Uncover Unique Diamond Painting Accessories at Small Etsy Shops

Uncover Unique Diamond Painting Accessories at Small Etsy Shops

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Miranda's Crafty Corner
    1. Wax alternatives
    2. New scents
  3. Amanda Michelle Designs
    1. Rose gold butterfly tape
    2. Additional tape
  4. Thread Wine
    1. Cover minders
    2. Harry Potter and Friends minders
  5. Jim's Handmade Pen Shop
    1. Sale during Black Friday
    2. Pen descriptions

I. Introduction

Welcome back to my channel! In today's video, I have a small shop Etsy haul for you guys. I'll be sharing a few of my favorite purchases as well as introducing a new shop that I recently discovered.

II. Miranda's Crafty Corner

Miranda's Crafty Corner is one of my go-to shops for wax alternatives. I exclusively use her wax in my multi-placer because it works incredibly well. In my recent package from her, along with the wax, she included some cute stickers, a washi tape, and two new scents.

A. Wax alternatives

Miranda's Crafty Corner offers a variety of wax alternatives that are perfect for diamond painting enthusiasts. These alternatives come in a chunky putty form and are packaged between two release papers. They have pleasant scents that add to the overall diamond painting experience.

B. New scents

In my recent order from Miranda's Crafty Corner, I picked up two of her new scents: White Tahitian Woods and Sea Breeze. The White Tahitian Woods scent has a coconutty fragrance while the Sea Breeze scent evokes a beachy vibe. Both scents are unique and refreshing, adding a delightful aroma to your diamond painting sessions.

III. Amanda Michelle Designs

Amanda Michelle Designs is another shop that I adore. In a previous video featuring small shop features, Amanda had sent me the wrong tape. However, she quickly rectified the mistake and sent me the correct tape along with an additional one as a gesture of goodwill.

A. Rose gold butterfly tape

One of the tapes Amanda sent me is a stunning rose gold butterfly tape. It features intricate details and adds a touch of elegance to any diamond painting project. The rose gold color and butterfly design make it a versatile tape that can be used in various crafts.

B. Additional tape

Amanda also included another tape in my package, which has a beautiful paisley print. This tape showcases Amanda's creativity and attention to detail. It's a unique design that I'm excited to incorporate into my future diamond painting projects.

IV. Thread Wine

Thread Wine is a new shop that I recently discovered during their Black Friday sale. They specialize in cover minders, which are essential tools for keeping your diamond painting canvas organized and protected.

A. Cover minders

Thread Wine offers a range of cover minders that are both functional and visually appealing. Their minders are made of heavy-duty metal and come with a strong magnet on the back. I purchased several minders from Thread Wine, including a Halloween-themed one, a yin and yang design, and minders featuring Harry Potter and Friends themes.

B. Harry Potter and Friends minders

As a fan of both Harry Potter and Friends, I couldn't resist adding some themed minders to my collection. Thread Wine has a variety of Harry Potter and Friends cover minders that perfectly capture the essence of these beloved franchises. These minders are not only practical but also add a touch of fandom to my diamond painting experience.

V. Jim's Handmade Pen Shop

During the Black Friday sale, I took the opportunity to indulge in two pens from Jim's Handmade Pen Shop. These pens had been on my wishlist for a while, and with the sale, they became even more affordable.

A. Sale during Black Friday

Jim's Handmade Pen Shop offered a generous 25% off during the Black Friday sale. This discount made it the perfect time for me to purchase the pens that I had been eyeing for some time. Jim's Handmade Pen Shop is known for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

B. Pen descriptions

The first pen I purchased from Jim's Handmade Pen Shop is a beautiful blue and purple pen with a hint of gold. Its sparkly appearance adds a touch of glamour to my diamond painting sessions. The second pen features a snowflake design on a clear acrylic base, making it a perfect choice for winter-themed diamond paintings.


  • Miranda's Crafty Corner offers wax alternatives that are perfect for diamond painting
  • Amanda Michelle Designs provides elegant and unique tape designs for various crafts
  • Thread Wine specializes in heavy-duty metal cover minders for organizing and protecting diamond painting canvases
  • Jim's Handmade Pen Shop offers high-quality pens that add a touch of sparkle and elegance to diamond painting sessions


Q: Where can I find the shops mentioned in the video? A: The links to Miranda's Crafty Corner, Amanda Michelle Designs, Thread Wine, and Jim's Handmade Pen Shop are provided in the video description.

Q: Are the cover minders from Thread Wine suitable for all diamond painting canvases? A: Yes, Thread Wine's cover minders are designed to work with all types and sizes of diamond painting canvases.

Q: Can I use the waxes from Miranda's Crafty Corner for other crafts besides diamond painting? A: While specifically designed for diamond painting, the waxes from Miranda's Crafty Corner can also be used for other types of crafts that require adhesive properties.

Q: Does Jim's Handmade Pen Shop offer customization options for their pens? A: Yes, Jim's Handmade Pen Shop offers customization services for their pens. You can contact them directly to discuss your preferences and specifications.

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