10 Lucrative Digital Products That Generate Over $500 per Day in 2022

10 Lucrative Digital Products That Generate Over $500 per Day in 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Selling Notion Templates
  3. Selling PDFs
  4. Selling Digital Art
  5. Creating Online Courses
  6. Selling Membership to a Group
  7. Selling Photo Presets
  8. Selling Social Media Templates
  9. Selling Fonts
  10. Selling Spreadsheets
  11. Selling Ebooks
  12. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore ten profitable digital products that you can start selling today. Digital products have become a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs to generate passive income and reach a global audience. We will discuss each digital product in detail, including its market potential, pricing strategies, and platforms for selling. Whether you have expertise in design, photography, teaching, or writing, there is a digital product that can cater to your skills and interests. So, let's dive in and discover how you can monetize your talents in the digital space.

1. Selling Notion Templates

As the first digital product on our list, notion templates offer a great opportunity for revenue generation. Notion, a versatile organization and collaboration tool, has gained immense popularity with over 30 million users. With this growing user base, there is a high demand for notion templates that simplify organization, note-taking, and project management. You can create and sell individual templates or bundle them together in packs, catering to various niches and user needs. By leveraging platforms like Notion, ClickUp, Trello, or Asana, you can tap into a vast market and capture sales with high-profit margins.

2. Selling PDFs

If you have expertise or passion in a specific field, creating and selling PDFs is an excellent way to share your knowledge and earn income. PDFs can encompass various downloadable content, including guidebooks, checklists, planners, or how-to guides. With a price range between $5 to $30 per PDF, they are affordable and easier to sell. You can offer valuable content for free as a lead magnet to grow your email marketing list and later monetize it with other digital products. Platforms like Canva, Google Slides, or Keynote provide user-friendly interfaces for designing visually appealing PDFs that you can sell on your website, course platforms, or marketplaces like Thinkific, Gumroad, or Etsy.

3. Selling Digital Art

Digital art has gained significant traction in the online market, offering a lucrative opportunity for talented artists. Selling digital artwork, such as logos, patterns, or wallpapers, allows you to reach a global audience without the constraints of physical products. Platforms like Etsy provide a suitable marketplace for artists to showcase and sell their digital art. By offering instant downloads or custom-made digital art, you can cater to different buyer preferences. Digital art provides an affordable alternative for art enthusiasts who want to adorn their space with unique pieces without breaking the bank.

4. Creating Online Courses

Online courses have emerged as one of the most profitable digital products with tremendous growth potential. As education shifts to specialized courses, you can leverage your skills and expertise by creating and selling online courses. Thinkific offers a comprehensive platform to design and sell evergreen courses that generate passive income. You can package your knowledge into engaging videos, assignments, quizzes, and lessons that take students from beginner to advanced levels. With the ability to host unlimited courses and access a wide range of resources, Thinkific empowers course creators to build scalable and sustainable digital businesses.

5. Selling Membership to a Group

If you possess valuable expertise in a specific field and people seek your guidance, consider creating a membership or subscription-based service. Members pay a monthly or annual fee to access exclusive content, advice, or communities tailored to their needs. Whether you offer stock market insights, workout plans, or life advice, running a membership-based business requires minimal overhead and generates recurring revenue. You can customize membership packages, offer tiered perks, and provide one-on-one coaching calls for additional revenue streams. Platforms like Thinkific facilitate hosting membership groups, allowing you to monetize your skills while providing ongoing value to your members.

6. Selling Photo Presets

For photographers, selling photo presets provides an excellent way to monetize their skills and cater to a growing market. Photo presets offer users the ability to achieve specific aesthetics in their images effortlessly. Whether catering to professional photographers or hobbyists, you can create presets for different photography settings and sell them repeatedly. Marketplaces like FilterGrade simplify the marketing and selling process, although selling directly through your website or e-commerce shop allows higher profit margins. Photo presets offer a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking compelling visuals without breaking their budget.

7. Selling Social Media Templates

In the age of social media, businesses and individuals alike are constantly looking for ways to enhance their online presence. By creating and selling social media templates, you can provide ready-made designs and content that saves users time and effort. Templates can include Instagram story templates, media kits, or niche-specific designs tailored to various industries. Utilizing platforms like Canva, you can design templates with ease, catering to specific needs such as real estate agents, entrepreneurs, or hobbyists. Social media templates provide a solution for individuals seeking professional-looking posts while maintaining a consistent brand image.

