Creating Unique Baby Shower Gifts on Etsy

Creating Unique Baby Shower Gifts on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Onesie Orders
    1. Blanket Orders
    2. Baby Shower Items
    3. Sublimating Shirts
  3. Weeding Trick
  4. Benefits of Using Transfer Tape
  5. Game Changers in Crafting
  6. Working Process for Baby Shower Items
    1. Choosing Clipart Images
    2. Designing Fleece Receiving Blanket
    3. Personalizing Onesies
  7. Sublimation Process
    1. Using Polyester Blanks
    2. Printing Designs on Blankets
    3. Sublimating Polyester Shirts
  8. Embroidery Preparation
    1. Applying Heat n Bond
    2. Embroidering Onesies
  9. Completed Firefighter Blankets
  10. Baby Shower Items Highlights
    1. Receiving Blanket
    2. Onesie and Skirt Set
    3. Personalized Bib
  11. Sublimated Shirts for Gifts
    1. Mimi Shirt
    2. Golf Lover Shirts
    3. Fishing Themed Shirt
  12. Conclusion

Crafting All the Way: From Onesies to Sublimated Shirts

Welcome back to my channel! In today's video, I have an exciting array of crafting projects to share with you. From fulfilling onesie and blanket orders to creating baby shower items and sublimating shirts, this video is jam-packed with creativity. So grab a cup of tea and join me on this crafting adventure!

Onesie Orders

Let's kick off the video by diving into the orders I've received for onesies. These adorable outfits are a popular choice among customers, and I take great pride in making them. Alongside the onesies, I also have some blanket orders to fulfill, ensuring that little ones are kept warm and snug.

Baby Shower Items

In addition to the onesie and blanket orders, I am also working on creating some unique baby shower items. These items serve as thoughtful gifts for expecting parents and add a personal touch to the celebration. I will be exploring various clipart images and experimenting with different designs for a fleece receiving blanket. It's a joy to play around with different ideas and create something special for this upcoming occasion.

Weeding Trick

Before we continue, I want to share with you an exciting weeding trick that I recently discovered. This trick has been a game-changer for me, significantly reducing the strain on my wrist and increasing my productivity. By leaving a little extra vinyl during the weeding process, I am now able to remove most of the excess material using transfer tape. It's a small change that has made a big difference in my crafting process.

Benefits of Using Transfer Tape

Using transfer tape has revolutionized the way I work with intricate designs. By laying the transfer tape over the cut-out image and rubbing it with my finger, I can effortlessly remove the excess vinyl. This technique not only saves time but also eliminates the need for tweezing and reduces strain on my wrist. It's a simple yet effective method that has improved my overall crafting experience.

Game Changers in Crafting

Discovering this weeding trick reminded me of how game-changing moments often occur in our creative journeys. Whether it's finding a new tool, learning a different technique, or stumbling upon an unexpected solution, these revelations can transform the way we approach our craft. I would love to hear about your own game-changing moments in the comments below. Let's celebrate the ingenuity and creativity that fuels our passion!

Working Process for Baby Shower Items

Now, let's delve into the process of creating the baby shower items. With a selection of clipart images at my disposal, I carefully choose the ones that align with the theme and aesthetic of the event. For the fleece receiving blanket, I experiment with different placements and orientations of the clipart to find the perfect arrangement. Once satisfied, I proceed to create a matching onesie, ensuring a cohesive and adorable set.

Sublimation Process

Next on the agenda is sublimating shirts. I opt for 100% polyester shirts, which provide a smooth surface for vibrant and long-lasting prints. Sublimation offers endless possibilities in terms of design and personalization. I print a range of designs, including names, golf-themed images, and fishing motifs, to cater to the recipients' interests. These sublimated shirts make excellent gifts for birthdays and special occasions.

Embroidery Preparation

Time to switch gears and move on to embroidery. To ensure the fabric pieces are ready for embroidery, I apply heat n bond light to the backside. This adhesive backing keeps the fabric stable and prevents puckering during the embroidery process. With the fabric pieces prepped and secure, I proceed to embroider adorable designs onto onesies, adding an extra touch of charm to each garment.

Completed Firefighter Blankets

Now, let's admire the completed firefighter blankets. These cozy and personalized blankets are a source of comfort for little ones and a tribute to the heroic firefighters in our lives. From the carefully embroidered names to the striking firefighter-themed fabric, these blankets encapsulate the spirit of bravery and dedication.

Baby Shower Items Highlights

Here are the highlights of the baby shower items I created. The fleece receiving blanket showcases delicate blush flowers and adorable bees, making it an enchanting addition to any nursery. Paired with a complementing onesie or skirt set, these handmade pieces make a sweet and thoughtful gift for expecting parents. And don't forget the personalized bib, perfect for mealtime adventures!

Sublimated Shirts for Gifts

To wrap up this crafting extravaganza, let's take a moment to appreciate the sublimated shirts created for my mom and stepdad. As avid golfers, these shirts are tailored to their interests and showcase their unique personalities. The designs feature golf clubs and witty captions that guarantee a smile. It's always a joy to create personalized gifts that reflect the recipient's passions.

In conclusion, today's video brought us on a crafting journey filled with onesie and blanket orders, baby shower items, sublimated shirts, and embroidery projects. Each step provided an opportunity to explore new techniques and embrace the joy of creating personalized items. I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. Until next time, keep crafting and embracing those game-changing moments!


  • Fulfilling onesie and blanket orders with love and care
  • Creating unique and handcrafted baby shower items
  • Discovering a game-changing weeding trick using transfer tape
  • Exploring the benefits of using transfer tape in crafting
  • Sharing the excitement of game changers in the crafting community
  • Taking a step-by-step journey through the creation of baby shower items
  • Exploring the sublimation process for vibrant and personalized shirts
  • Preparing fabric pieces for embroidery with heat n bond
  • Admiring the completed firefighter blankets with personalized touches
  • Showcasing the highlights of baby shower items and sublimated shirts for gifts


Q: Can I use transfer tape with all types of vinyl? A: Transfer tape works best with adhesive vinyl, such as permanent or removable vinyl. It may not work as effectively with heat transfer vinyl, as the adhesive properties differ.

Q: Can I use transfer tape multiple times? A: Transfer tape can typically be reused a few times before losing its adhesive strength. However, it is recommended to use a fresh piece of transfer tape for best results.

Q: Are sublimated shirts durable? A: Sublimated shirts are known for their durability. The ink becomes a part of the fabric, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints that won't crack or fade.

Q: How should I care for sublimated shirts? A: To ensure the longevity of sublimated prints, it is best to wash them in cold water with mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as they may damage the prints.

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