Unveiling the Secrets of a $10k/mo Etsy Dropshipping Store

Unveiling the Secrets of a $10k/mo Etsy Dropshipping Store

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Story of a Suspended Etsy Store
  3. The Value of the Course
  4. Building the Store and Niche Selection
  5. Knowing Your Audience: Choosing the Right Niche
  6. The Power of USA Drop Shipping
  7. Finding Reliable Suppliers: Wholesale Central and Similar Web
  8. Optimizing Etsy Listings for Success
  9. Scaling Organically and Unique Listing Strategies
  10. Tips and Tricks for Messaging Suppliers on eBay
  11. Getting the Most Out of Etsy Ads
  12. The Etsy Bully Method: Dominating Your Niche
  13. Conclusion

The Story of a Suspended Etsy Store

In this article, we will delve into the unfortunate tale of a permanently suspended Etsy store and the reasons behind its demise. The story begins with the creation of the store, which initially showed promise and gained traction. However, things took a turn for the worse when a separate store, belonging to a business partner, received multiple copyright strikes. Despite the suspended store having a clean record and no relation to the copyright issues, it faced the consequences of association and was shut down. This serves as a cautionary tale about the potential pitfalls and unexpected challenges of running an Etsy store.

The Value of the Course

The author of this article emphasizes the value of their course, which promises to provide extensive knowledge and guidance on how to build and operate a successful Etsy store. They assure readers that their methods have been proven to work, as demonstrated by their own experiences. The course covers various aspects of running an Etsy store, including finding the right niche, selecting products, drop shipping from the USA, and more. In addition, the author offers live examples of winning niches and products, providing valuable insights to students of the course.

Building the Store and Niche Selection

The author shares their journey of building the suspended Etsy store, highlighting their initial strategy of drop shipping from eBay. They explain how they started with a simple concept of retail arbitrage, where eBay listings were replicated and marked up on the Etsy platform. This method proved successful, with each new store generating significant sales within the first month. The author reveals their approach of finding niches with proven demand on eBay and replicating that success on Etsy. They also provide tips on finding promising niches and products based on their own experiences.

Knowing Your Audience: Choosing the Right Niche

Understanding the target audience is crucial for selecting the right niche for an Etsy store. The article emphasizes the necessity of catering to the preferences and interests of Etsy's predominantly middle-aged mom and grandma sellers. By identifying niche products that align with the tastes and needs of this demographic, sellers can capitalize on the low competition and high demand within these niches. The author also suggests exploring the home and garden category, pointing out the potential for success in areas such as furniture and highlighting the achievements of a notable drop shipping store in the architectural niche.

The Power of USA Drop Shipping

The article discusses the advantages of utilizing USA drop shipping for Etsy stores. The author reflects on their own positive experiences with drop shipping from US suppliers, citing lower risk and easier customer service compared to drop shipping from China. They recommend pursuing US-based suppliers that offer a wide range of products, giving sellers ample options for their store. The author shares insights on finding reliable US suppliers through platforms like Wholesale Central and Similar Web, which provide access to a vast network of potential suppliers.

Optimizing Etsy Listings for Success

Creating compelling and visually appealing Etsy listings plays a critical role in attracting customers and boosting sales. The article provides tips and tricks for optimizing listings, such as adding a "Made in USA" badge to increase conversions and emphasizing the handmade aspect of products even if they are not. The author also stresses the importance of high-quality listing photos, including unique elements like a shop logo and carefully choosing colors to stand out from competitors. Additionally, they suggest pattern interrupt techniques to differentiate listings in highly competitive niches.

Scaling Organically and Unique Listing Strategies

The article explores strategies for scaling an Etsy store organically without relying heavily on paid ads. The author shares their unique method of adding one listing per day to gradually expand the store's offerings. By utilizing this method, sellers can avoid triggering Etsy's suspicion and maintain a safe pace of growth. Additionally, the author introduces the concept of the "Etsy bully method," which involves duplicating winning listings while making them appear unique to dominate search results and outshine competitors. This method is shown to yield significant results in terms of increased visibility and sales.

Tips and Tricks for Messaging Suppliers on eBay

When sourcing products from suppliers on eBay, effective communication is vital for establishing fruitful partnerships. The article offers practical tips for messaging suppliers, such as using specific phrases to inquire about the possibility of fulfilling orders through email or CSV files. By circumventing eBay's policies and taking the conversation off-platform, sellers can negotiate better terms, including lower prices and faster processing times. Additionally, the author highlights the importance of building relationships with suppliers and leveraging tools like Similar Web to find reputable US-based suppliers.

Getting the Most Out of Etsy Ads

Etsy ads can be a powerful tool for driving traffic and sales, but successful utilization requires careful strategy. The article recommends focusing on higher ticket products that offer sufficient profit margins to accommodate advertising costs. By targeting these products, sellers can attract customers looking for unique and valuable items. The author acknowledges the limitations of Etsy's ad platform in terms of targeting options, suggesting that it may not be as advanced as other social media platforms. However, they provide insights into "The Etsy Bully Method," a technique that involves duplicating listings to dominate keywords and gain a competitive advantage.

The Etsy Bully Method: Dominating Your Niche

The "Etsy Bully Method" is a powerful strategy discussed in the article for dominating a particular niche on Etsy. By creating unique duplicates of high-converting listings and utilizing Etsy's search algorithm, sellers can increase their visibility and effectively exclude competitors. This method involves duplicating listings five times while making them appear different enough to rank individually. This allows sellers to occupy multiple positions on search result pages, effectively dominating the desired keywords. The article acknowledges that successful execution of this method requires careful optimization and adherence to Etsy's guidelines.


In conclusion, the article highlights the challenges and opportunities in running an Etsy store based on the experience of a suspended store. Despite the setback, the author emphasizes the value of their course, which covers various aspects of building and scaling a successful Etsy business. The article provides insights into finding the right niche, drop shipping from the USA, optimizing listings, utilizing Etsy ads, and employing unique strategies to dominate competitors. By providing practical tips and advice, the article aims to equip aspiring Etsy sellers with the knowledge and tools necessary for success.


  • Suspended Etsy store faces consequences of association with copyright strikes.
  • Course offers valuable insights and guidance for building successful Etsy stores.
  • USA drop shipping provides lower risk and easier customer service compared to China.
  • Optimizing listings with "Made in USA" badges and unique branding can increase conversions.
  • Unique listing strategies and pattern interrupt techniques help stand out in competitive niches.
  • Gradual organic scaling and the Etsy bully method yield significant results.
  • Messaging suppliers off-platform can lead to better terms and faster processing times.
  • Etsy ads target higher ticket products and utilize the Etsy bully method for greater visibility.
  • The Etsy bully method involves duplicating listings to dominate search results and exclude competitors.
  • Despite challenges, success is achievable through careful planning and execution.
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