Unlock Amazing Benefits as an Etsy Star Seller in 2022

Unlock Amazing Benefits as an Etsy Star Seller in 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background of Etsy
  3. The Star Seller Program
    • 3.1 Updates to the Star Seller Program
    • 3.2 Badges for Customer Service
    • 3.3 Streamline Messages
    • 3.4 Purchase Protection Program
    • 3.5 Simplifying the Ratings Criteria
    • 3.6 Decreased Order Minimum
  4. New Updates to the Star Seller Program
    • 4.1 Live Chat Support
    • 4.2 Access to Help Center
    • 4.3 Increased Chances for Marketing Feature
  5. Coming Changes to the Star Seller Program
    • 5.1 Recurring Order Reply
    • 5.2 Improved Message Organization
    • 5.3 Notification Badges for Responses
  6. Conclusion



In the world of e-commerce, Etsy has firmly established itself as a popular platform for handmade and unique products. As a seller on Etsy, being recognized as a Star Seller can greatly impact your sales and reputation. Recently, Etsy has made some updates to their Star Seller program, and in this article, we will walk you through these changes and discuss what they mean for your shop.

Background of Etsy

Before diving into the updates to the Star Seller program, let's begin with a brief background on Etsy. Established in 2008, Etsy has been a home for artisans, crafters, and small business owners to sell their handmade and vintage items online. Over the years, it has grown into a thriving marketplace with millions of active buyers and sellers.

The Star Seller Program

The Star Seller program is an honor bestowed upon Etsy sellers who meet certain criteria and consistently provide excellent customer service. It acts as a trust signal for buyers, indicating that the seller has a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer support.

Updates to the Star Seller Program

Over time, Etsy has made several updates to the Star Seller program, addressing some of the concerns and limitations of the previous version. Let's take a closer look at these updates:

Badges for Customer Service

One of the notable changes to the Star Seller program is the addition of individual badges to highlight different aspects of customer service. Previously, sellers either had the Star Seller badge or nothing. Now, there are badges for smooth dispatch, speedy replies, and rave reviews. This allows sellers to showcase their strengths in specific areas, even if they don't meet all the criteria for the full Star Seller badge.

Streamline Messages

Etsy has introduced a feature to streamline messages from a single buyer into one thread. This eliminates the frustration of having multiple message threads from the same buyer and makes it easier for sellers to respond efficiently. This change simplifies the communication process, allowing sellers to focus on providing prompt and personalized responses.

Purchase Protection Program

While the introduction of the purchase protection program received mixed feelings from sellers, it is still an important update to mention. The program aims to protect both buyers and sellers in case of disputes or issues with an order. While it adds an extra layer of complexity to the Star Seller program, it ultimately contributes to a safer and more reliable shopping experience on Etsy.

Simplifying the Ratings Criteria

Etsy has simplified the ratings criteria for the Star Seller program. Previously, sellers had to maintain a perfect 100% score across all metrics. Now, achieving an average of 4.8 stars is considered adequate to demonstrate excellent performance. This change ensures that sellers are not unfairly penalized for minor imperfections while still maintaining a high level of service.

Decreased Order Minimum

In an effort to make the Star Seller program more accessible, Etsy has decreased the minimum requirement for orders. Instead of needing at least ten orders in a three-month review period, sellers now only need five orders to qualify. While some sellers appreciate the lowered requirement, others question the necessity of an order minimum in evaluating overall performance.

New Updates to the Star Seller Program

In addition to the improvements made to the Star Seller program, Etsy has recently unveiled some new tools and features exclusively available to Star Sellers. Let's explore these updates:

Live Chat Support

One of the most significant updates is the introduction of live chat support within the Shop Manager interface. This feature allows Star Sellers to connect directly with Etsy's support team, providing real-time assistance for any queries or issues. While the availability of live chat support is certainly a positive step, it currently operates within limited hours, which may not align with sellers in different time zones.

