Boost Your Etsy Sales: Share a Google Drive Folder & Link to PDF

Boost Your Etsy Sales: Share a Google Drive Folder & Link to PDF

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating the PDF Deliverable
  3. Setting up Google Drive
  4. Sharing the Google Drive Folder
  5. Testing the Shared Folder
  6. Linking the Google Drive Folder to Etsy
  7. Uploading the PDF to Etsy
  8. Customer Experience
  9. Conclusion



In this video, I'm going to show you how to create a link in a PDF document that leads to your Google Drive folder. This way, you can easily deliver digital downloads to your customers, whether you're selling on Etsy, Shopify, or your own website. Uploading large PDF files directly to platforms like Etsy can be challenging, but with Google Drive, you can easily share the link to your folder, allowing customers to access and download their purchased products hassle-free.

Creating the PDF Deliverable

To begin, you'll need to export your product as a PDF. If you're using a design tool like Canva, simply select the option to export as a PDF. The exported file will serve as the deliverable that customers will download after purchase.

Setting up Google Drive

Before we can link the PDF to Google Drive, ensure you have a Google Drive account. Once logged in, select the "Add New Folder" option to create a folder specifically for your digital products. Give the folder an appropriate name and click "Create." You can now proceed to add the PDF file to the newly created folder.

Sharing the Google Drive Folder

To share the folder with your customers, click on the folder name and select "Get Link" from the options. In the pop-up window, click on "Restricted," and then choose the option "Anyone with the link." Make sure the access level is set to "Viewer," as you only want customers to view and download the files, not edit or delete them. Copy the link provided by Google Drive.

Testing the Shared Folder

Before implementing the link in your PDF document, it's essential to test if the shared folder works correctly. Open an incognito window or a separate browser where you're not logged into any Google account. Paste the copied link and observe how the shared folder appears to customers. They will be able to see all the files within the folder and download them individually or as a bundle.

Linking the Google Drive Folder to Etsy

To link the Google Drive folder to your Etsy listing, update the PDF document with the appropriate download link. Simply add a text or image link within the PDF that directs customers to the shared Google Drive folder. When customers click on the link within the PDF after purchase, they will be taken directly to the Google Drive folder, where they can download their purchased product.

Uploading the PDF to Etsy

After linking the PDF document, you can now upload it to your Etsy listing. When a customer makes a purchase, they will receive the PDF, either through an automatic download or via a download link provided by Etsy. Ensure that the uploaded PDF corresponds to the product being sold and meets the customer's expectations.

Customer Experience

From a customer's perspective, the process is seamless. They simply click on the download link in the purchased PDF and are directed to the shared Google Drive folder. Here, they can easily download their product or access any other files included in the folder. The ability to offer large files or bundles through Google Drive provides a convenient and reliable way for customers to access their purchases.


Using Google Drive to link your PDF downloads is an effective method for delivering digital products to customers. By creating a shared folder and adding the appropriate links within your PDF documents, you can ensure a smooth customer experience. Remember to test the shared folder and regularly update it with new files as needed. With this method, you can overcome size limitations and provide a reliable solution for delivering digital downloads on platforms like Etsy.


  • Utilize Google Drive to share large PDF files with customers.
  • Create a shared Google Drive folder specifically for your digital products.
  • Link the shared folder within the PDF document for easy access by customers.
  • Test the shared folder to ensure customers can view and download their purchases.
  • Upload the PDF to platforms like Etsy to deliver the digital product to customers.


Q: Can customers edit the files in the shared Google Drive folder? A: No, customers can only view and download the files. They cannot edit or delete any files within the shared folder.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of files I can include in the shared Google Drive folder? A: No, you can include as many files as you need within the shared Google Drive folder. However, be mindful of the folder's overall size and ensure it remains manageable for both you and your customers.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the shared Google Drive folder? A: Google Drive offers limited customization options for shared folders. You can change the folder's name, choose the layout view, and add a custom folder icon. However, the overall design and branding options are limited.

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