Boost Your Etsy Shop Success with this POD Solution

Boost Your Etsy Shop Success with this POD Solution

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Etsy's Shipping Settings Issue
  3. The Solution for Etsy's Shipping Settings Issue
  4. Implications of the Shipping Settings Issue
  5. Tips for Maximizing Sales during Christmas
  6. Importance of Keeping Christmas Listings Active
  7. Increasing Visibility with More Listings
  8. Adjusting Photos to Square Orientation
  9. Using the Twisting Technique to Boost Sales
  10. Analyzing and Expanding Successful Product Areas
  11. Conclusion

Etsy's Shipping Settings Issue

Etsy sellers, particularly those who use print-on-demand (POD) services such as Printful, Printify, and Guten, have recently encountered a frustrating problem. Many sellers have been waking up or going to bed only to find a red "update required" text box on their listings. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the reason for this issue lies in the shipping settings for POD providers. Specifically, if the shipping carrier is set to "other," Etsy displays an update required message to prompt sellers to choose a carrier with shipping times. This sudden change has affected thousands of sellers, leaving them uncertain about which shipping carrier to choose and how to proceed.

The Solution for Etsy's Shipping Settings Issue

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is relatively straightforward. Sellers must simply change the shipping carrier settings from "other" to the appropriate carrier for their products. However, the challenge lies in determining the correct shipping carrier options, as this information is currently unavailable due to the disruption. While platforms like Printify have addressed the issue in a Reddit post, offering guidance on manually selecting the settings, it is crucial for sellers to exercise caution before making any changes. Bulk editing shipping profiles can be a time-consuming task, especially for sellers with numerous listings. Waiting for reliable instructions and clarification from POD providers is advisable to ensure accurate and efficient updates.


  • Clear solution to the shipping settings issue
  • Guidance provided by Printify and other platforms


  • Lack of immediate access to accurate shipping carrier information
  • Time-consuming process for sellers with numerous listings

Implications of the Shipping Settings Issue

The ongoing shipping settings issue on Etsy has significant implications for sellers. Not only has it caused frustration and confusion, but it has also disrupted business operations for a considerable number of sellers. With thousands of sellers facing this predicament and seeking answers, the lack of immediate support during the late hours in the United States has compounded the challenges. The delay in resolving the issue has hindered sellers' ability to make informed decisions regarding their shipping carrier options. As a result, sellers are left grappling with uncertainties, unable to provide accurate shipping details to potential customers.

Tips for Maximizing Sales during Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, it is essential for Etsy sellers to implement strategies to maximize sales. To this end, several tips can help sellers make the most of the Christmas rush. One crucial tip is to keep Christmas listings active throughout the year. Instead of deactivating listings that did not sell the previous year or after the Christmas season, sellers should leave them in their store. By doing so, listings maintain their quality score and visibility, positioning sellers for greater success during the next Christmas season. This practice of retaining listings consistently proves more effective compared to the common tendency among sellers to deactivate unsold Christmas listings.


  • Opportunity to maintain quality score and visibility
  • Increased chances of sales in subsequent Christmas seasons


  • Counterintuitive approach compared to general deactivation practices
  • Requires proper management and organization of listings

Importance of Keeping Christmas Listings Active

Contrary to popular belief, deactivating Christmas listings after the season ends can negatively impact sellers. Many sellers mistakenly switch off their Christmas listings, unknowingly forfeiting their quality score and visibility on Etsy. This practice is prevalent among approximately 70% of sellers, according to observations. To avoid falling into this category, it is crucial to leave Christmas listings active year-round, ensuring they remain available when customers search for related items. By doing so, sellers capture sales throughout the year and do not sacrifice their ranking and visibility on Etsy's platform.

Increasing Visibility with More Listings

Expanding the number of listings in an Etsy store plays a crucial role in increasing visibility and, subsequently, sales. As Christmas represents a peak period of traffic on Etsy, sellers should take advantage of the surge in potential customers. Instead of having a limited number of Christmas-related listings, sellers should aim for a diverse range of products exceeding 10 or 15 listings. Ideally, sellers should be adding at least one Christmas-related listing every day starting from the beginning of September. Having a comprehensive selection of products satisfies different search queries, increasing the likelihood of making sales and improving overall store visibility.


