Discover the World of Handmade Wax Melts and Candles

Discover the World of Handmade Wax Melts and Candles

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Challenge of Keeping Up with Sales
  3. The Evolution of Wax Melts Packaging
  4. The Perfect Packaging Solution
  5. Testing and Tweaking the Packaging
  6. Creating the Wax Melts
  7. Introducing the Unicorn Dreams Wax Melt
  8. The Happy Birthday Wax Melts
  9. The Fruityloops Wax Melts
  10. Conclusion

The Evolution of Wax Melts Packaging


In this article, we will explore the journey of Tiana, the owner and creator of Winding Wick Candles, as she strives to find the perfect packaging solution for her wax melts. We will delve into the challenges she faced, the ideas she had, and the final product that she is proud to share with her customers.

The Challenge of Keeping Up with Sales

Tiana faced a problem that many entrepreneurs dream of: her products were selling out on Amazon. However, this success presented a new challenge for her – she struggled to keep up with the demand. With sales coming in from multiple platforms, including Etsy, she needed to find a way to streamline her production process and ensure consistent packaging.

The Evolution of Wax Melts Packaging

Tiana's quest for the perfect packaging solution began with the exploration of different ideas. She wanted her packaging to be unique and representative of her brand. She experimented with various designs, including a wax waffle and a doughnut wax melt. While these ideas were cute, they proved to be messy and not practical for her customers.

The Perfect Packaging Solution

After months of brainstorming and testing, Tiana finally came up with a packaging design that she was excited about. The new packaging included a label that wrapped around the top of the bag, sealing it with a twist tie. This allowed customers to easily open and reseal the bag without the scent escaping. While the current bags were a bit shorter than ideal, Tiana recognized the need to invest in taller bags for future production.

Testing and Tweaking the Packaging

Although the packaging was getting closer to the desired outcome, Tiana took the opportunity to make a few more tweaks to ensure perfection. She obtained new materials and experimented with different formulas to make the wax melts slightly harder. This testing phase allowed her to compare and contrast the different formulas and determine which one best suited her needs.

Creating the Wax Melts

In this section, Tiana takes us through the process of creating the wax melts. She demonstrates the new packaging in action, sealing off the bags with a twist tie and adding a label for easy identification. Tiana emphasizes the importance of taking the time to perfect a product and ensure it aligns with her brand image.

Introducing the Unicorn Dreams Wax Melt

Tiana unveils one of her popular wax melt scents – Unicorn Dreams. This wax melt features a glittery design and has the same delightful creme brulee scent found in her candles. Tiana shares her excitement about the long-lasting fragrance and the positive feedback she has received from customers who have already tested the product.

The Happy Birthday Wax Melts

Next, Tiana introduces the Happy Birthday wax melt, which is a wax melt version of her custom birthday cake candle. These wax melts are adorned with real sprinkles that dissolve into the wax as it melts, adding a charming touch to the overall experience. Tiana expresses her satisfaction with this creative packaging idea and the positive response she has received from customers.

The Fruityloops Wax Melts

In this section, Tiana showcases her Fruityloops wax melts, which feature the same fruit loops embeds used in her candles. This scent is a crowd favorite, and Tiana is excited to expand her product line with these colorful and fragrant wax melts. She teases that these wax melts will soon be available in her shop, encouraging her audience to keep an eye out for their release.


Tiana's journey to find the perfect packaging for her wax melts showcases the dedication and creativity required to run a successful business. Despite the challenges faced along the way, Tiana's perseverance and commitment to delivering high-quality products shine through. As she continues to experiment with new ideas and expand her product line, customers can look forward to experiencing the unique and delightful offerings from Winding Wick Candles.


  1. Tiana's struggle to keep up with sales despite her products selling out on Amazon.
  2. The evolution of wax melts packaging, from the initial ideas to the final product.
  3. The introduction of new materials and formulas to achieve the perfect packaging solution.
  4. The unveiling of the Unicorn Dreams wax melt, with its glittery design and creme brulee scent.
  5. The happy birthday wax melts, featuring real sprinkles that dissolve into the melted wax.
  6. The fruityloops wax melts, a colorful and fragrant addition to Tiana's product line.


Q: Where can I purchase Tiana's wax melts? A: Tiana's wax melts are available for purchase on her website and other online platforms.

Q: How long do the wax melts last? A: On average, one cube of wax melt lasts about four days, depending on usage.

Q: Can I customize the label on the birthday cake wax melts? A: Yes, Tiana offers a custom candle option where you can personalize the label with a birthday message.

Q: Are the wax melts made from natural ingredients? A: Tiana strives to use high-quality and natural ingredients in her products.

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