Access to Help Center

Star Sellers now have early access to live chat support through Shop Manager, complementing the active 24/7 chat support available in Etsy's Help Center. This consolidated support system aims to provide a seamless and efficient experience for sellers seeking assistance. While the early access is currently limited to Star Sellers, there is hope that this feature will be eventually implemented for all sellers.

Increased Chances for Marketing Feature

Being recognized as a Star Seller now comes with an additional perk – increased chances of being featured in Etsy's marketing initiatives. This explicit mention of the marketing benefit gives sellers a tangible incentive to strive for Star Seller status. While it may not include priority in search results, the opportunity for increased exposure holds the potential to drive more traffic and sales to a seller's shop.

Coming Changes to the Star Seller Program

Looking ahead, Etsy has announced some upcoming changes that will further enhance the Star Seller program. Let's take a sneak peek at these changes:

Recurring Order Reply

Soon, sellers will have the ability to set up recurring automated replies for messages received during non-working hours or days off. This feature addresses the common challenge for sellers who need to balance work-life boundaries while ensuring timely communication with buyers. By automating replies, sellers can maintain their Star Seller status without compromising personal time.

Improved Message Organization

Etsy is refining the message organization system to benefit sellers. New messages from the same buyer will be organized into a single thread, making it easier to track and respond to conversations. Additionally, requests for help with an order will remain in separate threads to ensure they receive prompt attention. The introduction of notification badges for initial messages and order requests further highlights the importance of timely responses.

Notification Badges for Responses

To help sellers stay on top of their communication, Etsy is introducing notification badges for messages that require a response within 24 hours. These badges serve as a visual reminder, reducing the chances of overlooking urgent inquiries. By encouraging prompt responses, sellers can maintain a high level of customer service and improve their chances of achieving or retaining Star Seller status.


The updates and upcoming changes to Etsy's Star Seller program demonstrate the platform's commitment to enhancing the selling experience for its users. By introducing new features, streamlining communication, and providing incentives for sellers, Etsy aims to create a more supportive and successful environment for both buyers and sellers. As a seller, it is important to adapt to these changes, utilize the new tools, and strive for Star Seller recognition to maximize the potential of your Etsy shop.

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  • Etsy has made updates to its Star Seller program, which recognizes sellers for their excellent customer service.
  • The Star Seller program is an important trust signal for buyers, indicating the seller's track record of delivering quality products and exceptional support.
  • Updates to the program include individual badges for customer service, streamlined messaging, purchase protection program, simplified ratings criteria, and decreased order minimum.
  • Etsy has introduced various new features and tools exclusively available to Star Sellers, such as live chat support, access to the Help Center, and increased chances of being featured in Etsy's marketing.
  • Upcoming changes include recurring order replies, improved message organization, and notification badges for prompt responses.


Q: How can I become a Star Seller on Etsy? A: To become a Star Seller on Etsy, you need to meet certain criteria, including providing excellent customer service, maintaining high ratings, and meeting order thresholds. Consistency in delivering quality products and timely communication is key to achieving and retaining Star Seller status.

Q: What are the benefits of being a Star Seller on Etsy? A: Being a Star Seller on Etsy comes with several benefits, such as increased trust and credibility from buyers, the potential for enhanced exposure through Etsy's marketing initiatives, and access to exclusive features like live chat support and Help Center assistance.

Q: Do the new updates to the Star Seller program make it easier to qualify? A: Yes, the updates introduced by Etsy aim to make the Star Seller program more accessible to sellers. Changes like the decreased order minimum and simplified ratings criteria help sellers showcase their excellent performance without stringent requirements.

Q: Can I still receive assistance from Etsy's support team if I'm not a Star Seller? A: While Star Sellers have early access to live chat support, Etsy continues to provide assistance to all sellers through their Help Center, which offers active 24/7 chat support. Non-Star Sellers can still seek help and guidance from Etsy's support team through this platform.

Q: Can the recurring order reply feature be customized to specific hours or days? A: The details of the recurring order reply feature are yet to be unveiled by Etsy. However, it is expected to provide sellers with the flexibility to set specific timeframes for automated replies during non-working hours or days off.

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