Art Thrift Shop Finds: Mid Century Treasures and Resale Tips

Art Thrift Shop Finds: Mid Century Treasures and Resale Tips

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Art Collection
    1. Black and White Painting
    2. Colorful Botanical Painting
    3. Other Art Pieces
  3. Geode and Props
  4. Vintage Finds
    1. Tupperware Bread Box
    2. Celestial Tea Cup
    3. Salt and Pepper Shakers
    4. Collectibles from Japan and China
  5. Thrift Store Haul
    1. Colonial Style Dishware
    2. Casserole Dish
    3. Vintage Pin Cushion
  6. Home Decor Items
    1. Tray
    2. Brass Decor
    3. Trinket Tray
    4. Wooden Bowl
  7. Clothing and Accessories
    1. Vintage Sweater
    2. Blue Jeans and Jackets
    3. Jewelry Bag
    4. Vintage Pearls
  8. Miscellaneous Items
    1. Leather Goods
    2. Music Box
    3. Charlie Brown Thermos
    4. Ceramic Vases
  9. Final Thoughts
  10. FAQ

Art Collection

It's no secret that art can bring joy and beauty to our lives. Whether it's a Picasso or a simple amateur piece, art has the power to evoke emotions and spark conversation. In this article, we will explore a thrift haul of art pieces and other unique findings that one collector stumbled upon. From black and white paintings to colorful botanical art, let's delve into the world of art and discover the stories behind these treasures.

Black and White Painting

One of the highlights of this thrift haul is a black and white painting. Signed by the artist in 1987, this piece caught the collector's eye with its geometric shapes and an obsolete telephone as the central subject. Its simplicity and monochromatic tones make it a captivating addition to any art collection. For just $3, this painting found a new home and is sure to draw admiration from guests.

Colorful Botanical Painting

Another gem in the collection is a larger painting with vibrant colors and a botanical theme. Though the subject matter is open to interpretation, the collector was drawn to its forest-like appearance and intricate details. This painting will soon join the collector's growing art collection, adding a touch of nature and creativity to their living space.

Other Art Pieces

Amidst the thrift haul, there were other art pieces that caught the collector's attention. From a beautifully framed painting acquired from a charity shop to a cherished children's artwork framed and displayed on a wall, each piece tells a unique story. Though not experts in art, the collector trusts their own judgment and acquires pieces that resonate with them personally.

Geode and Props

Apart from the art collection, the collector also found fascination in a geode. Its stunning colors and textured surface make it an ideal prop for photographing jewelry and other small items. Not only does it serve a practical purpose, but it also offers aesthetic value with its natural beauty.

Vintage Finds

No thrift haul is complete without some vintage finds. This collector struck gold with a vintage Tupperware bread box that was barely used, a steal for just $1.50. The affordable price made it an irresistible addition to their vintage kitchenware collection. Alongside the bread box, a cute celestial tea cup with a lid and salt and pepper shakers also made their way into the collection. While the collector admits that these items may not be their usual taste, they couldn't resist their charm and unique designs.

Collectibles from Japan and China

As the thrift haul continued, the collector stumbled upon some collectible items from Japan and China. From a beautiful cloisonné work to tiny trinkets, each piece added a touch of cultural diversity to the overall collection. These items not only showcase the collector's appreciation for different art forms but also serve as a reminder of the global influence found within thrift stores.

Thrift Store Haul

Throughout the week, the collector embarked on various thrift store visits and made some exciting discoveries. They came across a variety of items, including a colonial-style dishware set that caught their eye. The unique pattern and gloss of the dishes added elegance to any mealtime. Additionally, a charming casserole dish with a vegetable design further enhanced their kitchenware collection.

Vintage Pin Cushion

Always on the lookout for unique and quirky finds, the collector came across a vintage pin cushion in the shape of a small pig. Its Mexican folk art-inspired design intrigued them, and they couldn't resist adding it to their sewing supplies. This tiny pig will now hold their pins, adding a touch of whimsy to their crafting sessions.

