Unlocking Etsy Success: Beyond SEO Secrets Revealed

Unlocking Etsy Success: Beyond SEO Secrets Revealed

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Quality Score
    1. What is Quality Score?
    2. Trust and Visibility
  3. Types of Quality Score
    1. Listing Quality Score
    2. Shop Policy Score
  4. How to Increase Quality Score
    1. List 100 Items
    2. Price Range
    3. Sell Items People Want
    4. Stock Depth
    5. Good Photography
    6. Use Product Videos
  5. Conclusion



When it comes to ranking on Etsy and increasing sales, there is a common misconception that SEO is the key factor. However, in this article, we will delve into the true game-changer, which is the Quality Score. Understanding the importance of Quality Score and how it affects your Etsy store's visibility and trust is crucial for driving more sales.

Understanding Quality Score

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is Etsy's trust and visibility system. Contrary to popular belief, keywords alone do not rank your products on Etsy. Etsy values trust more than just keywords when determining the visibility of your products. Quality Score is built on the foundation of trust, and it is what ultimately determines how likely your products are to be shown to potential customers.

Trust and Visibility

Etsy primarily trusts money, not keywords. Simply incorporating keywords into your listings will not prove the worth of your products to Etsy. Instead, trust is built through the sales you make. When customers buy your items, it signals to Etsy that your products are worth showcasing. So, instead of focusing solely on SEO, prioritize building trust and visibility through sales.

Types of Quality Score

There are two types of Quality Score that you need to understand: listing and shop.

Listing Quality Score

Every time you make a sale on Etsy, your listing receives a unit of Quality Score. The more sales your listing generates, the more Quality Score it collects. Accumulating Quality Score at the listing level is vital as it determines how high your listing will appear in Etsy's search results and other areas of the site. The ultimate goal is to collect enough Quality Score for your listing to be featured as a popular-now item, an editor's pick, or a bestseller.

Shop Policy Score

In addition to listing Quality Score, Etsy also considers the overall performance of your shop. This includes factors such as customer satisfaction, shipping policies, and shop policies. It is crucial to maintain a high Shop Policy Score to further boost your shop's visibility and increase the likelihood of making more sales. Etsy sellers with substantial sales numbers have successfully collected Quality Score at both the listing and shop levels.

How to Increase Quality Score

Now that you understand the importance of Quality Score, let's explore how you can boost your sales and improve your Etsy store's Quality Score.

1. List 100 Items

Commit to listing a hundred items in your store. Slowly add one item per day over a three to four month period. Having a hundred items in your store provides a hundred opportunities for your products to be discovered. Each listing serves as a fishing rod, attracting Quality Score and visibility to your store. Don't settle for a limited number of listings; aim for a hundred.

2. Price Range

To maximize your sales potential, focus on selling items in the $10 to $40 price range. While this doesn't mean you can't have higher-priced products, it's essential to cater to the buying habits of Etsy's demographic. Most successful Etsy stores with thousands of sales offer items within this price range. By aligning with the marketplace's preferences, you increase your chances of making more sales.

3. Sell Items People Want

Create and sell items that people desire. It's not enough to solely focus on what you love; your customers must also want to purchase your products. Finding the sweet spot between your passion and market demand is the key to driving sales. Understanding your target audience's preferences and creating products that fulfill their desires is the holy grail of successful selling.

4. Stock Depth

Maintain a deep stock level of at least 20 items for each product. This signals to Etsy that you are reliable and committed to your business. A deep stock level ensures that you can fulfill orders promptly, thus building trust with both Etsy and potential customers. Additionally, every sale you make replenishes your stock and allows you to accumulate more Quality Score.

5. Good Photography

Invest in high-quality photography for your product listings. Ensure that your primary image is visually appealing and showcases your product clearly. Avoid cropping out any essential details and use contrasting backgrounds to highlight your products effectively. The customer's buying experience begins with your photography, so make it captivating and informative.

6. Use Product Videos

Harness the power of videos to improve your conversion rate significantly. Create short product videos, ranging from five to ten seconds in length, and demonstrate your products in use. Videos offer customers a real-life experience and provide additional information beyond static images. Utilize videos to captivate your audience and increase their confidence in making a purchase.


In conclusion, achieving higher rankings and driving more sales on Etsy requires an understanding of the Quality Score system. By prioritizing trust, visibility, and cultivating a deep stock, you can increase your chances of success on the platform. Remember to list a diverse range of items, focus on desirable products within the $10 to $40 price range, and invest in compelling photography and product videos. By implementing these strategies, you will position yourself for Etsy success.


  • Quality Score is the key to ranking and increasing sales on Etsy.
  • Trust and visibility are the foundations of Etsy's Quality Score system.
  • There are two types of Quality Score: listing and shop.
  • Listing Quality Score is accumulated through sales and determines visibility.
  • Shop Policy Score considers shop performance and policies.
  • To increase Quality Score:
    • List 100 items to maximize visibility.
    • Focus on selling items in the $10 to $40 price range.
    • Create and sell items that people want.
    • Maintain a deep stock depth of at least 20 items.
    • Invest in good photography to showcase your products effectively.
    • Utilize product videos to enhance the customer experience and boost conversion rates.


Q: Does SEO play a role in Etsy rankings? A: While SEO is important for improving visibility, Etsy's Quality Score system, which prioritizes trust and sales, holds more weight in determining rankings.

Q: How can I improve my Etsy shop's trust and visibility? A: By focusing on making sales and providing a positive customer experience. Maintaining a deep stock, utilizing high-quality photography and videos, and offering desirable products will help build trust and increase visibility.

Q: Should I price my products higher to increase profits? A: While it's possible to have higher-priced products, targeting the $10 to $40 price range aligns with the buying habits of Etsy's demographic. By offering products within this range, you can attract more customers and drive more sales.

Q: How long does it take to see results from improving Quality Score? A: Improving Quality Score is a long-term strategy. By consistently implementing the recommended practices over three to four months, you should start to see an increase in visibility and sales. Remember that patience and persistence are key.

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