The Ultimate Guide to Setting up Your Etsy Shop and Printify Integration

The Ultimate Guide to Setting up Your Etsy Shop and Printify Integration

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Sign up for Etsy
  3. Creating Your Etsy Shop
  4. Naming Your Shop
  5. Setting up Payment and Billing
  6. Shop Security
  7. Setting up Printify Account
  8. Connecting Etsy and Printify
  9. Printify Settings
  10. Bonus Tip: Finding Winning Products


Setting Up Your Etsy Shop and Connecting it to Printify: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever wanted to start your own print-on-demand business? Look no further! In this article, we will walk you through the simple steps of setting up an Etsy shop and connecting it to Printify. With dedication and discipline, you can be well on your way to success with your very own business.

1. Introduction

Starting a print-on-demand business may sound daunting, but by breaking it down into manageable steps, it becomes much easier. Before we dive into the details, it's important to note that you can sign up for Etsy through an affiliate link to get 40 free listings. This will help you get started without having to pay for each listing individually.

2. Sign up for Etsy

To begin, you'll need a Gmail account. It's recommended to create a separate email specifically for your store. Once you have your Gmail account, sign up for Etsy and provide your email address, name, and create a password. Etsy will ask you some onboarding questions to tailor your experience.

3. Creating Your Etsy Shop

After signing up, you can start opening your shop. Choose your shop language, country, and currency. It's best to select your own currency for pricing purposes. Next, name your shop, keeping it simple and to the point. Don't get stuck on the name's details, as you can always change it later.

4. Setting up Payment and Billing

To ensure a smooth transaction process, you'll need to set up your payment and billing information. Connect your bank account with Plaid so that you can get paid directly from Etsy. Additionally, set up a credit card for billing purposes. Etsy fees will typically come out of your sales, so make sure to keep track of your finances.

5. Shop Security

Shop security is crucial for protecting your business and customers. Take the necessary steps to secure your shop, such as enabling two-factor authentication and using strong passwords. By implementing these measures, you can instill confidence in your customers and protect your store from unauthorized access.

6. Setting up Printify Account

To kickstart your print-on-demand business, you'll need to set up a Printify account. Use the provided link to sign up and receive 30 days of premium for free. Be sure to link your Etsy store with Printify during the process. Printify will serve as a crucial platform for managing and fulfilling your print-on-demand orders.

7. Connecting Etsy and Printify

Once your Printify account is set up, connect it to your Etsy shop. This connection will streamline the process of fulfilling orders through Printify. Follow the prompts to grant Printify access to your Etsy store, ensuring a seamless integration.

8. Printify Settings

To ensure that your Printify account is properly configured, refer to the linked video guide for step-by-step instructions. It covers essential settings, such as choosing products, setting pricing, and enabling shipping options. By optimizing these settings, you can provide a smooth and efficient shopping experience for your customers.

9. Bonus Tip: Finding Winning Products

Now that your Etsy shop and Printify account are set up, it's time to focus on finding winning products. Use tools like Sale Samurai to conduct product research and identify low-competition keywords. By offering products that customers are actively searching for, with minimal competition, you can increase your chances of success in the print-on-demand market.


  • Sign up for Etsy and get 40 free listings through an affiliate link.
  • Create a separate Gmail account specifically for your Etsy store.
  • Set up payment and billing information, linking your bank account and credit card.
  • Ensure shop security by enabling two-factor authentication and using strong passwords.
  • Sign up for a Printify account and connect it to your Etsy shop for streamlined order fulfillment.
  • Optimize your Printify settings to provide a smooth shopping experience for customers.
  • Use tools like Sale Samurai for product research and find low-competition keywords.
  • Offering unique and in-demand products can increase your chances of success in the print-on-demand market.


Q: How much does it cost to open an Etsy shop?
A: Signing up through an affiliate link grants you 40 free listings, saving you from paying 20 cents per listing. However, there are additional fees for upgrading your shop or for certain features.

Q: Can I change my shop name after I've opened it?
A: Yes, Etsy allows you to change your shop name. Simply go to the "Shop Manager" section and navigate to the "Settings" tab. From there, you can edit your shop name.

Q: How can I find products with low competition on Etsy?
A: Utilize tools like Sale Samurai to conduct keyword research. Look for keywords with high search volume and relatively few listings. This will help you identify product opportunities with minimal competition.

Q: Can I list products from multiple suppliers on Printify?
A: Yes, Printify offers a wide range of suppliers and products to choose from. You can select products from different suppliers and add them to your store inventory.

Q: How often should I update my Printify settings?
A: It's essential to regularly review and update your Printify settings, especially when introducing new products or making changes to your pricing strategy. Stay proactive to meet the evolving demands of your customers.

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