Behind the Scenes of My Etsy Sewing Pattern Business!

Behind the Scenes of My Etsy Sewing Pattern Business!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Sewing Pattern Business Update
    • Printing and Packaging the Patterns
    • Shipping Process
  3. Etsy Pattern Sales Overview
    • Last Seven Days
    • Progress since November
  4. Top-selling Patterns
    • 4-yard Mermaid Gown with G'day Pattern
    • Unitard Bodysuit Pattern
    • Crop Sweatshirt and High Waist Leggings Pattern
    • Fashion Designer Planner
  5. Comparison between Digital and Physical Products
  6. Convenience of Selling on Etsy
    • Order Management
    • Fees and Expenses
  7. Overall Revenue and Profit Analysis
  8. Conclusion


Sewing Pattern Business: An Update on Sales and Progress

Are you interested in the world of sewing patterns? Do you dream of turning your passion for designing into a profitable business? Join me, Karen, as I share an update on my sewing pattern business. In this article, I'll take you through the process of printing, packaging, and shipping my patterns. We'll also delve into the world of Etsy sales and explore the top-selling patterns that have brought me success. So grab your needle and thread, and let's dive into the exciting journey of a sewing pattern entrepreneur.

Sewing Pattern Business Update

As a dedicated designer, I strive to provide the best experience for my customers. Today, I'm cutting out a few of my mermaid gown patterns, which I recently ordered prints of. Unlike commercial patterns, I take the extra step of cutting out the pieces for my customers, making it easier for shipping. Each pattern comes on a 36 by 72-inch paper, and I meticulously fold each piece to fit into the packaging. By following a production-style approach, I ensure efficiency and speed in fulfilling orders.

Etsy Pattern Sales Overview

Etsy has been my go-to platform for selling my sewing patterns. Let's take a closer look at how my pattern sales have been progressing. Over the last seven days, I've received 1,093 views, 447 visits, and 15 orders, generating a revenue of $320. Impressive, right? But let's zoom out and analyze the cumulative progress since November.

Since I started selling my patterns on Etsy in November, I've had a total of 4,138 visits and sold 134 items. Raking in a revenue of $2,809 over a span of four months is quite an achievement. One pattern, in particular, has stood out as a crowd favorite - the 4-yard Mermaid Gown with G'day Pattern. This pattern alone has sold 84 copies, totaling $1,620 in revenue. It has successfully generated residual income by requiring minimal effort post-creation.

Top-selling Patterns

Apart from the mermaid gown pattern, I have several other successful patterns that have contributed to my business's success. The Unitard Bodysuit Pattern, available for instant download, has sold 28 copies and brought in $277. This sleek design has garnered attention with 172 people favoriting it. So why wait? Join the trend and grab your own unitard pattern today.

Another popular pattern combination is the Crop Sweatshirt and High Waist Leggings. This dynamic duo has sold eight copies, and a few were even offered for free with my fashion designer planners earlier this month. The leggings pattern alone earned me $154 in revenue. If you're looking for comfort and style, this pattern set is a must-have.

Speaking of fashion designer planners, I sold a total of ten planner copies, totaling $450 in revenue. However, it's important to note that the profit margin for physical planners is lower due to expenses like printing, shipping, and labor. This realization led me to offer digital copies, which have significantly lower production costs and require minimal effort to fulfill.

Comparison between Digital and Physical Products

The shift towards digital products has undoubtedly streamlined my business operations. Managing orders and inquiries through various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and email became overwhelming. Moving everything onto Etsy has simplified the process, especially for digital items. Once a customer purchases a digital pattern, Etsy automatically handles the delivery, leaving me more time to focus on other aspects of my business.

Convenience of Selling on Etsy

While Etsy charges fees for its services, the convenience it offers is invaluable. Let's explore some of the advantages I've experienced:

Order Management

By centralizing order management on Etsy, I have a comprehensive overview of sales, visits, and revenue. The platform provides valuable insights and analytics, which enable me to make informed business decisions. Plus, the ability to organize and track orders in one place saves me time and prevents any potential communication mishaps.

Fees and Expenses

Yes, Etsy takes a cut of my revenue, but considering the convenience it provides, it's a fair trade-off. Listing fees, shipping labels, and transaction fees add up. However, for me, the peace of mind and ease of handling orders justify the expenses. It's a small price to pay for a well-organized and efficient sales platform.

Overall Revenue and Profit Analysis

Let's talk numbers. From February 1st to February 24th, I generated $1,470.31 in sales on Etsy. Out of that, I paid $195.56 in fees to Etsy. These fees include listing fees, shipping labels, and transaction fees. It's important to note that while the fees might seem significant, they are a small fraction of the overall revenue and provide the convenience and support that Etsy offers.

Considering the expenses related to physical products, my profit margin varies. With the fashion designer planner, for instance, my profit is around $25 per sale. However, digital products like patterns bring in higher profit margins as they eliminate costs such as printing, shipping, and manual labor. The ability to generate residual income through these products has been a game-changer for my business.


As I reflect on my sewing pattern business journey, I'm thrilled with the progress I've made. From cutting out individual patterns to shipping them worldwide, I've witnessed the growth of my business on Etsy. The digital age has opened up endless opportunities for creators like me, allowing us to share our expertise with a global audience.

If you're passionate about sewing and ready to turn your skills into a business, I encourage you to explore the world of sewing patterns. With determination, quality designs, and the right platform, success is within reach. Join me on this exciting entrepreneurial adventure, and let's sew our way to success, one pattern at a time!


  • My sewing pattern business has generated a revenue of $2,809 in just four months.
  • The 4-yard Mermaid Gown with G'day Pattern is a top-seller, with 84 copies sold, bringing in $1,620 in revenue.
  • Digital products like patterns offer higher profit margins and generate residual income.
  • Selling on Etsy streamlines order management and provides valuable analytics.
  • While Etsy charges fees, the convenience it offers outweighs the expenses.


Q: Can I purchase physical copies of the sewing patterns? A: At the moment, I primarily offer digital copies of patterns for convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Q: How long does it take for me to receive a digital pattern after purchase? A: Once your purchase is complete, Etsy automatically delivers the digital pattern to your email address associated with the account. You should receive it within minutes.

Q: Do you offer international shipping for physical products? A: Yes, I ship worldwide. However, please note that shipping times may vary depending on your location.

Q: Can I request customizations for the patterns? A: While I appreciate your interest, I currently do not offer customizations for patterns. However, I strive to create designs that cater to a wide range of sizes and styles.

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