Building a Premium Lifestyle Brand on Etsy: Follow these Exact Steps

Building a Premium Lifestyle Brand on Etsy: Follow these Exact Steps

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Journey of a Student
  3. Targeting Profitable Customers
  4. Expanding Product Mix
  5. Cohesive Branding
  6. Site Merchandising
  7. Pricing Strategy
  8. Testing and Implementation
  9. Conclusion


Are you feeling confused about your product and not sure which direction to go? Do you wish you could quit your job and go full time on Etsy? In this article, I will share the inspiring success story of one of my students who was able to achieve her dream of becoming fully self-employed on Etsy. I will explain the strategies we implemented to help her gain over a thousand orders in a short period of time and how you can apply these techniques to your own Etsy shop.

The Journey of a Student

Let me tell you about a student of mine who was working full time for a big car company. She had the ambition to be fully self-employed and dedicate her time to Etsy. After joining my program and receiving coaching, she was able to quit her job within a few months and achieve multi-six figure revenue on Etsy. Her success story has become what I call "the anthropology of Etsy," and it proves that this is a realistic path for anyone willing to put in the effort.

Targeting Profitable Customers

One of the key factors in my student's success was targeting the right customers. We fine-tuned her customer segment to focus on a profitable audience with consistent spending habits. This shift in targeting made a significant difference in her results and allowed her to attract customers willing to pay for premium products and services.

Expanding Product Mix

Another strategy we implemented was expanding her product mix strategically. We utilized digital, print on demand, and handmade items to offer a wide variety of products to her customers. By using the framework of the seven types of products, we ensured that her listings served different purposes, from driving up order numbers to scaling revenue and encouraging repeat business.

Cohesive Branding

To create a strong brand presence, we worked on cohesive branding techniques for her shop. Despite selling a range of items, we maintained a consistent aesthetic that appealed to her target customers. This allowed her to offer diverse products while maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing shop.

Site Merchandising

Site merchandising played a crucial role in increasing multi-item orders and keeping customers engaged in her shop. We implemented effective site merchandising techniques to encourage customers to stay longer, explore more products, and ultimately make more purchases.

Pricing Strategy

A well-executed pricing strategy helped my student achieve her higher income goals. We developed different pricing strategies tailored to each stage of her business and listing life cycle. By offering a combination of competitive prices, loss leaders, and higher-priced handmade items, she was able to maximize her revenue and profit per order.

Testing and Implementation

Throughout her journey, my student embraced a culture of testing and continuous improvement. She constantly tested different pricing strategies, listing photos, and product ideas to gather customer feedback and make data-informed decisions. This commitment to testing allowed her to identify the most effective methods and achieve exponential growth.


The success story of this student showcases the potential of scaling an Etsy business to a multi-six figure level. By implementing targeted strategies such as customer segmentation, expanding the product mix, cohesive branding, site merchandising, effective pricing, and constant testing, she was able to transform her shop and achieve outstanding results. With dedication and the right guidance, you too can take your Etsy business to new heights and create the lifestyle you desire.


  • Learn how to target profitable customers on Etsy.
  • Expand your product mix strategically for maximum success.
  • Master the art of cohesive branding to build a strong presence.
  • Implement effective site merchandising techniques to increase sales.
  • Develop a pricing strategy that maximizes revenue and profit.
  • Embrace a culture of testing and continuous improvement.


Q: Is it really possible to quit my job and go full time on Etsy? A: Yes, it is possible with the right strategies and dedication.

Q: How can I target profitable customers on Etsy? A: By understanding your target audience and their spending habits, you can tailor your products and marketing efforts to attract profitable customers.

Q: How can I expand my product mix without overwhelming my shop? A: By following a well-defined framework and selecting products that align with your brand and target customers, you can offer a diverse range of products without sacrificing cohesion.

Q: What is site merchandising, and how can it benefit my Etsy shop? A: Site merchandising refers to optimizing your shop layout, product placement, and navigation to encourage customers to browse more products and make additional purchases. It improves the overall shopping experience and increases order value.

Q: How can testing and implementation help me grow my Etsy business? A: By constantly testing different strategies and implementing the ones that yield the best results, you can continuously improve your shop's performance and achieve significant growth.

Q: How important is cohesive branding for an Etsy shop? A: Cohesive branding creates a strong and memorable identity for your shop, which helps establish trust with customers and sets you apart from competitors.

Q: What are some effective pricing strategies for an Etsy shop? A: It varies depending on your business stage and the type of products you offer. Pricing strategies may include competitive pricing, loss leaders, premium pricing, or bundling options. Experimentation and data analysis are key to finding the right approach for your shop.

Q: Can I achieve multi-six figure revenue on Etsy with a smaller number of listings? A: Yes, the number of listings is not the sole factor in success on Etsy. By focusing on targeting profitable customers, optimizing your shop, and implementing effective strategies, you can achieve significant revenue growth with a smaller number of listings.

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