Behind the Scenes of a Creative Studio | Paint Party Aprons, Etsy Orders, Packaging

Behind the Scenes of a Creative Studio | Paint Party Aprons, Etsy Orders, Packaging

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Organizing Orders with Clipboards
  3. Keeping Orders in Different Areas of the Room
  4. Labeling Orders with Clipboards
  5. Completing Orders and Shipping
  6. Launching a Website and Scrunchie Products
  7. Having a Paint Party and Embroidering Aprons
  8. Handling Multiple Machines at Once
  9. Prepping Fabric and Using Stabilizer
  10. Using a Quilting Ruler for Precision
  11. Working on Aprons and Scrunchies
  12. Packaging and Printing for Scrunchies
  13. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the process of organizing and fulfilling orders in a room. We will learn how to effectively use clipboards to keep track of orders, label them for easy identification, complete orders, and ship them to customers. Additionally, we will delve into the exciting world of launching a website, featuring scrunchie products, and hosting a paint party. We will also discuss handling multiple machines, prepping fabric, using stabilizer, and utilizing a quilting ruler for precision. Let's dive in and discover the intricacies of managing orders and creating beautiful handmade products.

Organizing Orders with Clipboards

To keep orders organized, utilizing clipboards is a game-changer. By designating different areas of a room for specific order stages, it becomes easier to track progress and prevent mix-ups. One approach is to have a dedicated clipboard for orders that have not been made yet and another for orders that need to be made. This separation ensures that all orders are accounted for and ready to be processed efficiently. The use of clipboards allows for easy mobility and visibility of each order, minimizing confusion and streamlining the workflow.

Keeping Orders in Different Areas of the Room

Creating designated areas of the room for different order stages is an effective way to keep the workspace organized. By allocating separate spaces for orders that have not been made and orders that need to be made, you can maintain orderliness and prevent any potential chaos. This practice ensures that all incoming orders are sorted correctly and readily accessible, saving time and reducing errors. A well-structured room layout creates a conducive environment for efficient order fulfillment and enables smooth navigation during the process.

Labeling Orders with Clipboards

Labeling orders using clipboards adds an additional layer of organization and clarity. By creating a dedicated clipboard solely for labeling purposes, you can easily keep track of all the orders and their respective details. Be sure to place the clipboard in the packing area for convenient access. The use of labels on the clipboards allows for quick reference, accurate tracking, and seamless coordination between team members involved in the order fulfillment process. With clear labeling, the chances of misplacing or confusing orders are significantly reduced.

Completing Orders and Shipping

Upon completing an order, it is crucial to have a systematic approach to ensure accuracy and efficiency. One effective method is to physically mark the completion of an order, such as circling it and adding a checkmark on top. This visual confirmation helps keep track of finished orders and prevents duplication or oversights. To streamline the shipping process, designate a specific space for completed orders to be packed and prepared for shipment. This dedicated shipping area will enable a smooth transition from assembly to delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and timely delivery.

Launching a Website and Scrunchie Products

Excitement fills the air as a website launch approaches. Preparations for the unveiling of scrunchie products are in full swing. The much-anticipated website will showcase a variety of scrunchies, including both individual pieces and curated sets. Customers will have the opportunity to explore the extensive collection and choose their preferred styles. With the website scheduled to go live on March 20th at 1pm, an email sign-up option allows eager customers to receive notifications once the website is up and running. The launch promises an array of fashionable and trendy scrunchies, catering to all hair types and personal preferences.

Having a Paint Party and Embroidering Aprons

Adding some fun and creativity to the mix, a paint party is on the horizon. With a group of friends coming over, adorable aprons are essential for the occasion. These cute aprons will not only protect clothing but also act as a canvas for personalization. Embroidering names on the aprons adds a personalized touch, making each one unique and special. The process of embroidering names can be an enjoyable activity, fostering a sense of camaraderie and adding a delightful bonding experience to the paint party.

Handling Multiple Machines at Once

Efficiency is paramount when working with multiple machines simultaneously. Whether using a multi-needle machine or single-needle machines, a systematic approach ensures smooth operation. Starting with the multi-needle machine for applique parts and gradually moving on to the single-needle machines optimizes productivity. Using dedicated bins for each machine helps keep the workspace organized and allows for easy access to pre-cut stabilizer. Pre-cutting stabilizer and fabric simplifies the process of preparing orders and minimizes time spent on each order. Motions become fluid, resulting in a productive and streamlined workflow.