8. Selling Fonts

If you possess typography skills, selling fonts offers a niche market with significant revenue potential. As the demand for fonts continuously evolves, you can tap into this market by creating unique and visually appealing fonts. Companies worldwide are emerging, shifting to online business models, and seeking fresh fonts for their branding and design needs. Prices for fonts range from $25 for a single preset to $300 for a package, depending on their complexity and exclusivity. Though font creation requires time and expertise, it offers a profitable opportunity for artists to generate continuous income.

9. Selling Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are ubiquitous tools used for calculations, organization, and data analysis. As billions of people rely on spreadsheets daily, you can leverage your expertise by creating and selling specialized spreadsheets. Whether it's bookkeeping, expenses, or specific data sets, there is a demand for tailored spreadsheet solutions. You can target particular niches such as real estate investors or credit card point enthusiasts and offer spreadsheet templates that streamline their processes. Spreadsheets offer a low-cost, high-profit digital product that can be marketed online and sold repeatedly without incurring additional product costs.

10. Selling Ebooks

Ebooks have revolutionized the publishing industry, providing authors with a convenient and cost-effective way to share their knowledge. If you have expertise in business, entrepreneurship, or any niche field, writing an ebook allows you to monetize your expertise and build your personal brand. Ebooks can be easily distributed through downloadable links, requiring minimal overhead compared to traditional publishing. While book sales generate income, the real value lies in the opportunities an ebook can bring, such as increased credibility, speaking engagements, or consulting opportunities. Tap into this digital product and showcase your expertise to a global audience.


In today's digital era, there are endless opportunities to monetize your skills and passions by selling digital products. Whether you choose to create notion templates, sell PDFs, or offer online courses, the digital landscape allows you to reach a vast audience and generate passive income. Remember to tailor your products to specific niches, offer value, and leverage platforms that streamline the selling process. With dedication, creativity, and a business mindset, you can turn your passions into profitable ventures in the digital world.


  • Explore ten profitable digital products to start selling today
  • Leverage your skills and expertise to monetize your talents
  • Notion templates, PDFs, digital art, online courses, and more
  • Tap into growing markets and reach a global audience
  • Utilize platforms like Thinkific, Etsy, and Canva for selling
  • Generate passive income with high-profit margins
  • Tailor your products to specific niches and customer needs
  • Build a scalable and sustainable digital business
  • Offer value, market your products, and establish your personal brand
  • Embrace the digital era and unlock your entrepreneurial potential


Q: What are notion templates, and how can I sell them? A: Notion templates are pre-designed layouts and structures that enhance organization, note-taking, and collaboration on the Notion platform. To sell notion templates, create individual templates or bundle them into packs catering to various niches. Use platforms like Notion, ClickUp, or Trello to reach a wide audience and capture sales with high-profit margins.

Q: How can I create and sell my own online course? A: Creating and selling online courses has become more accessible with platforms like Thinkific. Identify a skill or expertise you possess and package it into a series of videos, assignments, and quizzes that take students from beginner to advanced levels. Use social media and content marketing to build an audience and drive sales to your course.

Q: What are some platforms to sell digital art? A: Etsy is a popular online marketplace for selling digital art. You can showcase and sell your digital artwork, such as logos, patterns, or wallpapers, to a global audience. Platforms like Creative Market also provide opportunities to sell digital art while reaching a broader customer base.

Q: Can I make passive income by selling photo presets? A: Yes, selling photo presets can be a profitable source of passive income. By creating presets that help users achieve specific aesthetics in their photos, you can cater to photographers, hobbyists, and social media enthusiasts. Marketplaces like FilterGrade or self-hosted e-commerce shops allow you to sell your presets repeatedly with minimal product costs.

Q: How can I create and sell my own font? A: Creating and selling fonts can be a niche yet lucrative digital product. If you possess typography skills, you can design unique fonts to cater to companies and individuals seeking fresh typography for their branding and design needs. Marketplaces like Creative Market provide a platform to showcase and sell your fonts, or you can sell them independently through your website or e-commerce shop.

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