keywords 3.3 Narrowing Down the Search 3.3.1 Focusing on Occupational Shirts 3.3.2 Exploring Grade Level Shirts
  4. Analyzing Demand and Competition 4.1 Identifying Best Sellers 4.2 Evaluating Sales and Cart Activity
  5. Serving Micro Niches 5.1 Exploring Relatable Search Terms 5.2 Leveraging the Data from Cell Samurai
  6. Filtering Search Results
  7. Discovering Products with High Search Volume and Low Competition
  8. Analyzing Products for Sale Potential 8.1 Checking Best Sellers and Cart Activity 8.2 Understanding Reviews and Demand
  9. Conclusion

Finding Products to Sell for Your Print-on-Demand Business

Are you struggling to find the right products to sell for your print-on-demand business? In today's video, I will share with you my step-by-step process of how I find winning products with high demand and low competition. By utilizing the Sales Samurai tool and conducting extensive research, you can uncover lucrative niches and serve micro audiences effectively. Let's dive into the world of product discovery on Etsy and learn how to identify the right products for your print-on-demand business.


Before we get started, let me introduce myself. My name is Jane, and on this channel, I teach people how to create and sell their own products online to generate passive income. In this article, I will walk you through the process of finding profitable products to sell on platforms like Etsy. Many people believe that Etsy is saturated, making it difficult to succeed. However, by understanding how to identify the right products, you can thrive in this competitive marketplace. So, let's begin our journey into the world of product discovery on Etsy.

Step 1: Using the Sales Samurai Tool

To find the right products, we will leverage the Sales Samurai tool. This resource can make your product research process easier and faster by providing valuable insights into demand and competition. Before we start, make sure to check out the Sales Samurai tool, as I will be referring to it throughout this article. You can find the link in the description box below, and there is even a discount code available if you want to try it out yourself.

Step 2: Searching with Broad Keywords

When searching for products to sell on Etsy, it's essential to start with broad keywords to gauge the level of search volume and the number of listings in that category. However, we don't want to focus on selling generic products with high competition, such as t-shirts. Instead, we aim to identify niche markets within broader categories. These micro niches provide opportunities for success even in competitive fields like t-shirt selling.

Step 3: Narrowing Down the Search

To narrow down the search, we need to focus on specific categories or occupations. For example, instead of selling generic t-shirts, we can target occupations like teacher shirts or nurse shirts. By doing so, we refine our search and reduce competition while still catering to a specific audience's demands.

Step 3.1: Focusing on Occupational Shirts

Let's take a closer look at occupational shirts, starting with teacher shirts. By using the Sales Samurai tool, we can gather extended data that reveals relevant search terms and popular keywords related to our initial search. Teacher shirts show promising results, with over 26,000 listings on Etsy. However, we need to determine if these shirts are in high demand and have low competition.

Step 3.2: Exploring Grade Level Shirts

To further narrow down our search, we can explore grade level shirts within the teacher shirts category. By analyzing related search terms like "third-grade shirt," we can identify specific niches within niches. The Sales Samurai tool provides data on the search volume and competition for these keywords, allowing us to make informed decisions about product selection.

Step 4: Analyzing Demand and Competition

Once we have identified potential products, it's crucial to analyze their demand and competition further. While the absence of a best sellers badge doesn't necessarily indicate low demand, it's essential to dig deeper and evaluate individual listings. Checking the number of people who have a product in their cart and reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into a product's popularity and potential success.

Step 5: Serving Micro Niches

To excel in the competitive marketplace, we need to focus on micro niches within our chosen categories. The Sales Samurai tool helps us uncover relatable search terms that we may have missed and provides a substantial amount of data to guide our decision-making. By catering to specific keywords and customer preferences, we can create products that target these micro niches effectively.

Step 6: Filtering Search Results

To ensure we focus on products with high search volume and low competition, we can utilize the filter options provided by the Sales Samurai tool. By setting a minimum search volume and maximum competition threshold, we can refine our search results to display only the most relevant and promising product options.

Step 7: Discovering Products with High Search Volume and Low Competition

With the filtered search results, we can uncover various products with high search volume and relatively low competition. It's crucial to explore these options and assess their sales potential. By analyzing factors like best sellers' badges and cart activity, we can determine which products are in high demand and have a good chance of generating sales.

Step 8: Analyzing Products for Sale Potential

When evaluating products for their sale potential, it's essential to look beyond the surface and examine factors like customer reviews and demand. While not all products with best sellers' badges display them upfront, researching individual listings can reveal valuable information. Reviews and recent sales activity indicate product popularity and potential customer interest.

Step 9: Conclusion

Finding products to sell for your print-on-demand business requires thorough research, analysis, and a focus on serving micro niches. By utilizing tools like the Sales Samurai tool, you can uncover lucrative product opportunities with high search volume and low competition. Remember to constantly evaluate the demand and popularity of your chosen products to ensure continued success in the dynamic world of e-commerce. Happy product hunting!

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