Enhance Your HeroQuest Adventure with Etsy Assets and Mods

Enhance Your HeroQuest Adventure with Etsy Assets and Mods

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Neoprene mat for Hero Quest
  3. Custom 3D prints for Hero Quest named characters
  4. Translucent dice
  5. Game agnostic walls for Hero Quest
  6. Mythic tier miniatures by Minis 3D
  7. Chaos event deck for Hero Quest
  8. Trap tiles for Hero Quest
  9. Stone and screed tiles for Hero Quest
  10. LED light-up fireplace for Hero Quest
  11. Control trays for Hero Quest character sheets
  12. Game screen supports for Hero Quest
  13. Powered Up dice for Hero Quest

Neoprene Mat for Hero Quest

If you're a fan of the classic board game Hero Quest, then you'll definitely want to check out this neoprene mat designed specifically for the game. This high definition 4K rollable neoprene mat is similar to the ones offered by Beautiful Dungeon Mats, but it has its own unique design based on the "Mound of the Beastmen" fan-made expansion. While the size of the squares may be slightly different from the classic game, this mat is still a great addition to enhance your Hero Quest experience. With its stitched edge, it's not only durable but also adds a touch of elegance to your game table. However, it's important to note that this mat may not be officially licensed, so the compatibility with the newer game Miniatures may vary.

Custom 3D Prints for Hero Quest Named Characters

For those who enjoy customization and adding unique elements to their Hero Quest game, custom 3D prints of named characters are a great option. These prints, compatible with the 2021 edition of Hero Quest, offer alternative sculpts for characters like the Witch Lord, Zargon, Chaos Warrior, Sir Ragnar, and more. Whether you're looking for a different look for your characters or seeking exclusive content that you missed out on, these prints from Mountain View 3D provide a fantastic solution. Each character comes with detailed sculpting and captures the essence of the original characters while offering a fresh twist.

Translucent Dice

Dice are an essential component of any tabletop game, and Hero Quest is no exception. If you're looking to add some style to your gaming experience, consider these translucent dice. Although they may not offer different face distributions, the sheer beauty of these dice makes them worthy of consideration. With their clear design and vibrant colors, these dice are a feast for the eyes during gameplay. Whether you're rolling for damage, searching for traps, or battling monsters, these translucent dice will add a touch of elegance to your Hero Quest adventures.

Game Agnostic Walls for Hero Quest

One of the most iconic elements of Hero Quest is its dungeon walls. If you're looking to replace the standard tile representations with something more three-dimensional, these game agnostic walls are a perfect choice. Not only can they be used in Hero Quest, but they are also compatible with any game that requires dungeon walls. The detail on these walls is impressive, featuring skulls, chains, rocks, and bricks. Whether you're a painter or prefer the natural wood finish, these walls will enhance the immersion of your Hero Quest game. They are available in single, double, and rubble versions, allowing you to create diverse dungeon layouts.

Mythic Tier Miniatures by Minis 3D

Minis 3D is well-known for their high-quality and detailed 3D prints, and their Mythic Tier collection for Hero Quest is no exception. This collection includes a variety of unique characters such as a female knight, a dragon, a Warlock halfling, an orc bard, and more. These sculpts provide alternative options for exclusive content that may be difficult to obtain. While they may not be official Hero Quest products, they serve as excellent proxies and offer a refreshing twist to the game. Whether you want to replace certain characters or add new ones to your collection, Minis 3D has you covered.

Chaos Event Deck for Hero Quest

Tired of lulls in your Hero Quest game when the heroes have cleared a room of monsters? The Chaos Event Deck is a fantastic addition to spice up those moments. Designed to be used when there are no monsters in sight, this deck of cards provides exciting chaos events that add new challenges and surprises to the game. While the card sizes may differ from the 2021 edition, these cards are perfect for players looking to inject more excitement and unpredictability into their Hero Quest adventures. With these cards, the Zargon player can keep the heroes on their toes and create memorable gaming moments.

