Discover Untapped Etsy Digital Art Niches for 2023

Discover Untapped Etsy Digital Art Niches for 2023

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding the Right Niche on Etsy 2.1 Researching Keywords and Competition 2.2 Using Sale Samurai for Keyword Analysis 2.3 Filtering Keywords for Low Competition 2.4 Excluding Misspellings and Trademarked Words 2.5 Selecting the Top 10 Keywords
  3. Top 10 Digital Art Niches on Etsy 3.1 Boho Modern Wall Print 3.2 Shavuot Printable Wall Art 3.3 Softness Art Print 3.4 Emmanuel Printable Wall Art 3.5 Fine Line Printable Art 3.6 Dervish Download Wall Art Print 3.7 TNT Printable 3.8 Triptych Wall Art 3.9 Fjords Printable Wall Art 3.10 Doxology Wall Art
  4. Creating Listings that Stand Out 4.1 Choosing the Right Art Styles 4.2 Optimizing Titles and Descriptions 4.3 Using Relevant Tags and Keywords 4.4 Showcasing High-Quality Images 4.5 Building a Strong Brand Identity
  5. Promoting Your Etsy Shop 5.1 Utilizing Social Media Marketing 5.2 Collaborating with Influencers 5.3 Participating in Etsy Communities 5.4 Running Sales and Discounts 5.5 Providing Excellent Customer Service
  6. Conclusion

Finding the Perfect Digital Art Niche on Etsy

Are you looking to sell digital art on Etsy and make a lucrative income? Well, you're not alone. With over 8 million digital art listings on Etsy, the competition is fierce. But fear not, as I am here to guide you through the top 10 digital art niches on Etsy that have high search volume and low competition.

To find these niches, I conducted extensive keyword research using the Sale Samurai tool. This powerful tool provides valuable data on search volume and competition for specific keywords. By narrowing down the keywords with low competition and high search volume, I was able to identify the top 10 niches for digital art on Etsy.

Boho Modern Wall Print

One of the niches that caught my attention is boho modern wall prints. This unique combination of the boho and modern aesthetics has high search volume and relatively low competition. By creating art prints that cater to this niche, you can stand out from the crowd and attract customers who are specifically looking for this style.

Shavuot Printable Wall Art

If you want to tap into a niche with cultural significance, consider Shavuot printable wall art. Shavuot is a Jewish holiday, and creating art prints related to this occasion can attract a targeted audience. While this niche may have a smaller customer base, it offers a great opportunity for those who can cater to the specific artistic preferences related to Shavuot.

Softness Art Print

Softness art prints are another niche worth exploring. These prints typically feature calming and gentle designs, often in pastel colors. With a decent search volume and low competition, creating softness art prints can help you establish a unique presence on Etsy.

Emmanuel Printable Wall Art

Emmanuel printable wall art refers to artwork that incorporates Christian themes, particularly those related to Jesus and religious scriptures. This niche offers a combination of high search volume and relatively low competition, making it an attractive option for those looking to cater to a Christian audience.

Fine Line Printable Art

If you have a knack for creating fine line artwork, then this niche is perfect for you. Fine line printable art has a modern and minimalist aesthetic that appeals to many customers. With a favorable search volume and competition ratio, creating intricate and visually stunning fine line prints can help you attract a dedicated customer base.

Dervish Download Wall Art Print

Dervish download wall art prints cater to the niche of Islamic devotional art. Dervishes are members of a Muslim religious order known for their trance-like movements. By creating digital art prints inspired by this theme, you can tap into a niche that has high demand and relatively low competition.

TNT Printable

The TNT printable niche focuses on designs related to the popular video game Minecraft. While this niche is primarily dominated by party printables, there is still potential for creating wall art prints that appeal to Minecraft enthusiasts. With a moderate search volume and a reasonable level of competition, TNT printables offer an opportunity to target a specific gaming audience.

Triptych Wall Art

Triptych wall art refers to artwork composed of three panels that are meant to be displayed together. This niche offers a broad scope for creativity, as you can combine different styles and themes to create a cohesive set of prints. By incorporating the triptych concept into your digital art, you can appeal to customers looking for unique and eye-catching wall art.

Fjords Printable Wall Art

The fjords printable wall art niche is inspired by the scenic beauty of fjords, which are long, narrow inlets with steep sides formed by glaciers. This niche provides an opportunity to create digital art prints featuring breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty. With a substantial search volume and relatively low competition, fjords printable wall art is a niche worth exploring.

Doxology Wall Art

Doxology wall art focuses on creating art prints that incorporate hymns and praise to God, particularly in the context of Christian worship. This niche offers an evergreen market that attracts customers looking for spiritual and inspirational art. With high search volume and low competition, creating doxology wall art can be a profitable venture.

In conclusion, finding the right digital art niche on Etsy is crucial for standing out in a saturated market. By identifying niches with high search volume and low competition, such as boho modern wall prints, Shavuot printable wall art, softness art prints, and more, you can create listings that have the potential to attract customers and generate sales. Remember to optimize your titles, descriptions, and tags, and effectively promote your Etsy shop to maximize your success.

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