Unleash the Cutest Dog Nose Magnets!

Unleash the Cutest Dog Nose Magnets!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Mack Sniff Magnet and Dog Ornament Collection
  3. Different Types of Magnets
  4. The Magnet Connection
  5. Positive Notice Magnets
  6. Normal Dog Noses
  7. Big Nose Magnets
  8. Coated Dog Nose Magnets
  9. Special Edition: Zombie Dogs
  10. The Magnificent Max Sniff Footprints
  11. Conclusion

The Mack Sniff Magnet and Dog Ornament Collection

Are you a dog lover looking for unique and beautiful dog-themed decorations? Look no further than the Mack Sniff Magnet and Dog Ornament Collection. This collection offers a wide variety of magnets that can also be transformed into ornaments. From small dog breeds to larger dogs, there is something for everyone in this collection. Let's dive into the details and explore what makes these magnets and ornaments so special.

The collection features three different types of magnets - normal magnets, peak magnets, and extreme magnets. The normal magnets are perfect for everyday use, while the peak magnets offer a super-strong hold. However, if you want something truly powerful, the extreme magnets are the way to go. These magnets are so strong that they seem to jump onto any metal surface effortlessly.

Now, let's talk about the Magnet Connection, which is a subset of the collection dedicated to small dog breeds. These magnets are designed to resemble the noses of miniature dogs, making them a charming gift for dog lovers. They come in various colors, including a sparkly Space Gray version that adds a touch of glamour to any space.

Moving on to Positive Notice magnets, these are specifically crafted to resemble the noses of pugs and Boston Terriers. The attention to detail is impressive, as these magnets are identical in size to the actual dog noses. They serve as a delightful gift for pug and Boston Terrier enthusiasts who want to showcase their love for these breeds.

For those looking for a wider variety of dog noses, the Normal Dog Noses collection is the answer. These magnets come in different sizes and colors, making them suitable for any dog lover's taste. The black version is especially popular, but there are also options for seasonal occasions like Christmas and April holidays.

If you're a fan of larger dogs, the Big Nose Magnets collection is designed for you. Featuring breeds like Doberman and Huskies, these magnets capture the essence of big-nosed dogs. The level of detail in these magnets is outstanding, making them a great addition to any dog lover's collection.

Coated Dog Nose Magnets are a special coating edition of the dog nose magnets. Although not made of real gold, they are painted with a gold finish, giving them an elegant and luxurious look. These coated magnets bring a touch of sophistication to any space where they are displayed.

In addition to the regular collections, there are also special editions like Zombie Dogs. These limited edition magnets feature the noses of zombie dogs, bringing an element of whimsy and uniqueness to the collection. They are highly sought after and offer a distinctive twist to the usual dog nose magnets.

Finally, the collection showcases the Magnificent Max Sniff Footprints. These footprints are made from the actual impression of a dog's paw, giving them an authentic touch. With these footprints as magnets, you can add a personal and exclusive touch to your fridge or any metal surface. They make for an extraordinary gift that is sure to impress any dog lover.

In conclusion, the Mack Sniff Magnet and Dog Ornament Collection is a must-have for anyone who adores dogs and wants to add a touch of canine charm to their home or workspace. With a wide range of options, from normal magnets to extreme magnets, there is something for every dog lover. The attention to detail and the uniqueness of each magnet make them truly special. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own these beautiful dog nose magnets and ornaments.


  • Wide variety of dog nose magnets and ornaments
  • Three types of magnets: normal, peak, and extreme
  • Magnet Connection for small dog breeds
  • Positive Notice magnets for pugs and Boston Terriers
  • Normal Dog Noses collection for a variety of dog breeds
  • Big Nose Magnets for larger dog breeds
  • Coated Dog Nose Magnets with a luxurious gold finish
  • Limited edition Zombie Dogs magnets
  • Magnificent Max Sniff Footprints for a personal touch


Q: Can these magnets be used as ornaments? A: Yes, all the magnets in the collection can be converted into ornaments.

Q: Are these magnets handmade? A: Yes, each magnet is handmade and uniquely designed.

Q: Can I get a custom design if my dog breed is not available? A: Unfortunately, custom designs are not available at the moment. The collection offers a wide range of dog breeds to choose from.

Q: Do the magnets come with gift bags? A: Yes, the magnets come with beautiful gift bags, making them ready to be gifted.

Q: Are the Magnificent Max Sniff Footprints made from real dog paws? A: No, the footprints are made from the impressions of dog paws, using a mold to capture the details accurately.

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