60+ Profitable Digital Product Ideas for Etsy in 2023

60+ Profitable Digital Product Ideas for Etsy in 2023

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Wall Art Prints
  3. Birthday Cards
  4. Birthday Invitations
  5. Building Plans
  6. Bullet Journal Pages
  7. Business Cards
  8. Business Logos
  9. Business Planners
  10. Cash Envelopes
  11. Checklists and Trackers
  12. Clip Art
  13. Coloring Pages
  14. Craft Patterns
  15. Crochet Patterns
  16. Digital Papers
  17. Ebooks
  18. Embroidery Patterns
  19. Etsy Banners
  20. Excel Templates
  21. Facebook Templates
  22. Flash Cards
  23. Fonts
  24. Funny Cards
  25. Gift Tags
  26. Graduation Invitations
  27. Greeting Cards
  28. Holiday Cards
  29. Instagram Story Highlights
  30. Instagram Templates
  31. Invitation Templates
  32. Knitting Patterns
  33. Leather Patterns
  34. Lightroom Presets
  35. Meal Plans
  36. Party Banners
  37. Party Décor
  38. Party Invitations
  39. Party Signs
  40. Phone Wallpapers
  41. Pinterest Templates
  42. Planner Inserts
  43. Printable Backdrops
  44. Printable Envelopes
  45. Printable Games
  46. Printable Photo Props
  47. Printable Stationery
  48. Printable Stickers
  49. Quilting Patterns
  50. Quote Prints
  51. Resume Templates
  52. Selfie Frames
  53. Sewing Patterns
  54. Shower Invitations
  55. Snapchat Filters
  56. Social Media Templates
  57. Stock Photography
  58. SVG Files
  59. Sympathy Cards
  60. Thank You Cards
  61. Wedding Invitations
  62. Wedding Signs
  63. Workbooks

Wall Art Prints

Creating and selling wall art prints is a lucrative digital product idea, especially if you have graphic design skills. You can create various designs and offer them as digital downloads that users can print at home or at a local print shop. This allows for customization in terms of size and style. Wall art prints can be sold for a few dollars each and have a high potential for sales due to their popularity and demand.

Birthday Cards

Birthday cards are another excellent digital product idea that can attract consistent sales. In the age of social media, many people still prefer to send physical birthday cards with a personal touch. By designing and selling unique and creative birthday cards, you can cater to this market. Funny or clever birthday cards, as well as cards with unique designs not found in stores, have the potential to perform exceptionally well. Tap into your wit and creativity to create a range of birthday cards that people will love.

Birthday Invitations

Birthday invitations are a highly popular digital product, especially for children's birthday parties. Many people turn to platforms like Etsy to find themed, personalized birthday invitations. By creating digital templates that can be customized by the buyer, you can provide a convenient and affordable solution. This allows customers to add their own details and choose their preferred design, resulting in less work for you and a great source of passive income.

Building Plans

If you have skills in DIY projects such as building furniture or outdoor structures like pergolas, consider creating and selling building plans. Many people want to tackle DIY projects but lack the knowledge to design them. By providing detailed plans for various projects, you can cater to this market. Sites like Etsy are a great platform to sell these plans, and customers can then use them to build their own projects while paying you for the design. This digital product offers a one-time effort for you and the potential for multiple purchases by customers.

Bullet Journal Pages

Bullet journals have gained significant popularity, and you can tap into this trend by creating and selling bullet journal pages as digital downloads. These pages can include templates, trackers, calendars, and other layouts that users can print out and incorporate into their bullet journals. With your creativity, you can design unique and visually appealing pages that cater to different themes and styles. This digital product allows for unlimited customization and offers an extensive range of possibilities.

Business Cards

As a digital product creator, you can design business cards that users can purchase and print at home or through online printing services. By creating attractive designs and offering customizable options, you can cater to individuals and businesses that want professionally designed business cards without investing in expensive graphic design services. This digital product provides a cost-effective solution for those on a budget while allowing you to generate passive income.

Business Logos

Similar to business cards, you can create digital logos that users can customize with their name or business details. Many businesses, especially those on a budget, seek cost-effective logo solutions. By offering downloadable logo designs, customers can purchase them at a fraction of the cost of a custom-designed logo. This digital product allows you to capitalize on the demand for affordable branding solutions.

Business Planners

Business planners are valuable tools for entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to organize and plan their ventures. You can create comprehensive business planner templates that cover various aspects, such as goal setting, financial planning, marketing strategies, and more. By offering printable or digital versions of these planners, you provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed. Business planners have a higher price point compared to other digital products but offer significant value to customers.

Cash Envelopes

Cash envelopes are a popular budgeting tool that helps individuals manage their money effectively. You can design printable cash envelope templates that users can download, print, and assemble at home. By offering visually appealing designs or unique styles, you cater to people who want to create cash envelopes but lack the time or skills to do so from scratch. This digital product serves as a convenient solution and can be sold repeatedly with minimal effort.

