Discover Beautiful Aquarium Plants From Etsy!

Discover Beautiful Aquarium Plants From Etsy!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Ordering Plants Online
  3. Issues with Late Delivery
  4. Unlabeled Bags and Missing Packing Slip
  5. Trying a Different Seller on Etsy
  6. Review of Aquarium Plants 209
  7. The Plants I Ordered
  8. Quality of the Plants
  9. Planting the Plants in the Tank
  10. Conclusion



Ordering plants online has become a popular option for plant enthusiasts, providing a convenient way to expand their collections without leaving the comfort of their homes. However, the process is not always without its challenges. In this article, we will explore my personal experience with ordering plants online and share the pros and cons of this method. From late deliveries to unlabeled packages, I will delve into the various issues I encountered and the steps I took to address them.

Ordering Plants Online

Ordering plants online offers a wide range of benefits. It allows you to access a broader selection of plants that may not be available at your local nursery or garden center. Additionally, online sellers often provide detailed information about each plant, including care instructions and growth specifics. This makes it easier to find the perfect plants for your specific needs and preferences.

Issues with Late Delivery

One of the frustrations I faced when ordering plants online was the delayed delivery. While the website stated a shipping time of one to three business days, my plants arrived almost two weeks after placing the order. This unexpected delay can be disappointing, especially if you were eagerly waiting to receive your new plants. It is essential to factor in potential delays when ordering online and allow for some flexibility in your expectations.

Unlabeled Bags and Missing Packing Slip

Upon receiving my package, I noticed another issue: unlabeled bags and a missing packing slip. The plants I ordered were packed in six bags, but there was no indication of which plants were contained in each bag. This made it challenging to identify and organize the plants correctly. Additionally, the absence of a packing slip meant I had no documentation of my order. Such oversights can create confusion and hinder the overall experience of receiving new plants.

Trying a Different Seller on Etsy

To address these issues, I decided to try a different seller on Etsy for my future plant orders. Previously, I had ordered from a seller called Purling Plants, but this time I chose to purchase from Aquarium Plants 209. By exploring new sellers, I hoped to find one that would improve the overall buying experience, ensuring timely delivery and proper packaging.

Review of Aquarium Plants 209

Aquarium Plants 209, the new seller I tried, had positive reviews and a wide selection of plants. Their shipping time was also within the expected range of one to three business days. As a result, I decided to give them a try and placed my order with them. In the next section, I will discuss the specific plants I ordered and provide a review of their quality.

The Plants I Ordered

In my order from Aquarium Plants 209, I requested four different types of plants: a CUFI ax, Ludwig yep Anatol, blood star grass, and rotala bangladesh. The CUFI ax was a bright red plant that caught my attention, while Ludwig yep Anatol and blood star grass were previous favorites that I wanted to reintroduce into my collection. Rotala bangladesh, with its unique name, also piqued my interest.

Quality of the Plants

Despite the hiccups during the ordering and delivery process, I was pleased with the quality of the plants I received. They appeared healthy and well-packaged, with no signs of damage or wilting. The plants were vibrant and showed promising growth potential. While the packaging and labeling issues were frustrating, they did not affect the overall quality of the plants themselves.

Planting the Plants in the Tank

To acclimate the plants to their new environment, I decided to place most of them in my 150-gallon tank. This tank had stable water parameters, making it an ideal location for the plants to thrive. I carefully planted each stem, taking into consideration their growth habits and spacing requirements. Additionally, I opted to include one stem of each plant in my 120-gallon tank, allowing for greater variety throughout my aquariums.


Ordering plants online can be both exciting and challenging. While the convenience and access to a wider variety of plants are definite advantages, issues such as late delivery and packaging problems can arise. By exploring different sellers and being prepared for potential delays, it is possible to have a positive experience when ordering plants online. Despite the initial setbacks, I was ultimately satisfied with the quality of the plants I received and excited to see them thrive in my aquariums.


  • Ordering plants online offers a wide selection and convenient shopping experience.
  • Late deliveries and unlabeled packages can be frustrating when ordering plants online.
  • Trying different sellers on platforms like Etsy can help improve the buying experience.
  • Aquarium Plants 209 received positive reviews and offered a variety of plants.
  • Despite packaging and labeling issues, the quality of the plants received was satisfactory.
  • Planting the new plants in a suitable tank environment is crucial for their growth and well-being.


Q: Are there any risks in ordering plants online?
A: Ordering plants online comes with certain risks, such as the possibility of late deliveries, package damage, or receiving the wrong plants. However, these risks can be mitigated by choosing reputable sellers and being prepared for potential drawbacks.

Q: How can I ensure the plants I order online are of good quality?
A: Reading reviews and checking the seller's reputation can provide an indication of the quality of plants they offer. Additionally, looking for clear and informative product descriptions, as well as photos of the actual plants, can help you make an informed decision.

Q: What should I do if I receive unlabeled packages or missing documentation with my plant order?
A: Contacting the seller and providing them with detailed information about the issue is the first step. They may be able to assist you in identifying the plants and rectifying the situation. It is also a good practice to document any issues with accompanying photos for reference.

Q: How can I acclimate the plants I receive online to my aquarium?
A: Before introducing the plants to your aquarium, it is important to acclimate them slowly to the new environment. This can be done by floating the plants in a bag or container in your aquarium for several hours, gradually adding small amounts of your tank water to the bag. Once acclimated, carefully plant the stems in your tank, taking into account their specific care requirements.

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