Uncover Top Jewelry Suppliers for eCommerce Dropshipping!

Uncover Top Jewelry Suppliers for eCommerce Dropshipping!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Jewelry is a Lucrative Niche
  3. Finding Trustworthy Suppliers a. Wholesale vs. Retail Suppliers b. AliExpress c. Banggood d. Amazon e. Etsy f. eBay g. Target h. Walmart i. Pure Pearls j. One Necklace Jewelry
  4. Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers a. CJ Drop Shipping b. The Hkey c. Alibaba d. Brands Gateway e. Pierce Body f. House of Jewelry g. Ruby Imports h. Richard Cannon Jewelry i. Silverbean j. Top Pearl k. Jay Gooden l. MMA Silver m. Danforth Pewter
  5. Uploading and Optimizing Products
  6. Automating Order Fulfillment
  7. Conclusion

Drop Shipping Jewelry: Finding Trustworthy Suppliers

Jewelry is a timeless and profitable niche that appeals to a wide range of people. Whether you're a man or a woman, young or old, jewelry has universal appeal. It makes for a great gift and offers a variety of options in terms of style, size, and price range. Setting up a successful drop shipping business in the jewelry industry requires finding trustworthy suppliers who offer high-quality products. In this article, we will explore the different types of suppliers available in the jewelry business and provide you with a list of over 20 suppliers to start drop shipping jewelry today.


Drop shipping jewelry presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start a profitable business. The appeal of jewelry as a product lies in its universal popularity and the variety it offers. From necklaces to earrings, rings to bracelets, there is something for everyone. In this article, we will delve into the world of drop shipping jewelry and guide you on finding reliable suppliers and optimizing your store for success.

Why Jewelry is a Lucrative Niche

Jewelry is a niche that never goes out of style. It is a product that appeals to a wide range of people regardless of age or gender. Whether it's a special occasion or a simple gesture of love and appreciation, jewelry is a go-to choice for gifts. Moreover, jewelry comes in various shapes, sizes, and prices, allowing you to cater to different customer preferences. By adding jewelry to your drop shipping store, you open up the opportunity to offer both low-ticket and high-ticket items, increasing your potential for profit.

Finding Trustworthy Suppliers

When it comes to the jewelry business, finding trustworthy and reputable suppliers can be challenging. It is crucial to ensure that the products you are drop shipping are of high quality and sourced from reliable suppliers. In this section, we will explore the different types of suppliers available in the jewelry industry and provide recommendations for trustworthy suppliers.

Wholesale vs. Retail Suppliers

In the jewelry industry, there are two types of suppliers: wholesale and retail. Retail suppliers sell directly to end consumers, while wholesale suppliers sell to retailers who then sell to the end consumer. As a drop shipper, you can leverage both types of suppliers to fulfill your orders.


AliExpress is a well-known platform that offers a vast range of products, including jewelry. It is a business-friendly platform that is perfect for drop shipping. AliExpress provides a Dropship Center that helps you find jewelry products based on different filters. You can find products that have proven to sell well in the past, making it easier for you to identify profitable items to add to your drop shipping store.


Banggood is another popular platform that offers a variety of items, including jewelry. One of the advantages of sourcing from Banggood is that they have warehouses globally, ensuring quick shipping to your customers. They also offer cashback and deals, allowing you to increase your profits and save money on select products. Banggood accepts various payment methods, making it convenient for you to start sourcing your products from them.


Amazon is a giant in the e-commerce industry, and it offers a wide variety of products, including jewelry. By partnering with Amazon, you gain access to fast shipping and excellent customer service. They have an impressive 30-day return policy, ensuring customer satisfaction. With Amazon Prime, you can provide your customers with free two-day shipping, a highly appealing feature. Leveraging Amazon as a supplier allows you to tap into their vast customer base and take advantage of their reliable fulfillment system.


Etsy is a fantastic platform for sourcing handmade jewelry items. Customers gravitate towards handmade items because they are unique and support local artists and small businesses. With Etsy, you can offer customized and personalized jewelry pieces, which often command higher profit margins. Handmade and custom jewelry pieces have a special allure, and customers are willing to pay more for the exclusivity they provide.


eBay is a global marketplace with a wide range of sellers offering various products, including jewelry. Selling on eBay allows you to reach a vast audience, as sellers hail from different countries. eBay provides excellent customer support and a Buyer Seller Protection Program, ensuring a secure transaction for both you and your customers. By monitoring other stores' listings, you can easily perform market research and gain insights into pricing and product trends.