Trap Tiles for Hero Quest

Traps are a classic element of dungeon crawl games, and Hero Quest is no exception. LB Studios offers a set of 25mm trap tiles that add an extra layer of challenge and excitement to your Hero Quest adventures. With various trap designs such as pressure plates, dart traps, acid pools, and more, these three-dimensional tiles bring traps to life on your game board. Each tile is finely crafted and adds visual appeal to the game. Whether you're an experienced hero or a cunning Zargon, these trap tiles will keep everyone on their guard and make each room exploration more thrilling.

Stone and Screed Tiles for Hero Quest

If you're looking to enhance the aesthetics of your Hero Quest game board, consider adding some stone and screed tiles. These 28mm tiles from Remingo 3D are designed to complement the classic Hero Quest board and create a more immersive experience. With a set of 10 single and double tiles, these textured tiles add a touch of realism to your game board. Whether you're navigating through a dungeon or exploring an ancient tomb, these stone and screed tiles create an atmosphere that will immerse you in the Hero Quest world.

LED Light-Up Fireplace for Hero Quest

Ambiance plays a vital role in tabletop gaming, and what better way to set the mood than with a LED light-up fireplace for your Hero Quest game? This Supernatural fireplace features a realistic design, complete with flickering flames that add a touch of realism to your game board. The LED lights can be customized to create the perfect ambiance for your gaming sessions. Not only does this fireplace provide functional lighting, but it also serves as a visually appealing centerpiece on your game table. Crafted with attention to detail, this fireplace from IB Studios is a must-have for any Hero Quest enthusiast.

Control Trays for Hero Quest Character Sheets

Organization is key during tabletop gaming sessions, and these control trays for Hero Quest character sheets provide a stylish and practical solution. Laser-cut from cardstock, these trays allow you to neatly store your character sheet, keeping everything in one place. With easy access to your character's body and mind points through the spinners, you can focus more on the game and less on flipping through pages. The elegant design of these control trays adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming setup and ensures that your character sheets remain in pristine condition.

Game Screen Supports for Hero Quest

If you've ever experienced frustration with your Hero Quest game screen constantly collapsing, these game screen supports are a game-changer. Designed to keep your game screen upright and stable, these supports prevent unnecessary disruptions during gameplay. With these supports, you no longer have to worry about accidentally knocking over the game screen, and you can focus more on the adventure at hand. Made by Remingo 3D, these supports are a practical and essential addition to any Hero Quest game.

Powered Up Dice for Hero Quest

When it comes to combat in Hero Quest, having the right set of dice can make all the difference. ReproQuest Shop offers a range of powered-up dice that feature different face distributions. These dice provide variations to the standard dice included with Hero Quest, adding new strategic possibilities during battles. With the ability to roll for multiple attacks per die face, these powered-up dice create more dynamic and exciting combat encounters for both heroes and monsters. Whether you choose the purple or pink set, these dice will level up your Hero Quest experience.


Q: Are these products officially licensed by Hero Quest? A: Some of the products, such as the neoprene mat and custom 3D prints, may not be officially licensed. However, they offer alternative options to enhance your Hero Quest game.

Q: How compatible are these products with the 2021 edition of Hero Quest? A: The compatibility may vary from product to product. It's essential to check the product descriptions for specific details.

Q: Can I use these trap tiles and walls interchangeably with the original Hero Quest components? A: While these trap tiles and walls may not be official Hero Quest components, they are designed to be compatible with the game. However, some variations in size and design may occur.

Q: Do the LED light-up fireplace and control trays require any assembly? A: These products may require some minimal assembly, but they usually come with clear instructions for easy setup.

Q: Can I paint or customize these products? A: Most of the products mentioned can be painted or customized based on personal preference. The materials used allow for easy customization and adding unique touches to enhance the overall aesthetics.

Q: Where can I purchase these products? A: These products can be found on Etsy, with each listing providing details on pricing and shipping options.

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