Mastering Etsy Customer Service for Five-Star Reviews

Mastering Etsy Customer Service for Five-Star Reviews

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Customer Service on Etsy
  3. Updates to the Star Seller Program
  4. Tips for Responding to Messages
  5. Setting Realistic Shipping Time Frames
  6. Strategies for Obtaining Five-Star Reviews
    • Responding to Messages
    • Sending Personalized Messages to Customers
    • Dealing with Upset Customers
  7. Dealing with Delays and Stock Issues
  8. Overcoming Challenges and Mistakes
  9. Handling Bad Reviews
  10. Conclusion



Welcome back to my channel! If you're new here, my name is Cassie Johnson and I'm a full-time Etsy seller and Etsy coach. I started selling print-on-demand t-shirts on Etsy in 2020, and I have since scaled my business to replace my full-time income. Now, I am teaching people on YouTube how to do the exact same thing. In this video, I want to share some valuable tips on how to provide excellent customer service on Etsy and obtain five-star reviews. Starting a business can be overwhelming, but with the right strategies, you can make it simple and easy.

The Importance of Customer Service on Etsy

When you own your own business, especially for the first time, there is a lot to learn and know. Customer service is a crucial aspect of running a successful Etsy shop. Providing great customer service not only leads to satisfied customers, but it can also result in higher sales and positive word-of-mouth referrals. By offering exceptional service, you will build trust with your customers and create a positive reputation for your business.

Updates to the Star Seller Program

Etsy has a program called the Star Seller program, which highlights shops that provide excellent customer service. Previously, shops had to maintain a 95% five-star review rating to qualify for the program. However, Etsy recently made an update that reduced the requirement to an overall percentage score of 4.8 for reviews. This change makes it more attainable for a greater number of Etsy sellers to become Star Sellers. Starting in July 2022, only five sales per month are required for the 90-day period to qualify for the Star Seller badge. While the badge itself may not significantly impact sales, it serves as a trust symbol for customers indicating that your shop is highly regarded.

Tips for Responding to Messages

One of the keys to excellent customer service on Etsy is responding to messages promptly. Aim to reply to all customer inquiries within 24 hours. To make this process more manageable, consider downloading the Etsy Seller app to receive notifications on your phone. By responding quickly, you provide a more personalized experience for your buyers, showing that you value their time and concerns.

When crafting your responses, keep them friendly and professional. Even if you are unable to provide an immediate solution, assure the customer that you will address their issue as soon as possible. Adding a personal touch by thanking them for supporting your small business can help connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Setting Realistic Shipping Time Frames

With print-on-demand items, there may be occasional delays due to various factors such as stock availability or shipping errors. To manage customer expectations, it is advisable to set shipping time frames that account for potential delays. Rather than promising a specific timeframe, you can offer a range of three to ten business days for production and shipping. This approach provides a buffer and allows for unforeseen circumstances. During peak seasons, like the holiday period, consider extending the time frame to five to fourteen business days.

If you anticipate a delay beyond the promised ship-by date, proactively update the customer and provide an explanation. By communicating transparently, you can minimize any potential frustration and demonstrate your commitment to fulfilling their order. Remember to express gratitude for their patience and support of your small family-run business.

Strategies for Obtaining Five-Star Reviews

Earning five-star reviews is essential for building a strong reputation on Etsy. Here are a few strategies to help you obtain positive feedback from your customers:

Responding to Messages

As mentioned earlier, responding promptly to customer messages is crucial. However, it is equally important to go the extra mile in addressing any questions or concerns they may have. By providing comprehensive and helpful responses, you can establish a positive rapport with your customers and increase their likelihood of leaving a five-star review.

Sending Personalized Messages to Customers

A highly effective tactic for securing positive reviews is to send a personalized message to every customer after they place an order. This message should express gratitude for their purchase, inform them about the production and shipment process, and remind them that their satisfaction is your top priority. By addressing potential issues proactively, you can preemptively resolve any concerns they may have before they even arise.

Dealing with Upset Customers

Occasionally, you may encounter upset customers who are dissatisfied with their purchase or the service provided. It is essential to handle these situations tactfully and promptly. Respond to their concerns promptly and empathetically, offering solutions or alternatives to rectify the issue. By going above and beyond to resolve problems, you can potentially turn an unhappy customer into a loyal fan of your business.

Dealing with Delays and Stock Issues

Delays and stock availability issues are a common occurrence in the print-on-demand industry. It is important to acknowledge these challenges and create a plan to navigate them. Communicate any potential delays to affected customers and update the ship-by date accordingly. By effectively managing these situations, you can provide a positive customer experience despite the unforeseen obstacles.

Overcoming Challenges and Mistakes

Owning a business comes with its fair share of challenges and the possibility of making mistakes. It is important to remember that no business is perfect, and it is natural to encounter issues along the way. In the event of an error, such as a printing mistake or a lost package, it is crucial to take responsibility and rectify the situation promptly. Offering a refund or a replacement item demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and can help salvage the relationship with the affected customer.

Handling Bad Reviews

Despite your best efforts, there may be instances where you receive negative reviews. When faced with a bad review, it is essential not to let it negatively impact your emotions or business. Instead, reach out to the customer and ask for more details or photos of the issue. If the problem was due to a mistake on your part, apologize sincerely and offer a solution. In some cases, the customer may be unwilling to change their review, but it is still worth attempting to resolve the issue amicably.

It is generally advisable not to respond publicly to negative reviews. Once you reply to a review, the customer cannot modify it, and engaging in a public dispute may reflect poorly on your business. Focus on maintaining a positive mindset and continue providing exceptional customer service to outweigh any negative feedback.


Providing excellent customer service is a fundamental aspect of running a successful Etsy shop. By responding promptly to messages, setting realistic shipping time frames, and implementing strategies to obtain positive reviews, you can bolster your reputation and increase customer satisfaction. Remember that challenges and mistakes are a natural part of business, and your ability to handle them with professionalism and care will contribute to the growth and success of your Etsy shop. Stay true to yourself and your small business journey, and always strive to improve a little each day. With dedication and perseverance, you can achieve your goals and create a thriving online business on Etsy.


  • Customer service plays a crucial role in the success of an Etsy shop.
  • Etsy's updated Star Seller program offers a more attainable badge for quality sellers.
  • Responding quickly to messages is key to providing exceptional customer service.
  • Setting realistic shipping time frames helps manage customer expectations.
  • Personalized messages to customers can help preemptively address concerns and increase five-star reviews.
  • Dealing with delays and stock issues requires transparent communication with customers.
  • Overcoming challenges and mistakes is a natural part of owning a business.
  • Handling bad reviews professionally can salvage customer relationships.
  • Maintain a positive mindset and continue providing exceptional service to achieve success on Etsy.

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