Home Decor Items

Aside from the art and vintage finds, the collector also discovered some captivating home decor items. A beautifully designed tray caught their attention for its uniqueness and potential to display their collection of stones. Whether used for decorative purposes or listed for sale online, this versatile tray provides both aesthetic appeal and storage functionality.

Brass Decor

Continuing their exploration through the thrift store, the collector stumbled upon a heavy brass decor piece. The intricate knots and designs fascinated them, making it an instant purchase. This eye-catching piece would undoubtedly become a statement item in their home, showcasing their appreciation for artistry and craftsmanship.

Trinket Tray

Another delightful find was a tiny trinket tray made in Turkey. Its intricate design and vibrant colors instantly captivated the collector. They envisioned using it to hold small jewelry pieces or just as a decorative item. Its compact size and charming aesthetics make it a versatile addition to any home.

Wooden Bowl

Among the various finds, a small wooden bowl stood out with its unique shape and beautiful corn design. This handcrafted bowl adds warmth and a rustic touch to any space. Whether used for serving snacks or displaying small trinkets, its versatility makes it a treasured item in the collector's home.

Clothing and Accessories

No thrift haul is complete without stumbling upon some trendy clothing and accessories. The collector scored a perfect blue jean jacket, a long sought-after item. Finally finding the right fit and wash, they were overjoyed with their discovery. Additionally, they found some vintage sweaters and various accessories like jewelry bags and vintage pearls, perfect for their craft projects or for reselling online.

Miscellaneous Items

In the journey through thrift stores, unique and unexpected items often come to light. One of the collector's surprises was a leather good, a Goya handbag. Concerned about its authenticity, they made a deliberate purchase to study its details and determine its genuineness. With its worn appearance and distinctive features, this handbag adds an air of mystery to the collector's collection.

Music Box

Another intriguing find was a musical circus-themed box. Although slightly broken, the collector was still captivated by its intricate details and working music mechanism. They plan to have their partner restore it, bringing back its former enchantment. This find proves that even imperfect items can hold a certain charm and value.

Charlie Brown Thermos

For fans of the beloved Peanuts characters, stumbling upon a vintage Charlie Brown thermos was a dream come true. Its nostalgic appeal and new condition make it a collectible item. Whether used for its intended purpose or displayed alongside other Charlie Brown memorabilia, this thermos brings back fond childhood memories.

Ceramic Vases

Among the thrift haul, the collector discovered several ceramic vases with unique patterns and designs. Each vase adds a pop of color and personality to any room. Whether showcasing fresh flowers or simply displayed on their own, these vases serve as decorative accents and conversation starters.

Final Thoughts

As this thrift haul journey comes to an end, the collector reflects on their unique finds and the joy they bring. The collection now boasts an array of art pieces, vintage treasures, home decor items, clothing, and miscellaneous knick-knacks. Each item carries a story and holds sentimental value. Despite not being experts in art or collecting, the collector's personal taste guides their choices, creating a collection that reflects their unique personality and style.


Q: What inspired the collector to start an art collection?

A: The collector was initially drawn to art pieces that resonated with them personally and received compliments from others. This encouragement and their own appreciation for art motivated them to start an art collection.

Q: How does the collector determine the value of thrift store finds?

A: The collector does research online, checking for similar items on platforms like eBay to gauge their market value. They also consider the condition, rarity, and demand for each item when assessing its worth.

Q: Are thrift store finds guaranteed to be authentic?

A: Not all thrift store finds can be guaranteed to be authentic, especially when it comes to designer items. The collector carefully examines the details and does research to determine the authenticity of such items.

Q: How does the collector decide what items to keep and what to resell?

A: The collector considers their personal preferences, the sentimental value of the item, and the potential market demand when deciding whether to keep or resell thrift store finds. They aim to strike a balance between curated collections and profitable reselling.

Q: How often does the collector add to their art collection?

A: The collector regularly explores thrift stores and keeps an eye out for unique art pieces. They add to their collection whenever they come across a piece that captures their interest.

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