  • Higher visibility due to a broader range of products
  • Greater potential for capturing customers' search queries


  • Requires inventory management and production capacity
  • Time-consuming process for creating multiple listings

Adjusting Photos to Square Orientation

Etsy recently made a significant change regarding photo orientations in listings. The platform now requires square photos instead of the previously accepted vertical or horizontal orientations. This modification has caused inconvenience for sellers, as outdated photography may appear squashed or cut off in listings. To ensure optimal presentation, it is crucial to adjust and update listing photos to a square format as soon as possible. Platforms like Canva can assist in resizing photos, making it easier for sellers to comply with Etsy's new requirement.

Using the Twisting Technique to Boost Sales

For sellers who offer digital or print-on-demand products, utilizing the twisting technique can be effective in boosting sales. This technique involves making slight alterations to existing designs, such as changing colors, sizes, or other design elements. By creating variations of the same product, sellers can target different customer preferences, effectively expanding their product offerings without significant additional effort. While this tactic may not yield substantial results during regular periods, incorporating it during the peak traffic season, like Christmas, can lead to increased sales.


  • Opportunity to offer a wider range of product variations
  • Ability to cater to diverse customer preferences without substantial additional effort


  • Limited effectiveness outside peak traffic seasons
  • Requires careful consideration to avoid duplication or lack of uniqueness

Analyzing and Expanding Successful Product Areas

An often overlooked strategy for Etsy sellers is evaluating the performance of their listings and focusing on areas that generate consistent sales. Sellers should review their sales data and identify the products or product categories that are performing well. By recognizing these successful areas, sellers can allocate more resources and effort into producing similar items or expanding their offerings within those areas. This approach capitalizes on customer demand and preference, resulting in improved sales velocity, higher quality scores, and increased visibility for all products within the store.


  • Leverage existing successful products or categories
  • Optimize resource allocation for maximum sales outcomes


  • Requires regular analysis and monitoring of sales data
  • Need to strike a balance between innovation and catering to customer preferences


In conclusion, Etsy's recent shipping settings issue has posed challenges for sellers, particularly those utilizing POD services. The solution entails updating the shipping carrier settings from "other" to the appropriate carrier, but the lack of clear instructions necessitates caution and awaits further guidance from POD providers. Additionally, sellers must adopt effective strategies to maximize sales during the Christmas season, such as keeping Christmas listings active year-round, expanding their product range, adjusting photos to Etsy's square orientation requirement, using the twisting technique, and focusing on successful product areas. By implementing these tactics, sellers can navigate the intricacies of running a successful Etsy store and capitalize on the potential for increased visibility and sales.


  • Etsy sellers face a shipping settings issue prompting them to update carrier information.
  • Changing shipping carrier settings is the solution, but guidance from POD providers is necessary.
  • Thousands of sellers have been affected, causing frustration and disruption.
  • Tips for maximizing Christmas sales include keeping listings active, expanding product range, adjusting photos, using the twisting technique, and focusing on successful areas.
  • Twisting technique allows for variations of existing products to cater to different customer preferences.
  • Analyzing successful product areas helps allocate resources and efforts effectively.


Q: What is the shipping settings issue on Etsy? A: Etsy sellers using POD providers are required to update their shipping carrier information, resulting in confusion and uncertainty.

Q: How can sellers resolve the shipping settings issue? A: Sellers must change the shipping carrier settings from "other" to the appropriate carrier, awaiting guidance from POD providers for precise instructions.

Q: How has the shipping settings issue affected sellers? A: The issue has disrupted business operations, causing frustration and leaving sellers unable to provide accurate shipping details to customers.

Q: Why should Christmas listings be kept active throughout the year? A: Keeping Christmas listings active ensures continuous visibility and maintains quality scores, leading to increased sales in subsequent Christmas seasons.

Q: What is the twisting technique? A: The twisting technique involves making slight alterations to existing designs to create variations of the same product, catering to diverse customer preferences.

Q: How can sellers maximize sales during Christmas? A: Sellers can expand their product range, adjust photos to Etsy's square orientation, and focus on successful product areas to increase visibility and sales.

Q: How does analyzing successful product areas benefit sellers? A: By identifying successful areas, sellers can allocate resources effectively and optimize their product offerings based on customer demand and preference.

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