Uncover Etsy Competitors' Secrets with eRank

Uncover Etsy Competitors' Secrets with eRank

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Ethical "Stealing" from Competitors
    • Learning from Competitor's Success
    • Finding Competitors to Track
  3. Analyzing Competitor's Sales History
    • Identifying Slow and High Seasons
    • Timing New Product Launches
  4. Analyzing Competitor's Tags
    • Using Competitor's Tags for Inspiration
    • Adding Tags to Your Keyword List
  5. Analyzing Competitor's Listings
    • Identifying Successful Listings
    • Understanding Factors of Success
    • Using Thumbnail Photo Styles
  6. Shop Improvements for Holiday Season
    • Checklist of Shop Improvements
    • Preparing for Fall and Holiday Selling Season
  7. Conclusion

"Ethically" Stealing from Your Etsy Competitors for Success

Are you struggling to stand out in the saturated marketplace of Etsy? Don't worry, you're not alone. With numerous sellers offering similar products, it can be challenging to attract customers and maximize your success. However, instead of viewing your competitors as obstacles, consider them as valuable sources of inspiration and knowledge. In this article, we will explore how you can ethically "steal" from your Etsy competitors to enhance your own business growth. From learning their trending tags to analyzing their sales history, you'll discover actionable tips to propel your Etsy success. So, let's dive in and uncover the secrets of your biggest competitors!

Ethical "Stealing" from Competitors

While directly stealing designs from your competitors is frowned upon, there are several aspects you can ethically "steal" from them. By doing so, you'll gather new ideas that can be uniquely applied to your own business in an ethical way. Let's explore some of the valuable elements you can learn from your competitors.

Learning from Competitor's Success

Your competitors hold invaluable insights into what works in your niche. By observing their strategies and analyzing their success, you can discover tactics that can be applied to your own business. Instead of reinventing the wheel, leverage the knowledge and experience of your competitors to propel your Etsy success.

Finding Competitors to Track

Before you can start learning from your competitors, you need to identify them. Fortunately, there are various methods to discover new competitors to keep an eye on. One effective way is to explore the top-ranking listings on Etsy related to your keyword. By clicking on the shop names, you can gather essential data about their sales history and add them to your competitors' list. This allows you to track their performance and learn from their strategies.

Analyzing Competitor's Sales History

Understanding your competitor's sales patterns is crucial for identifying their slow and high seasons. By analyzing their sales history, you can determine the best time to launch new products, especially ones that align with seasonal trends or holiday gifting. Let's delve into the process of analyzing your competitor's sales history.

Identifying Slow and High Seasons

Hovering over the "Competition" tab and selecting "Sales" unveils the estimated sales history of all your tracked competitors. The sales trend graph provides valuable insights into your competitor's sales performance, enabling you to pinpoint their slow seasons and periods of high demand. This information helps you plan your own product launches strategically and make the most of peak seasons.

Timing New Product Launches

The sales history of your competitors not only reveals their slow and high seasons but also guides you in timing your new product launches. By aligning your product releases with periods of high demand, you can increase your chances of success. Whether it's seasonal products or items ideal for holiday gifting, analyzing your competitor's sales history assists in optimizing your product launch strategy.

Analyzing Competitor's Tags

Keywords and tags play a vital role in search engine optimization on Etsy. If you're unsure about which tags to use for your items, you can turn to your competitors for inspiration. Analyzing their tags can provide valuable insights into popular keywords and help you optimize your listings. Let's explore how you can leverage your competitor's tags to enhance your own Etsy presence.

Using Competitor's Tags for Inspiration

Hovering over the Competition tab and selecting "Tags" allows you to view some of your competitor's most commonly used tags. This gives you a glimpse into the keywords they are targeting and their search volumes. By identifying relevant and trending tags, you can incorporate them into your own keyword list, expanding your reach and visibility on Etsy.

Adding Tags to Your Keyword List

When you come across a tag that you find particularly interesting or relevant, be sure to add it to your own keyword list. By keeping an eye on these tags, you can stay updated on their performance and adjust your listing strategies accordingly. Additionally, exploring the full keyword tool analysis provides you with further data and related terms to experiment with in your tags and titles.

Analyzing Competitor's Listings

Successful competitors have specific listings that contribute to their overall success. By analyzing their top-performing listings, you can gain valuable insights into what makes them stand out. From keywords and photos to pricing strategies, understanding the key factors of success can help you optimize your own listings. Let's dive into how you can analyze your competitor's listings.

Identifying Successful Listings

By selecting "Listings" from the Competition tab and choosing one of your tracked shops, you can access a page that showcases the estimated revenue and number of sales for their most popular listings. This information allows you to identify which products are most successful in their shop and gain inspiration for your own unique creations.

Understanding Factors of Success

For each listing, you can explore its original date, number of views, favorites, and the tags used. Analyzing this data helps you understand which elements contribute to the listing's success. It could be the use of great keywords, high-quality photos, enticing pricing, or even the longevity of the listing itself. By identifying these factors, you can incorporate them into your own listings and improve your chances of success.

Using Thumbnail Photo Styles

Another aspect of your competitor's listings that often goes unnoticed is their thumbnail photo style. Pay close attention to the types of photos that resonate with their customers. If you notice a competitor's best-selling listings utilizing a lifestyle photo, for example, it may be an indicator that you should experiment with similar thumbnail styles. By adapting and incorporating successful photo styles, you can attract more attention to your listings.

Shop Improvements for Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to make improvements to your Etsy shop. By utilizing the following checklist and preparing for the busy fall and holiday selling season, you can maximize your success during this crucial period.

Checklist of Shop Improvements

To set yourself up for success, ensure you have ticked off essential improvements like optimizing your listings for searchability, enhancing your product photography, reviewing your pricing strategies, improving customer service, and streamlining your shop policies. Making these improvements will help attract more customers and increase your chances of making sales.

Preparing for Fall and Holiday Selling Season

The fall and holiday seasons are prime selling periods. By planning ahead and taking proactive steps to prepare your shop, you can make the most of the increased demand. Consider seasonal trends, create holiday-themed products, offer exclusive promotions, and optimize your shop for gift-giving. By aligning your strategies with the seasonal shopping mindset, you can boost your sales potential.


Success on Etsy requires staying informed about your competitors' strategies and integrating the right elements into your own business. By ethically "stealing" inspiration from your competitors, analyzing their sales history, tags, and successful listings, you can achieve significant growth in your Etsy journey. So, take advantage of the data, learn from the experts, and propel yourself towards Etsy success. With a little science and a lot of determination, you have all the resources to make your mark in the saturated marketplace of Etsy. Let the funky lo-fi beat guide you on your path to success!

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