Prepping Fabric and Using Stabilizer

A well-prepared workspace contributes to the efficiency of the order fulfillment process. Prepping fabric involves attaching heat and bond to pre-cut fabric pieces. This preparation ensures that the fabric is ready and easily accessible when orders come in, enabling swift assembly onto hoops and reducing lead times. Utilizing a suitable stabilizer is crucial for achieving optimal results. Although a cut-away stabilizer is recommended, some prefer using a tear-away stabilizer, which is slightly thicker but still compatible with the process. Properly prepping fabric with the appropriate stabilizer creates a strong foundation for flawless stitching and enhances the overall quality of the finished products.

Using a Quilting Ruler for Precision

When precision is essential, a quilting ruler becomes an indispensable tool. The quilting ruler, with its added lip, provides stability when cutting fabric and ensures accurate measurements. This is particularly beneficial when working with slippery fabrics, as the ruler prevents shifting and ensures precise cuts. Opting for the largest quilting ruler available, such as one measuring 4 by 36 inches, allows for versatility and accommodates various project sizes. The quilting ruler streamlines the process, saving time and effort while maintaining consistent and precise results.

Working on Aprons and Scrunchies

With the paint party rapidly approaching, it's time to devote attention to creating remarkable aprons and scrunchies. The aprons, having been embroidered with names, are the perfect attire for a fun and creative gathering. Custom-designed scrunchies, carefully handcrafted by a dedicated team, add an extra touch of charm and individuality to the event. As the finishing touches are put on the aprons and last-minute scrunchies are completed, excitement builds for the upcoming celebration. The combination of personalized aprons and stylish scrunchies sets the stage for an unforgettable paint party experience.

Packaging and Printing for Scrunchies

The packaging of scrunchies involves strategic planning and meticulous attention to detail. A well-designed and professionally printed package enhances the overall presentation and elevates the customer's unboxing experience. Pre-printed strips specifically designed for scrunchies can be ordered to ensure consistent branding and aesthetic appeal. These strips, featuring the logo, website, care instructions, and a delightful needle decoration, add the perfect final touch to the scrunchie packaging. Thoughtful packaging not only protects the scrunchies but also showcases the brand's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.


Managing orders and creating handmade products requires careful organization, attention to detail, and a systematic approach. By utilizing clipboards, separating orders by stages, and labeling them accurately, the workflow becomes more efficient and streamlined. Launching a website to showcase scrunchie products opens up new opportunities for business growth and customer engagement. Hosting a paint party and embroidering aprons add a touch of fun and personalization to the creative process. Handling multiple machines simultaneously and utilizing quilting rulers contribute to precision and productivity. With careful fabric prepping and the use of appropriate stabilizers, the quality of the end products is ensured. Thoughtful packaging and printed materials add an extra layer of professionalism and elevate the overall customer experience. An organized and well-managed workspace facilitates a seamless order fulfillment process and nurtures a thriving handmade business. So let's embark on this exciting journey of creativity, organization, and innovation, and witness the wonders that can be achieved with dedication and enthusiasm.


  • Efficiently organizing orders with clipboards
  • Designating different areas of the room for specific order stages
  • Labeling orders accurately for easy identification
  • Completing orders and streamlining the shipping process
  • Launching a website and showcasing scrunchie products
  • Hosting a paint party and personalizing aprons
  • Handling multiple machines simultaneously for increased productivity
  • Prepping fabric and utilizing the appropriate stabilizer
  • Using a quilting ruler for precise measurements
  • Customizing aprons and creating stylish scrunchies
  • Thoughtful packaging and professional printing for scrunchies


Q: How can clipboards be used to organize orders? A: Clipboards can be used to keep track of orders at different stages, such as orders that haven't been made yet and those that need to be made. They provide easy mobility and visibility for efficient order management.

Q: What is the benefit of labeling orders with clipboards? A: Labeling orders with clipboards allows for quick reference and accurate tracking. It ensures clear communication between team members and minimizes the chances of misplacing or confusing orders.

Q: How can multiple machines be handled at once? A: Handling multiple machines simultaneously can be achieved by starting with a multi-needle machine for applique parts and gradually moving on to single-needle machines. Using dedicated bins for each machine and pre-cut stabilizer simplifies the process.

Q: What is the importance of using a quilting ruler? A: A quilting ruler ensures precision in cutting fabric and accurate measurements. It prevents fabric shifting and allows for consistent results, especially when working with slippery fabrics.

Q: How can scrunchies be packaged for a professional look? A: Thoughtful packaging, including pre-printed strips with the brand logo and care instructions, enhances the presentation of scrunchies and elevates the customer's unboxing experience.

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