Target, a retail giant, offers a diverse selection of reasonably priced jewelry items. With over 45 warehouses worldwide, Target ensures quick shipping to your customers. If an order exceeds $35, it qualifies for free two-day shipping, a tempting offer for potential customers. Target also provides a generous 90-day return policy, allowing you to handle any issues with orders in a timely and hassle-free manner.


Walmart is renowned for its wide variety of products, and jewelry is no exception. With competitive pricing and regular deals and discounts, Walmart offers attractive options for drop shippers. Their price match guarantee ensures that you get the best possible price for your products. Walmart is known for its exceptional customer service, making it a reliable supplier for drop shipping jewelry.

Pure Pearls

As the name suggests, Pure Pearls specializes in pearls and pearl jewelry. Their collection includes necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. Pure Pearls offers free two-day shipping within the US and has a flexible 90-day return policy. With a wide range of high-quality pearl products, you can cater to customers looking for elegant and timeless jewelry pieces.

One Necklace Jewelry

One Necklace Jewelry stands out by offering customizable jewelry pieces. Customers can personalize their rings or necklaces by having names or special engravings added. Personalized jewelry allows for higher profit margins, as customers are willing to pay extra for the customization option. One Necklace Jewelry also offers free worldwide shipping, giving you the opportunity to attract a global market.

Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

In addition to retail suppliers, wholesale suppliers are also a viable option for drop shipping jewelry. Wholesale suppliers often provide better pricing and are generally more drop shipper-friendly. They offer various services that can benefit your drop shipping business.

CJ Drop Shipping

CJ Drop Shipping is a wholesale supplier that offers a wide variety of products, including jewelry. They have a unique feature called Product Sourcing Solutions, which allows you to request the addition of specific jewelry pieces to their catalog. CJ Drop Shipping also offers print-on-demand and private labeling services, enabling you to customize items and increase brand recognition. With real-time inventory updates, you can ensure that your best-selling products are always in stock.

The Hkey

The Hkey is a wholesale supplier with a diverse collection of high-quality and competitively priced jewelry products. They have warehouses in different countries, ensuring quick shipping to the US and European markets. The Hkey offers up to 16 different warehouse options and has around 60% of their products available for rapid shipping. Partnering with The Hkey allows you to offer your customers fast and reliable service.


Alibaba, a leading global wholesaler, offers high-quality jewelry products on their platform. One of Alibaba's unique features is their seller verification program, which guarantees that the suppliers you are purchasing from are legitimate and reliable. Alibaba verifies the credibility of suppliers, ensuring that you receive top-notch products, efficient shipping, and favorable wholesale prices. Alibaba also offers private labeling services, allowing you to increase brand awareness with custom packaging.

Brands Gateway

Brands Gateway is an excellent choice for drop shipping luxury items, including jewelry. By offering high-ticket luxury items, you open up the opportunity for higher profit margins. Brands Gateway provides SEO and marketing templates, making it easier to optimize your listings and attract customers. They offer a wide range of payment methods and integrate seamlessly with various selling platforms, simplifying the drop shipping process. It's important to note that Brands Gateway charges a monthly fee, but the benefits and profit potential of sourcing luxury items make it worth considering.

Pierce Body

Pierce Body specializes in piercings and body jewelry. They offer unique and high-quality pieces that are not commonly found at other suppliers. As the items they sell are inserted or worn on the body, it is crucial to source the best quality products. Pierce Body has a state-of-the-art factory, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. You can purchase from them both in retail and wholesale quantities, making it a versatile option for drop shipping body jewelry.

House of Jewelry

House of Jewelry is a supplier that provides a range of high-quality items, including diamond, gold, and sterling silver jewelry. With a wholesale account, you have access to real-time inventory updates on their user-friendly dashboard. This feature helps you stay on top of your best-selling products and ensures that you never run out of stock. House of Jewelry also offers customization services, allowing you to add your custom labels or brand to your packaging. This can significantly enhance your brand's visibility and make your drop shipping business more recognizable.

Ruby Imports

Ruby Imports offers an extensive collection of unique jewelry pieces. They have jewelry sets available, making it easier for you to reach the minimum order quantity for wholesale purchasing. Ruby Imports provides fantastic customer service and offers attractive discounts and deals. Their clearance items, with discounts of up to 75%, can help you bring in higher profits.

