Adorable Custom Etsy Items for Your Baby!

Adorable Custom Etsy Items for Your Baby!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing the Etsy package
  3. Reviewing the "Sleeping Baby" sign
  4. Exploring the tote bag
  5. Settling a microwave tone debate
  6. Showcasing the personalized gift from Etsy
  7. Discovering the Lulu and Company package
  8. Trying on the knotted gown
  9. Reviewing the quality of the gown
  10. Exploring the milestone cards from Arrowtown Designs
  11. Conclusion

Unboxing New Gifts from Etsy

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel! Today, we have an exciting unboxing session of various items we received from Etsy, including a special gift from one of our subscribers. So, without further ado, let's dive in and see what we have!

Reviewing the "Sleeping Baby" Sign

First up, we have a cute sign that says, "We have a sleeping baby, please do not knock or ring the doorbell because Jax will freak out." This sign is perfect for those moments when we need some peace and quiet. Let's discuss the pros and cons of using this sign to manage interruptions at our doorstep.

Exploring the Tote Bag

Next, we have a versatile tote bag that comes in handy when we're on the go. Not only is it stylish, but it also provides ample space to carry all our essentials. Let's take a closer look at the design, durability, and practicality of this tote bag.

Settling a Microwave Tone Debate

Now, let's move on to a hot topic of discussion - the microwave tone. We've been having a serious argument about the sound it makes, and we need your help to settle this once and for all. We'll play the tone for you and please let us know if it sounds like "danten danten danten" or something else. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Showcasing the Personalized Gift from Etsy

Here comes the highlight of the unboxing, a personalized gift sent by one of our subscribers. We are excited to reveal this special item, but since it's a surprise, we'll keep the details secret for now. Stay tuned as we unwrap this gift and share our thoughts on the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the product.

Discovering the Lulu and Company Package

Moving on, we have a package from Lulu and Company, a baby company known for their adorable and high-quality products. We'll explore what's inside and share our experience with their products. Let's see if they live up to the hype!

Trying on the Knotted Gown

Inside the Lulu and Company package, we discovered a knotted gown, which we've been eyeing for quite some time. This gown looks super cute, and we can't wait to try it on. Let's discuss the fit, comfort, and overall impression of this adorable piece of clothing.

Reviewing the Quality of the Gown

Now that we've tried on the knotted gown, let's talk about the quality. The fabric, stitching, and overall construction play a vital role in ensuring a comfortable and durable garment. We'll provide an in-depth review of the gown, highlighting both its pros and cons.

Exploring the Milestone Cards from Arrowtown Designs

In addition to the Etsy and Lulu and Company packages, we also received milestone cards from Arrowtown Designs. These cards capture precious moments in a baby's life, allowing us to create beautiful memories. Let's delve into the design, material, and usability of these milestone cards.


To wrap up this unboxing session, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our subscriber and all the incredible Etsy sellers for these amazing gifts. We hope you enjoyed joining us on this journey, and stay tuned for more exciting content in the future!

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