Checklists and Trackers

Checklists and trackers are valuable tools that assist individuals in various endeavors. By creating printable checklists and trackers for specific needs, such as cleaning checklists or wedding planning checklists, you can tap into different markets. Many people find it helpful to have step-by-step guides or visual aids to stay organized and focused. These digital products can be customized, printed, and reused, providing a high level of value to customers.

Clip Art

Clip art is a versatile and widely used resource by designers and digital product creators. By designing and selling clip art in different styles and themes, you can cater to fellow designers who incorporate clip art into their projects. Creating clip art designs that can be used commercially and for personal use increases their appeal and marketability. This digital product offers a great opportunity for repeat sales within the creative community.


  • Wide market appeal among designers
  • Potential for repeat sales
  • Versatile use in various projects


  • Competitiveness in the clip art market
  • Ensuring copyright compliance with any referenced characters or designs

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are not just for children; there is a significant demand for adult coloring books as well. As a digital product creator, you can design and sell printable coloring pages with various designs, themes, and levels of complexity. These coloring pages offer a creative and therapeutic outlet for individuals seeking relaxation and stress relief. By catering to both children and adults, you widen your potential customer base and increase the chances of repeat purchases.


  • Appeal to both children and adults
  • Therapeutic and stress-relieving activity
  • Opportunity for repeat purchases


  • Potential saturation in the coloring pages market
  • Creating unique and visually appealing designs to stand out

Craft Patterns

Craft patterns are valuable resources for crafters who want to engage in DIY projects but lack the expertise to create their own patterns. By designing and selling craft patterns, you provide convenience and inspiration to a wide range of customers. Craft patterns can include a variety of projects, from paper crafts to sewing and knitting patterns. By offering these patterns as digital downloads, buyers can access them immediately and begin their projects. This digital product allows for creativity and customization while generating passive income for you.


  • Wide range of craft projects to cater to different interests
  • Ideal for crafters who want convenience and inspiration
  • Potential for repeat sales within the crafting community


  • Ensuring instructions and diagrams are clear for customers to follow
  • Competition in the craft pattern market

Crochet Patterns

Similar to craft patterns, crochet patterns offer specific designs and instructions for crochet enthusiasts. By creating and selling crochet patterns as digital downloads, you cater to those who want to undertake crochet projects but require guidance. Whether it's simple patterns for beginners or intricate designs for advanced crocheters, there is a market for a wide range of crochet patterns. This digital product allows for customization, creativity, and the opportunity to generate passive income.


  • Targeted market of crochet enthusiasts
  • Differentiation through unique and appealing designs
  • Potential for repeat sales to customers with varying skill levels


  • Ensuring clear and understandable instructions for customers
  • Competition in the crochet pattern market

Digital Papers

Digital papers are an essential resource for scrapbooking enthusiasts and other creators who use them in various projects. By designing and selling digital papers in different styles and patterns, you cater to the demand for customizable and visually appealing options. Digital papers can be used commercially and for personal use, increasing their versatility and market potential. This digital product offers opportunities for repeat sales, particularly within the crafting community.


  • Versatile use in scrapbooking and other creative projects
  • Opportunity to target both personal and commercial customers
  • Potential for repeat sales within the crafting community


  • Ensuring a wide range of appealing designs to cater to different tastes
  • Competition in the digital papers market


Ebooks offer a lucrative opportunity for those with knowledge and expertise in a particular field. By writing and selling ebooks, you can share your insights, tips, and strategies with an interested audience. Whether it's a guidebook on a specific topic or a collection of templates and checklists, ebooks can provide valuable resources to individuals looking for guidance. Ebooks can be sold through various platforms, including Etsy, your own website, or Kindle. This digital product offers potential for passive income and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.


  • Share knowledge and expertise with a large audience
  • Potential for authority building in a specific niche
  • Multiple platforms for selling, including Etsy, websites, and Kindle


  • Ensuring high-quality content and originality
  • Competition in the ebook market