Richard Cannon Jewelry

Richard Cannon Jewelry is a supplier with a wide range of products that include cubic zirconias, stainless steel, sterling silver, rhodium plated jewelry, and more. They offer daily product updates, ensuring that you are aware of new additions to their catalog. Richard Cannon's products typically ship within 24 hours, and they use secure packaging to protect the items in transit. By sourcing from Richard Cannon, you can offer high-quality jewelry and benefit from their efficient shipping methods.


Silverbean specializes in wholesale silver jewelry. They offer a wide range of high-quality items, including necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and more. Silverbean integrates easily with multiple selling platforms, making it convenient for drop shippers to start selling faster. They provide various shipping options, such as USPS, ePacket, and DHL, allowing you to ship your products worldwide. With their excellent range of silver jewelry offerings, Silverbean is a trusted supplier worth considering.

Top Pearl

Top Pearl focuses primarily on pearls and pearl jewelry. They offer pearls on necklaces, earrings, brooches, and more. Top Pearl does not have a minimum order quantity requirement, allowing you to place even small orders. They also offer branding solutions, enabling you to increase your brand visibility. With custom packaging, you can create a unique and memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

Jay Gooden

Jay Gooden offers premium jewelry products, including cubic zirconias, stainless steel, sterling silver, and more. Their collection boasts high-quality items that cater to customers looking for elegant and unique jewelry pieces. By sourcing from Jay Gooden, you can offer factory-direct prices, allowing you to price your products more competitively. Additionally, they have fast worldwide shipping options, ensuring that your customers receive their orders promptly.

MMA Silver

MMA Silver, despite its name, not only focuses on silver products but also offers a vast catalog of gold and silver chains, rings, necklaces, and more. They manufacture their own products, enabling them to provide factory-direct prices. By sourcing from MMA Silver, you benefit from their competitive pricing and a wide variety of high-quality jewelry items. They offer worldwide shipping options using USPS, FedEx, and other reliable couriers.

Danforth Pewter

Danforth Pewter stands out from other suppliers due to their unique handmade jewelry pieces. Products made by skilled craftsmen add a touch of elegance and exclusivity to your drop shipping store. Danforth Pewter specializes in metal jewelry and offers customization services such as engravings. With a flexible return policy and a reputation for exceptional quality, Danforth Pewter is an excellent supplier for those seeking distinctive and handmade jewelry items.

Uploading and Optimizing Products

Once you have found reliable suppliers and established partnerships, the next step is to upload and optimize products in your drop shipping store. Manually uploading products can be time-consuming, so it is recommended to use automation tools like Auto DS. Auto DS offers a product importer feature that allows you to import multiple products at once by adding their URLs. This significantly speeds up the process of populating your store with jewelry items.

After importing the products, take the time to optimize their titles and descriptions. Use relevant keywords, attractive phrases, and compelling product descriptions to engage your potential customers. Consider highlighting the unique features of each item and emphasize the benefits they provide. By creating appealing product listings, you increase the chances of attracting and converting customers.

Automating Order Fulfillment

As your drop shipping business grows, manually fulfilling orders becomes increasingly time-consuming. To streamline the order fulfillment process, it is advisable to automate it using tools like Auto DS. Automatic orders or fulfilled-by-AutoDS greatly simplify the entire process, saving you precious time while ensuring efficient order processing.

With automatic orders, Auto DS uses your own buyer accounts to place orders directly with the suppliers. This method allows Auto DS to process orders using your credit card details. On the other hand, fulfilled by Auto DS involves Auto DS placing orders using their buyer accounts and a balance that you top up. Regardless of the method you choose, once the order is placed, Auto DS retrieves the tracking number and updates your customer accordingly. You can easily track the status of your orders in the Auto DS platform.

Automating order fulfillment not only saves time but also reduces the chances of errors and delays. It allows you to focus on scaling your business and providing excellent customer service.


Drop shipping jewelry presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. By understanding the diverse range of jewelry suppliers available and finding trustworthy sources for high-quality products, you set your drop shipping business up for success. This article has covered both retail and wholesale suppliers, providing a comprehensive list of over 20 suppliers to get you started in the jewelry industry. Additionally, we explored how to optimize your product listings and automate the order fulfillment process using tools like Auto DS. With the information and resources provided, you are well-equipped to dive into the world of drop shipping jewelry and build a thriving business.

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