Unleash Your Senses with Etsy's Exquisite Perfumes!

Unleash Your Senses with Etsy's Exquisite Perfumes!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About Sugar Me Sweet
  3. The Sweet Cream Scent
  4. The Strawberry Shortcake Scent
  5. The Creme Brulee Scent
  6. The Cream Soda Scent
  7. Layering and Mixing the Scents
  8. Longevity and Performance
  9. Other Dessert Scents by Sugar Me Sweet
  10. Conclusion


In today's video, we will be discussing a brand called Sugar Me Sweet. This is not a sponsored video, but rather a dedicated review of their organic perfumes. I recently posted about them on my Instagram and received a lot of inquiries, so I decided to make a YouTube video to answer all your questions. In this article, we will explore each scent offered by Sugar Me Sweet, discussing their fragrance notes, lasting power, and my personal thoughts. So, let's dive in and discover the sweet world of Sugar Me Sweet perfumes.

About Sugar Me Sweet

Sugar Me Sweet is a smaller perfume business that specializes in creating organic perfumes at a reasonable price. Their fragrances are inspired by delicious dessert scents and aim to provide a unique olfactory experience. With a range of scents to choose from, Sugar Me Sweet offers a sweet escape from the ordinary.

The Sweet Cream Scent

Among the scents I purchased, my favorite is the Sweet Cream scent. It exudes a creamy, warm aroma reminiscent of melted vanilla ice cream. The fragrance notes for Sweet Cream include buttercream, sugar, and vanilla. When layered with a vanilla cashmere lotion, the scent becomes even more captivating. The lasting power of this perfume is approximately five to six hours, depending on factors such as application and layering.

The Strawberry Shortcake Scent

Unfortunately, the Strawberry Shortcake scent did not live up to my expectations. Despite my love for all things strawberry, this fragrance fell short. It lacks the creaminess and vanilla cake notes that I anticipated. Instead, it gives off a synthetic and plasticky aroma, reminiscent of cheap strawberry lip gloss from childhood. The fragrance notes for Strawberry Shortcake include buttery vanilla sponge cake, freshly sliced strawberries, and rich vanilla cream. However, in my experience, it does not deliver the desired result. Perhaps layering or mixing it with another scent can help improve its chemical undertones.

The Creme Brulee Scent

The Creme Brulee scent is the one I am wearing today, and it has quickly become a favorite. It offers a sugary, caramelized fragrance with a prominent vanilla note. While not exceptionally long-lasting, it initially exudes a mouthwatering aroma that evokes images of freshly blowtorched creme brulees. As the scent evolves, it becomes more of a skin scent, requiring occasional reapplication to maintain its intensity. Pairing it with other complementary scents such as cherry or chocolate can further enhance its allure.

The Cream Soda Scent

One scent that amazed me with its uniqueness is the Cream Soda scent. Combining vanilla cream and caramelized sugar, this fragrance manages to capture the carbonated essence of an old-fashioned cream soda. The subtle fizzy notes add a touch of excitement to the creamy vanilla scent. While it is not overpowering, it presents a beautiful blend that can be easily layered with other fragrances. For example, combining it with Bath and Body Works' Strawberry Soda creates a bubbly, berry-infused concoction. The versatility of the Cream Soda scent offers endless possibilities for fragrance enthusiasts craving something different.

Layering and Mixing the Scents

Experimenting with layering and mixing scents can unleash a whole new olfactory experience. Sugar Me Sweet's perfumes allow for creative combinations that can cater to individual preferences. For instance, mixing the Cream Soda scent with chocolate-inspired perfumes like Choco Musk or Fireside S'more creates a delightful and indulgent fragrance. The key is to explore different scent combinations and find the perfect blend that suits your taste.

Longevity and Performance

While Sugar Me Sweet perfumes may not have the longest-lasting power, their unique scents make them worth reapplying. With a range of dessert-inspired fragrances, each perfume offers a distinct aroma that suits various occasions. If you are a gourmand fragrance lover, Sugar Me Sweet is a brand worth exploring. Keep in mind that individual body chemistry and application techniques can influence the longevity of the scents.

Other Dessert Scents by Sugar Me Sweet

Apart from the scents mentioned, Sugar Me Sweet offers a wide selection of other dessert-inspired fragrances. From rich chocolate aromas to fruity confections, their collection caters to diverse preferences. Exploring their range can lead to extraordinary discoveries and the perfect addition to your perfume collection.


In conclusion, Sugar Me Sweet is a charming brand that offers organic perfumes with delicious dessert scents. Their scents range from creamy and sweet to fun and unique, ensuring that there is something for everyone. While some scents may not meet expectations, others prove to be delightful surprises. The key is to experiment with layering and mixing to create a personalized fragrance experience. So, if you are craving a sweet escape, give Sugar Me Sweet a try and immerse yourself in their delectable fragrances.


  • Sugar Me Sweet offers organic perfumes with dessert-inspired scents.
  • The Sweet Cream scent exudes a warm and creamy aroma of melted vanilla ice cream.
  • Strawberry Shortcake scent disappoints with its synthetic and plasticky notes.
  • The Creme Brulee scent captures the sugary and caramelized essence of this beloved dessert.
  • The Cream Soda scent surprises with its unique carbonated note, adding a touch of excitement.
  • Layering and mixing scents can lead to delightful and personalized fragrance combinations.
  • Sugar Me Sweet's perfumes may not have the longest-lasting power, but their unique scents make them worth reapplying.
  • The brand offers a vast selection of dessert scents, from chocolate to fruity confections.
  • Sugar Me Sweet is a charming and affordable option for fragrance lovers seeking something sweet and unique.


Q: Are Sugar Me Sweet perfumes organic?
A: Yes, Sugar Me Sweet specializes in creating organic perfumes.

Q: How long do Sugar Me Sweet perfumes last?
A: The lasting power of Sugar Me Sweet perfumes varies depending on factors such as application and layering. On average, they last approximately five to six hours.

Q: Can Sugar Me Sweet perfumes be layered with other scents?
A: Absolutely! Sugar Me Sweet perfumes are versatile and can be layered with other scents to create unique fragrance combinations.

Q: Does Sugar Me Sweet offer scents other than dessert-inspired ones?
A: While Sugar Me Sweet is known for its dessert scents, they also offer a range of other fragrances to cater to diverse preferences.

Q: Are Sugar Me Sweet perfumes affordable?
A: Yes, Sugar Me Sweet offers reasonably priced perfumes, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.

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