Check out an Etsy Store with a Wide Selection of Video Pens!

Check out an Etsy Store with a Wide Selection of Video Pens!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Selling Pins on Etsy
  3. The Importance of Likes and Comments on YouTube
  4. RJB Woodturner Merchandise
  5. The Patreon Channel
  6. Upcoming Video on Gissy Style Blanks
  7. Availability of Chaos Blanks
  8. Apology and Clarification
  9. Conclusion



Hey there, how's everyone doing? I hope you're having a great evening. I wanted to take a moment to chat with you about something that has been on my mind. Over the years, I have received numerous requests from people asking if I sell the pins that I make. Up until now, I have always said no because I create them for my own enjoyment. However, recently I stumbled upon a collection of finished pins that I have accumulated over time. These pins are primarily video pins that I have featured on my Etsy store. So, I have decided to sell them to raise some additional funds for the pin shows that I attend. But there's more to it than just buying a pin. Let me explain.

Selling Pins on Etsy

As I went through my inventory, I realized that I have quite a remarkable collection of pins. Many of these pins were made in videos on my YouTube channel, and now they are available for purchase on my Etsy store. The revenue generated from the sales will go towards supporting my attendance at pin shows. This year, I have already attended two shows, and there's one more coming up. My goal is to attend four shows next year, and the sales from these pins will help make that possible.

The Importance of Likes and Comments on YouTube

Now, here's something that can make a significant impact without costing you anything. I'm sure you have heard us creators talk about the mysterious YouTube algorithm. To put it simply, the algorithm favors videos that receive a high number of likes and comments. When a video is getting lots of engagement, the algorithm sees it as valuable content and shares it with more people. This, in turn, brings in more views and helps grow the channel. So, while you're watching my videos, hitting that "like" button and leaving a comment can go a long way in supporting my channel.

RJB Woodturner Merchandise

Many of you have asked if I have any RJB Woodturner t-shirts available. Well, the answer is yes! I currently have three different designs for sale on my Redbubble store. If you'd like to show your support and purchase a t-shirt, I would greatly appreciate it. Every purchase helps me continue doing what I love, such as attending shows, meeting you in person, and demonstrating my craft.

The Patreon Channel

I want to take a moment to talk about my Patreon channel. I know not everyone likes hearing about this, but I believe in being transparent with you all. If you're interested, you can check out my Patreon page through the link in the description. By becoming a patron, you'll gain access to exclusive content. Whenever I'm in the shop, I take short 15-second videos of what I'm working on. These behind-the-scenes clips give you a glimpse into my creative process. Additionally, I often provide patrons with early access to sales and new releases. Consider becoming a patron if you're interested and want to support my channel even further.

Upcoming Video on Gissy Style Blanks

In an upcoming video, I will be turning one of my Gissy style blanks. I have been working hard on perfecting these blanks, and I'm excited to share the process with you. In the most recent rendition of the blank, I made a few small changes, which I will discuss in the video. I have a whole pile of wood strips ready to be cut to the right length, and once the video is released, the Gissy style blanks will be available for purchase on my Etsy store. If you're interested in owning one of these unique blanks, keep an eye out for the video and the subsequent release.

Availability of Chaos Blanks

I want to let you know that some of the blanks I have featured in the past are no longer available for sale. Blanks typically remain on the market for three months, and if they don't sell well, I may offer them at a discounted price to clear inventory. So, if there were any blanks that caught your eye, there's a chance they might make a comeback at a lower price. Stay tuned for any updates regarding the availability of these blanks.

Apology and Clarification

Before I wrap up, I want to apologize if it seems like my focus is solely on making money. That's not why I started this channel. When I began my journey into pin turning, I noticed a lack of instructional videos that provided in-depth explanations. This frustrated me, and as I gained knowledge and experience, I decided to start my own channel to share what I had learned. While revenue from the channel has helped improve my shop and support my involvement in the community, my primary goal is to connect with you, the viewers, and fellow pin enthusiasts. Your support, whether through engagement, merchandise purchases, or Patreon subscriptions, allows me to continue doing what I love and share my passion with all of you.


Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and listen to my story. I appreciate each and every one of you, and you are always welcome in my shop. I hope you have a fantastic evening, and please come back soon for more woodworking adventures.

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