Transform your bathroom with unique Etsy finds | DIY small space ideas

Transform your bathroom with unique Etsy finds | DIY small space ideas

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Initial Assessment of the Bathroom
  3. Replacing the Mirror
  4. Updating the Shower Curtain
  5. Adding an Accent Wall with Wallpaper
  6. Incorporating Little Touches
    • Installing a Bathroom Toilet Tray
    • Adding a Beautiful Print
    • Hanging a Handmade Plant Shelf
    • Using Unique Towel Hangers
  7. Polished Jar Hand Wash and Toothbrush Holder
  8. Using Ceramic Lidded Jars for Jewelry
  9. Adding a Skinny Ceramic Vase with Flowers
  10. Upgrading the Hand Towels
  11. Creating a Candle Moment
  12. Final Transformation and Reactions from Charlotte


Welcome to the journey of transforming a small boring bathroom into an inviting elevated space. In this article, we will follow Charlotte's adventure as she takes on the challenge of turning her lackluster bathroom into a place that inspires and sparks creativity. With the help of ideas from TikTok viewers and products from Etsy sellers, Charlotte will bring character and charm to her bathroom. Get ready to discover the step-by-step process of this bathroom transformation and find inspiration for your own space.

Initial Assessment of the Bathroom

Charlotte begins her journey by assessing her current bathroom. She describes it as cute and small, but lacking excitement. One of the main issues she identifies is the presence of a blank wall that has great potential for improvement. Charlotte is determined to make a difference in this space and create an atmosphere that goes beyond the limitations of a tiny bathroom.

Replacing the Mirror

After receiving suggestions from TikTok viewers, Charlotte agrees that the existing circle mirror is too small for the space. To add more impact, she decides to replace it with a vintage mirror she had from a previous home. With a teal border, the new mirror complements the walls and instantly makes the bathroom look more stylish and visually appealing.

Updating the Shower Curtain

Next on Charlotte's list is updating the shower curtain. She understands the importance of this element in transforming the overall look of the bathroom. With a new shower curtain that matches her desired aesthetic, Charlotte brings a fresh and cohesive feel to the space. This simple change ensures that every aspect of the bathroom contributes to its elevated ambiance.

Adding an Accent Wall with Wallpaper

To tackle the blank wall and add character, Charlotte decides to incorporate wallpaper with a beautiful botanical pattern. Applying the wallpaper from floor to ceiling instantly transforms the previously empty wall into a focal point. The botanical design brings a touch of nature and personality to the bathroom, making it feel vibrant and inviting. This addition demonstrates the power of an accent wall in completely changing the atmosphere of a space.

Incorporating Little Touches

To add a personal touch and enhance the overall ambiance of the bathroom, Charlotte focuses on incorporating small but significant details. She believes that the subtle differences can make or break a space, and she is determined to make it remarkable.

Installing a Bathroom Toilet Tray

Charlotte introduces a handmade bathroom toilet tray from a small business called NOWMOO. Crafted with perfection, this tray adds a touch of elegance to the top of the toilet. It not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a practical solution for organizing bathroom essentials. The addition of this tray showcases Charlotte's attention to detail and dedication to creating a functional and beautiful space.

Adding a Beautiful Print

To create a sense of mystery and enchantment in the bathroom, Charlotte selects a beautiful print featuring dandelions. By placing it strategically, she achieves an illusion of depth and invites the viewer to contemplate the scene. The print acts as a window into a meadow, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder to the overall design.

Hanging a Handmade Plant Shelf

In order to utilize the vertical space on the wallpapered wall, Charlotte hangs a handmade plant shelf. The shelf not only serves as a decorative element but also adds greenery to the bathroom. It complements the botanical wallpaper perfectly, creating a cohesive and harmonious look. Charlotte realizes that incorporating plants into the design adds life and a sense of tranquility to the space.

Using Unique Towel Hangers

To further elevate the bathroom, Charlotte opts for unique towel hangers that resemble cool hooks. By screwing them into the wall, she creates a practical and stylish solution for hanging towels or clothes. These towel hangers not only serve a functional purpose but also become a visually appealing element on the blank wall. Charlotte ensures that every detail contributes to the overall aesthetic of the elevated bathroom.

Polished Jar Hand Wash and Toothbrush Holder

Focusing on the small details that make a big difference, Charlotte selects a polished jar hand wash and toothbrush holder. The hand wash, presented in a sleek glass jar, adds an air of sophistication to the bathroom. The toothbrush holder, with its separate places for toothbrushes, ensures organization and prevents them from knocking into each other. These choices showcase Charlotte's attention to practicality and aesthetics, bringing a new level of elegance to her bathroom.

Using Ceramic Lidded Jars for Jewelry

Charlotte's creativity extends to solving the problem of where to store jewelry while showering or washing faces. She brings in a ceramic lidded jar, which proves to be a perfect solution. Not only does it keep jewelry safe, but it also adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the bathroom. The addition of this jar demonstrates Charlotte's ability to think outside the box and find unique ways to enhance the functionality and appeal of her space.

Adding a Skinny Ceramic Vase with Flowers

Charlotte believes that no bathroom is complete without a touch of nature. To achieve this, she introduces a skinny ceramic vase with a simple flower arrangement. The beautiful coloring of the vase perfectly complements the bathroom's overall aesthetic. This small addition adds warmth and elegance to the space, creating a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

Upgrading the Hand Towels

Recognizing the power of quality towels in elevating the bathroom experience, Charlotte decides to upgrade her hand towels. She chooses two beautiful, high-quality towels with a waffle texture that imparts a sense of luxury. The addition of these towels not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds a luxurious and cozy feel to the bathroom. Charlotte aims to create a space that makes guests feel comfortable and pampered.

Creating a Candle Moment

To set a relaxing and inviting mood, Charlotte includes a scented candle in her bathroom. The candle not only adds a pleasant fragrance to the space but also creates a soft and warm ambiance. The scent she selects is specifically formulated to enhance the experience of an elevated bathroom. With the flickering candle, Charlotte immerses herself in a high-end hotel-like atmosphere every time she steps into her renovated bathroom.

Final Transformation and Reactions from Charlotte

As Charlottes nears the completion of her bathroom transformation, she steps back to admire the final result. She feels like she's walking into a high-end hotel and is overjoyed with the outcome. Charlotte cannot wait to share the final look of the bathroom with her boyfriend, knowing that it will give him a sense of luxury and inspiration. Her experience demonstrates that even subtle changes and handmade touches can bring a soft, warm feeling to a space. The journey of transforming a small boring bathroom into an inviting elevated space fills Charlotte's heart with joy and gratitude.


Q: Where did Charlotte find inspiration for her bathroom transformation? A: Charlotte gathered ideas from TikTok viewers and received suggestions on how to elevate the bathroom's overall look and feel.

Q: What was the purpose of adding an accent wall with wallpaper? A: The accent wall with botanical wallpaper serves to bring character to the previously empty wall, adding vibrancy and charm to the bathroom.

Q: How did Charlotte incorporate handmade elements into the design? A: Charlotte supported small Etsy businesses by purchasing handmade items such as a bathroom toilet tray, plant shelf, towel hangers, lidded jars, and a skinny ceramic vase.

Q: Why did Charlotte choose certain scents and textures for the bathroom? A: Charlotte aimed to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere in the bathroom, selecting scents, textures, and visual elements that evoke comfort and relaxation.

Q: What is Charlotte's favorite part of the bathroom transformation? A: Charlotte's favorite part is the overall atmosphere and the sense of inspiration and creativity that the transformed bathroom now provides.

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