Behind-the-Scenes: Making Vinyl Decals & Q&A

Behind-the-Scenes: Making Vinyl Decals & Q&A

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Organizing and Restocking Packaging Supplies
  3. Designing and Printing Decal Stickers
  4. Cutting and Prepping Vinyl Decals
  5. Adding Freebies to Packages
  6. Organizing Invoices and Preparing Mailers
  7. Weeding Vinyl Decals
  8. Answering 40 Questions Tag
  9. Packaging and Shipping Orders
  10. Wrapping Up the Day's Work


In today's video, I'll be sharing my process of working on Etsy orders. I have a significant number of vinyl decals to complete, as well as a wooden sign that needs to be painted. Additionally, I'll be organizing and restocking my supplies. As a bonus, I'll be participating in the 40 Questions Tag, so you can get to know me better. Let's dive into the work!

Organizing and Restocking Packaging Supplies

To start my day, I need to get my packaging supplies organized. I usually keep them in a small bin, but it's become a bit of a jumble. I'll restock and arrange everything to make my work more efficient. I recently received a shipment of blank cards that I include in my packages as a personal touch. I'll ensure they're well-stocked and ready to go. I'll also replenish my alcohol prep pads and tidy up my sticker collection. Unfortunately, I ran out of ink this morning, so I'm hoping to find a solution to print my invoices.

Designing and Printing Decal Stickers

With my packaging supplies organized, I can now focus on designing and printing my decal stickers. This saves me a lot of time because having everything prepared and ready allows me to work faster. I have various colors to work with today, so I'll cut them to size and utilize any scraps to minimize waste. Since I have some extra time, I've decided to include freebies in the packages. I've designed a Fourth of July-themed pineapple SVG that I'll add to my shop as well.

Cutting and Prepping Vinyl Decals

Now that all my materials are ready, it's time to cut and prep the vinyl decals. I find that pre-cutting them to size saves me time and allows for a more efficient workflow. Since I have a diverse range of colors today, I can make good use of my scrap vinyl as well. I'll cut the decals precisely and get them ready for the next step.

Adding Freebies to Packages

As promised, I'll be adding the Fourth of July-themed pineapple SVG as a freebie in some of the packages. This adds a special touch for my customers and can potentially lead to more sales. The design turned out really cute, and I think it will be well-received. I'm excited to see how customers react to this little surprise.

Organizing Invoices and Preparing Mailers

While I wait for the decals to finish cutting, I'll organize my invoices and prepare the mailers. It's crucial to have a systematic approach to ensure accurate processing and timely shipments. I'll categorize the invoices and ensure I have all the necessary materials ready. This way, once everything is ready to go, I can quickly package and ship the orders.

Weeding Vinyl Decals

With the decals all cut and prepped, it's time to move on to the weeding process. Weeding is the process of removing the excess vinyl and leaving behind the desired design. It requires precision and attention to detail. While weeding, I thought it would be the perfect time to start answering the 40 Questions Tag that Miss Needed Fajita tagged me in. Let's have some fun while completing our tasks!

Answering 40 Questions Tag

As I weed the vinyl decals, I'll answer the 40 Questions Tag. Miss Needed Fajita kindly tagged me, and I'm excited to share my answers with you. Some of the questions include preferences for food, favorite seasons, hobbies, and personal traits. It's a great way for you to get to know me better. Feel free to join in and answer the questions yourself!

Packaging and Shipping Orders

With all the decals weeded, it's time to move on to packaging and shipping the orders. This is the final step in my process, and it's always rewarding to see the finished packages ready to be sent out to customers. I'll ensure each order is carefully packed, including the freebies and the thank you cards I designed earlier. Once packaged, I'll generate the shipping labels and have everything ready to be dropped off for shipping tomorrow.

Wrapping Up the Day's Work

With all the orders packaged and shipped, it's time to wrap up the day's work. It feels great to have everything completed and ready to go. I'll take this opportunity to clean up my workspace, organize any remaining stock, and prepare for tomorrow's tasks. Overall, it has been a productive day, and I'm excited to see the customer's reactions to their orders.


  • Efficiently organize and restock packaging supplies
  • Create and print personalized decal stickers
  • Cut and prep vinyl decals, utilizing scrap vinyl
  • Delight customers with Fourth of July-themed freebies
  • Organize invoices and prepare mailers for timely shipping
  • Weed vinyl decals while answering the 40 Questions Tag
  • Carefully package and ship orders, including thank you cards
  • Clean up workspace and prepare for the next day's tasks
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