The Epic Crossover: Rick & Morty meet Etsy

The Epic Crossover: Rick & Morty meet Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. My Current Projects
    1. First Whip: My Self-Made Socks
    2. Second Whip: Basic Abdomen Dress
    3. Finished Objects: Socks, Letter Face, and Number 9
    4. Etsy Success: Lucy from Disenchantment
    5. Chibi Versions
  3. Craft Fair Announcement
  4. Upcoming Projects
    1. Witchy Finishing Touches
    2. Shark, Dolphin, and Dinosaur Creations
    3. Marin Medicine
  5. Yarn Haul from Michael
  6. Conclusion

My Crafting Journey: Projects, Successes, and Future Endeavors

Crafty Madurai Girl Shares Her Creative Adventures

Welcome back, crafty enthusiasts! Today, I want to take you through my recent crafting endeavors, share my successes, and give a sneak peek of what's to come. So grab your yarn and let's dive in!

My Current Projects

First Whip: My Self-Made Socks

One of my recent projects is a pair of hand-knit socks. I've always admired matching socks, so I challenged myself to create a pair that I would actually wear together. The vibrant red variegated yarn I found at Michaels caught my eye, and I couldn't resist. The yarn is incredibly soft, and I'm confident these socks will fit perfectly. I'm thrilled to have completed one sock already and can't wait to finish the second one.

Second Whip: Basic Abdomen Dress

Another project on my hook is a basic abdomen dress. While it may seem like a simple piece, I wanted to show it to you because I adore its shape. I've added some unique touches, such as Longhorn buttons and striped ties, to give it a personalized touch. I'm currently in the dressmaking phase and plan to showcase the finished product in the next episode. Stay tuned!

Finished Objects: Socks, Letter Face, and Number 9

Last week was a productive one for me as I completed several projects. Firstly, I finished both pairs of socks I had been working on in my previous episode. Despite my initial assumptions, the looser sock ended up fitting better. I couldn't resist wearing it to a show I attended. Yes, I may be guilty of finishing and wearing it immediately, but hey, that's just how I roll!

I also mentioned my endeavors with Letter Face, a unique crochet creation. I must say, I'm quite pleased with the proportions and overall look of the design. It was challenging to create the chainsaw, but I believe I nailed it. What are your thoughts?

Lastly, I tried my hand at creating my version of Number 9, incorporating a little spicy flair with a cute little finger. However, it didn't quite match my expectations, so I added the number on the back as well. This piece will be leaving soon, and I wanted to showcase it in this episode.

Etsy Success: Lucy from Disenchantment

Exciting news – I made my first Etsy sale ever! I'm truly over the moon about it. The item that sold was a crochet Lucy from Disenchantment. It's not just the first Etsy sale I made, but also the first international sale sending a piece from Canada to California. It has given me the confidence to continue growing my Etsy shop, "Crafty Madurai Girl." Cheers to more sales in the future!

Chibi Versions

Moving on to my chibi creations. I couldn't help but bring a smile to my friend's face by making chibi versions of them. These adorable characters have been on my friend's wishlist for quite some time. Although I won't be taking special requests for these chibis, I do plan on making more and listing them in my Etsy shop. So, if you're interested, be sure to grab them before they're gone!

Craft Fair Announcement

I'm thrilled to announce that I will be participating in a craft fair on December 8th in Montreal's West Island. If you're in the area or nearby, do drop by and say hello! I would be delighted to meet fellow crafters and showcase my unique creations. It's going to be a memorable event, and your support would mean the world to me.

Upcoming Projects

Now let's talk about what's on my crafting agenda for the upcoming weeks.

Witchy Finishing Touches

I have a few finishing touches left to complete on my witch-themed projects. Once these are done, I'll be sure to share them in the next episode. It's exciting to see all the intricate details come together, and I can't wait to show you the final results.

Shark, Dolphin, and Dinosaur Creations

In addition to the witchy projects, I have a shark, dolphin, and dinosaur amigurumi in the works. It's always thrilling to venture into different animal designs and explore new patterns. Rest assured, I'll be diligently working on these pieces and hope to have them finished by Wednesday.

Marin Medicine

Lastly, I plan on trying my hand at making Marin Medicine. It's a pattern that has caught my attention, and I can't wait to put my own spin on it. I'll be sure to document the process and share the final outcome with you all. Stay tuned for some medicinal crochet magic!

Yarn Haul from Michael

Before we wrap up this episode, let's discuss my recent yarn haul from Michaels. While shopping for yarn to make the amigurumi pattern, I stumbled upon some irresistible deals. Needless to say, I couldn't resist adding a few more skeins to my collection.

One yarn that caught my eye was the impeccable yarn in a beautiful purple and blue colorway. I also couldn't resist the rainbow variegated yarn and the vibrant pixie bloom yarn. These colorful and speckled yarns have always captivated my imagination, and I can already envision crafting some stunning socks with them.


That's a wrap for this episode of my crafting journey. I hope you've enjoyed hearing about my ongoing projects, successes, and plans for the future. Don't forget to follow me on social media to stay updated with all my crafting adventures. Until next time, happy crafting!


  1. Crafty Madurai Girl shares her recent projects, successes, and future plans
  2. Hand-knitted socks and a basic abdomen dress take center stage in her current projects
  3. Finished objects include unique socks, Letter Face crochet, and an artistic take on Number 9
  4. Exciting news of her first Etsy sale and international shipping to California
  5. Chibi versions of characters bring joy to a friend's life
  6. Announcement of participation in a craft fair in Montreal's West Island
  7. Upcoming projects include witchy touches, marine creatures, and medicinal crochet
  8. A yarn haul from Michaels adds vibrant colors to her collection
  9. Crafty Madurai Girl is excited to continue her crafting journey and invites you to join her adventures
  10. Follow her on social media and Etsy to stay updated and support her creative endeavors


Q: How can I purchase the chibi versions of the characters? A: The chibi versions will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop, "Crafty Madurai Girl." Keep an eye out for listings and be quick, as they tend to sell out fast!

Q: Will you be attending any other craft fairs in the future? A: As of now, the craft fair on December 8th is the only confirmed event. However, I am open to participating in more fairs in the future. Stay tuned for updates on my social media channels.

Q: Can I request a custom order for one of your creations? A: While I won't be taking special requests for the chibi versions, I am always open to custom orders. Feel free to reach out to me with any specific requests, and I'll do my best to accommodate them.

Q: Where can I find your Etsy shop? A: You can find my Etsy shop, "Crafty Madurai Girl," by visiting the Etsy website and searching for my shop name. Alternatively, you can find the link in the description box of my YouTube videos.

Q: Do you have any tips for beginner crafters? A: Absolutely! My top tip for beginners is to start with simple projects and gradually increase the complexity as you gain more experience. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Also, remember to enjoy the process and have fun with your creations.

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