  1. Create and sell wall art prints as digital downloads, catering to graphic design enthusiasts and customers seeking affordable art options.
  2. Design unique and creative birthday cards that stand out from store-bought options, providing customers with personalized and humorous alternatives.
  3. Offer customizable birthday invitations as digital templates, enabling customers to personalize and print for their parties.
  4. Create detailed building plans for DIY enthusiasts, providing step-by-step instructions for various projects.
  5. Design bullet journal pages with different layouts, trackers, and templates, catering to the growing trend of bullet journaling.
  6. Offer customizable business card designs that users can print at home or through online services, providing affordable branding solutions.
  7. Create customizable business logos that cater to budget-conscious individuals and businesses in need of professional design.
  8. Design comprehensive business planners with templates for goal setting, financial planning, and marketing strategies, offering valuable resources to entrepreneurs.
  9. Create printable cash envelope templates, helping individuals manage their finances effectively and providing convenience for budgeting purposes.
  10. Offer printable checklists and trackers for various needs, including cleaning checklists and wedding planning checklists, aiding individuals in staying organized.
  11. Design clip art in various styles and themes, targeting fellow designers and creators who incorporate clip art into their projects.
  12. Create coloring pages for both children and adults, providing a creative and therapeutic outlet for relaxation and stress relief.
  13. Design craft patterns for different projects, from paper crafts to sewing and knitting patterns, catering to DIY enthusiasts in need of inspiration.
  14. Create crochet patterns that offer specific designs and instructions for crochet enthusiasts, varying in difficulty levels to target different skill levels.
  15. Design digital papers in different styles and patterns, catering to scrapbooking enthusiasts and other creators who use them in various projects.
  16. Write and sell ebooks sharing knowledge and insights in a specific niche, establishing yourself as an authority and generating passive income.
  17. Offer embroidery patterns for embroidery enthusiasts, providing unique and creative designs for different projects.
  18. Design Etsy banners, assisting shop owners in creating a cohesive and visually appealing shop.
  19. Create Excel templates for various purposes, targeting individuals seeking pre-made templates for budgeting, expenses, and business planning.
  20. Design Facebook templates, including cover banners and avatars, helping businesses achieve a coordinated and visually appealing presence on Facebook.


Q: Can I sell copyrighted characters or designs as clip art?
A: No, it is important to ensure copyright compliance and avoid using copyrighted characters or designs in your clip art. Stick to original designs or use elements that are not subject to copyright.

Q: Are there any legal considerations when selling printable cash envelopes?
A: It is essential to check the legal regulations regarding cash envelopes in your jurisdiction. Ensure that you adhere to any relevant financial and privacy laws.

Q: How can I differentiate my crochet patterns from competitors?
A: To stand out in the crochet pattern market, focus on creating unique and visually appealing designs. Cater to different skill levels, offer clear instructions, and provide attractive supporting visuals or video tutorials to enhance the customer experience.

Q: Can I create and sell embroidery patterns for personal use only?
A: While creating and selling embroidery patterns for personal use only is a possibility, targeting both personal and commercial customers increases the market potential and potential for higher sales.

Q: Do I need to have professional graphic design skills to design my own business logos?
A: While professional graphic design skills can enhance the quality of your business logos, it is possible to create attractive and effective logos with basic design skills. Utilize online design tools and resources to assist you in creating visually appealing logos.

Q: How do I ensure copyright compliance when designing clip art?
A: It is essential to create original designs for your clip art or use elements that are not subject to copyright. Avoid using copyrighted characters or designs without permission.

Q: How can I promote my ebooks effectively to reach a wider audience?
A: Promoting your ebooks can be done through various channels, including social media, online communities, relevant blogs or websites, and targeted advertisements. Develop a marketing strategy to reach your target audience effectively.

Q: Are there any legal considerations I should be aware of when selling wedding invitations?
A: When selling wedding invitations, it is crucial to ensure that you comply with any copyright laws, especially if the designs contain proprietary elements. Additionally, it is advisable to provide clear disclaimers regarding customization options and printing instructions to avoid any liability issues.

Q: Can I sell my printable coloring pages to both commercial and personal customers?
A: Yes, printable coloring pages can be sold to both commercial and personal customers. Ensure that you clearly state the terms of use and any restrictions, such as for commercial purposes or redistribution.

Q: How can I create unique and visually appealing craft patterns to differentiate myself from competitors?
A: To create unique and visually appealing craft patterns, focus on original designs, clear instructions, and visually engaging supporting materials, such as high-quality photos or videos. Consider incorporating niche-specific themes or trends to attract the attention of the crafting community.

Q: Can I sell my stock photography on platforms other than Etsy?
A: Yes, while Etsy is a popular platform for selling digital downloads, you can explore other stock photography platforms or create your own website to reach a wider audience.

Q: What type of planner inserts are in demand?
A: In-demand planner inserts include templates for goal setting, daily, weekly, and monthly planning, habit tracking, budgeting, and to-do lists. Consider customizing inserts for specific purposes, such as fitness or travel planning, to target niche markets.

Q: Can I create and sell website themes for different platforms like Shopify and WordPress?
A: Absolutely, creating website themes for platforms like Shopify and WordPress can be an excellent digital product idea. These platforms have a substantial user base, and people are always looking for customizable themes to enhance their online presence.

Q: How can I promote my digital products effectively?
A: To effectively promote your digital products, use various marketing strategies such as social media promotion, content marketing through blogs or videos, collaborations with influencers or complementary businesses, and utilizing relevant online platforms, communities, or forums.

Q: What are the best platforms to sell my ebooks?
A: The best platforms to sell ebooks include Etsy, your own website or blog, and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Research each platform's features, target audience, and fees to determine the best fit for your ebook sales strategy.

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