Effortlessly Create Size Charts for Etsy

Effortlessly Create Size Charts for Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Size Charts for Etsy Apparel Listings
  3. Free Options for Creating Size Charts on Etsy
    • Using Screenshots or Snipping Tool
    • Obtaining Size Charts from Print on Demand Platforms
  4. Using Word Processing Programs to Create Size Charts
  5. Creating Professional Size Charts with Canva and Photo Editing Software
  6. Using Blank T-Shirt Graphics for Visual Size Charts
  7. Using Canva to Create Custom Size Charts
  8. Purchasing Size Charts for Etsy Listings
  9. Tips for Uploading Size Charts to Etsy Listings
  10. Conclusion


When selling apparel on Etsy, having size charts for your listings is crucial. Whether you are using a print on demand platform or fulfilling orders yourself, having a professional-looking size chart is important to provide accurate sizing information to your customers. In this article, we will explore various options for creating size charts for Etsy listings, ranging from free and simple methods to more advanced options using graphic design software. Whether you are a beginner or have some graphic design experience, there is a solution for everyone.

Importance of Size Charts for Etsy Apparel Listings

Before we delve into the different methods of creating size charts, let's first understand why they are essential for your Etsy apparel listings. Size charts serve as a valuable reference for customers to determine the right size for their purchases. Providing accurate sizing information builds trust and reduces the likelihood of returns or exchanges, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction. Additionally, displaying professional-looking size charts adds credibility to your product listings, making them more appealing to potential buyers.

Free Options for Creating Size Charts on Etsy

If you are looking for cost-effective options to create size charts for your Etsy listings, there are several free methods available. One simple approach is to use screenshots or the snipping tool provided by your operating system. By capturing the size chart from the source information on platforms like Printify or Printful, you can easily turn it into an image for your listing. However, keep in mind that this method may lack customization options and may not look as professional.

Another option is to utilize word processing programs like Microsoft Word. By replicating the layout of the size chart and adding additional information such as brand names and product fit styles, you can create a more comprehensive and visually appealing size chart. This method allows for more flexibility and personalization while still being free.

Creating Professional Size Charts with Canva and Photo Editing Software

If you want to take your size charts to the next level and have a more professional and customized look, you can consider using graphic design software like Canva in combination with photo editing software. Canva offers user-friendly features and elements that simplify the process of creating visually appealing size charts. By incorporating a blank t-shirt graphic and utilizing Canva's elements and text options, you can create a size chart that matches your brand aesthetic.

If you have access to Canva Pro, you can use its background removing feature to easily delete the background of the t-shirt graphic. However, if you don't have Canva Pro, you can still achieve the same result by using other photo editing software like Photoshop or free alternatives like Photopea. After removing the background, you can import the transparent t-shirt graphic into Canva and further enhance the design with text and table elements.

Using Blank T-Shirt Graphics for Visual Size Charts

Another option for creating visually appealing size charts is by using blank t-shirt graphics. Platforms like Printify provide blank t-shirt images that can be utilized as visual representations in your size charts. By downloading these images and incorporating them into your size chart design, customers can have a clearer understanding of how the garment fits. This method adds a professional touch to your size charts and enhances the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Using Canva to Create Custom Size Charts

Canva offers a wide range of features and tools that can help you create custom size charts for your Etsy listings. By starting with a suitable background, such as a wood texture, you can create a visually interesting base for your size chart. Then, by using Canva's table element, you can easily construct a professional-looking table to display the sizing information. Incorporate the blank t-shirt graphics obtained earlier to provide a visual representation of the garment. With Canva's text options, you can customize the font, color, and size to match your branding.

Purchasing Size Charts for Etsy Listings

If you prefer to save time and effort, you have the option to purchase pre-made size charts from other Etsy sellers. There are sellers that specialize in digital download files, including size charts, color charts, and mock-ups. These digital files can be easily integrated into your Etsy listings, saving you the hassle of creating them from scratch. While this option involves a small investment, it can be worthwhile if you value convenience and a professional finish.

Tips for Uploading Size Charts to Etsy Listings

Finally, when uploading your size charts to your Etsy listings, make sure not to overlook a few essential details. Ensure that the size chart image is clear and legible, allowing customers to easily read the sizing information. Including a reference to the size chart in your listing's description can serve as a helpful reminder to customers who may overlook the image or seek additional guidance. By providing a complete and well-presented size chart, you enhance the overall shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, creating and including size charts in your Etsy apparel listings is essential for providing accurate sizing information and promoting customer satisfaction. Whether you opt for free methods using screenshots or word processing programs, or choose to invest in graphic design software like Canva, there is a solution suitable for your needs and resources. By considering the various options available, you can create professional-looking size charts that enhance your product listings and contribute to a positive shopping experience for your customers.

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