Boost Your Reselling Sales with Weekly Updates

Boost Your Reselling Sales with Weekly Updates

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Vacation Mode and Sales Update
  3. Preparation for Vacation
  4. Etsy Sales
  5. Poshmark Sales
  6. eBay Sales
  7. Summary of Sales and Profit
  8. Challenges and Future Expectations
  9. Conclusion



Hey there, it's Carly from Poetry of Nice! I'm back with a sales update video, but this one is a little different. Instead of my usual weekly sales update, I want to share with you my vacation week sales. It was a relaxing time for me, enjoying the beach while still making money from my reselling business. In this article, I'll provide an overview of my sales during the vacation period and share some tips on how to manage your reselling business while on vacation.

Vacation Mode and Sales Update

During my vacation week, I decided to put my store on vacation mode. This option allows you to temporarily suspend your store activities, including listing new items, accepting offers, and shipping orders. Despite being on vacation mode, I did schedule a few listings in advance to keep some activity going. Other than that, I barely interacted with my store and focused on enjoying my time off.

Preparation for Vacation

Before going on vacation, I made sure to prepare my reselling business for the break. I scheduled some listings and made sure all ongoing transactions were completed or put on hold. It's essential to communicate with your customers and let them know about your vacation plans to manage their expectations. I'll share more about this preparation process in an upcoming video.

Etsy Sales

Even though I was not actively managing my Etsy store during my vacation, I still had one sale. A vintage Tommy Hilfiger high-rise plaid shorts sold for $19.95. These shorts had been listed for a long time at a lower price, but I decided to relist them at a higher price. Finally, they sold for the desired price after all this time.

Poshmark Sales

On Poshmark, I had a few sales towards the end of my vacation week. One of the items sold was a pair of Not Your Daughter's Jeans, which I had purchased at a rummage sale. They were listed for $35 and sold at full price. Another item that sold was a high-cut vintage bikini bottom with a metallic shimmer, listed for $12 due to a buyer's offer. I also sold a Banana Republic black wool pencil skirt for $16, following a best offer from a buyer.

eBay Sales

During my vacation, I kept my eBay store open with a handling time of 10 days. Surprisingly, I only made one sale during that period. It was a prairie-style floral top, sold for $10 through a best offer. The rest of my eBay sales came after reducing the handling time to five days. These sales included items like Calvin Klein suits, Fresh Produce t-shirts, and BCBG Generation dresses. Overall, I had a mix of fast-moving items and some that had been listed for a longer time.

Summary of Sales and Profit

In total, I had 22 sales during my vacation week, generating a gross sales revenue of $491.10. After accounting for the cost of goods and fees, the net profit for the week was approximately $370.88. Considering I was on vacation and not actively managing my stores, these sales and profits are quite satisfactory.

Challenges and Future Expectations

While my vacation week sales were decent, I do anticipate a slowdown in the upcoming weeks as I get back into the flow of listing consistently. It may take a week or two to regain the momentum and increase activity in my stores. However, with continuous effort and dedication, I'm confident that I'll be able to maintain and grow my reselling business.


In conclusion, managing a reselling business while on vacation is possible with the right preparations and strategies in place. By using vacation mode, scheduling listings in advance, and communicating with customers, you can enjoy your time off while still making sales. Although there may be challenges and fluctuations in sales, staying consistent and dedicated will lead to long-term success in the reselling world. So, whether you're planning a vacation or just taking a break, don't forget to manage your reselling business effectively and enjoy the rewards of passive income.

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