Discover Amazing New Etsy Molds!

Discover Amazing New Etsy Molds!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • New Molds in the Shop
  • Rooster Mold
  • Metal Heart Mold
  • King Card Mold
  • Koi Fish Mold
  • Soda Pop Bottle Mold
  • Christmas Tree Mold
  • Large Gummy Bear Mold
  • Grenade Mold
  • Gummy Bear Mold
  • Important Note About Mold Quality
  • Conclusion

New Molds in the Shop

I'm excited to share with you some new molds that will be available in my shop. While there may not be a large selection, I always want to keep my customers updated on the latest additions. So, without further ado, let's dive into the newest molds!

Rooster Mold

One mold that will be making its debut in my shop is the rooster mold. I had a similar mold in the past, and it sold out right away. However, this new version is slightly different from the previous one. Despite the slight difference, I believe it will be a hit among mold enthusiasts.

Metal Heart Mold

Next up, we have the metal heart mold. This mold is quite large, as you can see, even bigger than my hand. While I personally love this mold, I don't think I'll be using it myself. Therefore, I've decided to list it in my shop for others to enjoy. The intricate design of the metal heart makes it a unique addition to any mold collection.

King Card Mold

If you're a fan of playing cards, then the king card mold might intrigue you. This mold features three king cards, which can be used to create decorative items. Although I have hoarded this particular mold for some time, I've decided to part with it and make it available in my shop.

Koi Fish Mold

The koi fish mold is another exciting addition to my collection. Although it may be difficult to see the details in this mold, it resembles a soda pop bottle. While it may not be suitable for creating functional items, it can be used as a decorative piece. For example, you could place it on top of a square bomb to create an eye-catching decoration. The possibilities are endless with this unique mold.

Christmas Tree Mold

Now let's talk about the Christmas tree mold. This mold has an interesting backstory. For the longest time, I thought I was selling just one Christmas tree mold on my website. However, a customer recently pointed out that there were actually two different molds being sold under the same listing. The manufacturer seems to be just as confused as I am, as the two molds don't match each other. One has a bell in the middle, while the other has a piece of candy. Despite this mix-up, both molds will be available on my store. So if you're looking for a unique Christmas tree shape for your bath bombs, be sure to check them out.

Large Gummy Bear Mold

If you're a fan of gummy bears, then the large gummy bear mold might catch your interest. This mold is not only great for making gummy bear-shaped bath bombs but can also serve as a decent-sized bath ball. While I personally prefer larger bath bombs, you could create a set of two smaller bombs by using this mold. However, keep in mind that getting them to dry uniformly might be a challenge due to their rounded shape.

Grenade Mold

For those looking to add a touch of excitement to their bath bomb creations, the grenade mold is the perfect choice. Just to clarify, when I mention doubling up molds, it's important to note that the shapes need to align perfectly. Unfortunately, the grenade mold does not match up when doubled, as the handle appears on one side and the front appears on the other. Despite this limitation, it is still a great mold to create unique bath bombs.

Gummy Bear Mold

Lastly, we have the smaller gummy bear mold. This mold comes with four cavities, allowing you to create four little gummy bear bath bombs at once. While it is smaller than its larger counterpart, it still offers plenty of possibilities for creating adorable bath bombs.

Important Note About Mold Quality

Before you decide to make a purchase, it's crucial to understand that the molds I sell are originally intended for candles. However, I repurpose them for bath bombs. While some of these molds may have quality issues when used for candles, they work perfectly fine for bath bombs. I understand that some customers have expressed concerns about the durability of these molds, with only getting a few uses out of them or receiving molds with pre-existing holes. Rest assured, when used for bath bombs, these molds can last a long time and produce excellent results. As always, it's essential to consider the specific purpose and intentions when purchasing molds.


Thank you for taking the time to explore the new molds available in my shop. I hope you found something that caught your interest. Remember, if there's anything specific you'd like to see turned into a bath bomb, leave a comment or reach out to me. Your feedback helps me generate new video ideas for my channel and capture pictures for my store. Happy mold shopping!


  • Discover a range of exciting new molds in my shop
  • From roosters to metal hearts, there's something for everyone
  • The koi fish mold adds a unique touch to your creations
  • Mix and match the Christmas tree molds for a festive bath bomb
  • The large gummy bear mold is versatile for both bath bombs and bath balls
  • Create explosive bath bombs with the grenade mold
  • Don't miss out on the adorable gummy bear mold
  • Learn about the quality variations of the molds available
  • Repurposing candle molds for bath bombs
  • Your feedback and ideas are always welcome

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