Uncover the Hottest Halloween Etsy Trends and Autumn Product Designs

Uncover the Hottest Halloween Etsy Trends and Autumn Product Designs

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Halloween and Autumn on Etsy
  3. The Early Start of Fall and Halloween Searches
  4. Finding Trend Inspiration from Major Brands
  5. Niche Trends within Bath and Bodyworks Halloween Collection
    • Snakes as a Popular Trend
    • Stained Glass Designs on Candles and Hand Soaps
    • Vintage Style Frames in Product Design
  6. Incorporating Embroidery Style Art and Designs
  7. Honorable Mentions in Halloween Trends
  8. Staying Ahead on Halloween Trends
  9. Fall Trends and Color Palettes
  10. Conclusion



Hey there! It's spooky season, baby! With July just around the corner, it's time to start preparing for Halloween and autumn on Etsy. As an expert in trends and a lover of all things spooky, I'm here to provide you with a list of trending products and ideas that we expect to see in the upcoming weeks. My name is Starla Moore, the founder of the Handmade Alpha Academy for Etsy sellers and a manager at eRank.com, Etsy's most popular SEO tool. Let's dive into the world of Halloween and fall trends together!

The Importance of Halloween and Autumn on Etsy

As the seasons change, so do the shopping preferences of Etsy customers. It's no secret that Halloween and autumn-themed products capture the attention of buyers. Therefore, it's crucial for sellers to capitalize on these trends and offer unique and appealing products in line with the spirit of the season. This article will guide you through the upcoming trends, helping you stand out in a sea of competitors.

The Early Start of Fall and Halloween Searches

Contrary to popular belief, Etsy shoppers begin their search for Halloween, fall, and autumn products as early as June. By analyzing historical trend data, we can anticipate when these searches will peak and plan accordingly. It's essential for sellers to start working on their fall products well in advance to meet the demands of early shoppers. In this article, we'll explore the trends that are likely to dominate this September and October.

Finding Trend Inspiration from Major Brands

Although major brands may seem unrelated to Etsy, their extensive product research can provide valuable insights. By exploring their upcoming product lines and bouncing off their ideas, we can uncover unique trends that will help you stand out as an Etsy seller. In this article, we'll analyze the trends emerging from major brands and discuss how you can incorporate them into your products.

Niche Trends within Bath and Bodyworks Halloween Collection

One of the best places to look for upcoming trends is Bath and Bodyworks. This brand not only offers amazing scents but also provides inspiration for various product categories. From POD, clothing, jewelry, to digital products, Bath and Bodyworks trends can be incorporated into almost anything. In this section, we'll explore niche trends within Bath and Bodyworks' Halloween collection, such as snakes, stained glass designs, vintage-style frames, and more.

Snakes as a Popular Trend Within the Halloween collection, we can observe a significant presence of snake-themed products. Gold snakes, black snakes, and snakes adorned with roses are just a few examples. Interestingly, these snake-themed products are not limited to Halloween alone. This trend has the potential to carry over into other seasons as well. If you're targeting an audience of shoppers who love snakes, incorporating snake-themed products into your lineup can be a great way to stand out.

Stained Glass Designs on Candles and Hand Soaps Another emerging trend in the Halloween collection is the use of stained glass designs on candles and hand soaps. While Etsy shoppers primarily search for real stained glass, you can incorporate the overall theme of this trend into your products. Think about incorporating stained glass designs into shirts, mugs, wall art, or even jewelry. By targeting Halloween-related keywords, you can attract the attention of buyers looking for unique and visually appealing products.

Vintage Style Frames in Product Design The Halloween collection from Bath and Bodyworks also showcases the use of vintage-style frames around each product. This trend aligns with the popularity of Victorian-style vintage frames on Etsy in previous years. Even 3D print shops started producing these frames due to their high demand. You can take inspiration from Bath and Bodyworks' incorporation of vintage frames, even if you don't sell actual picture frames. Consider how you can use this trend in your own product designs to appeal to buyers seeking a nostalgic touch.

Incorporating Embroidery Style Art and Designs

Embroidery has been a top-searched term on Etsy for the past two years. The popularity of embroidery-style printed art has risen, particularly after the release of books like "The Liar's Crown," featuring threaded-style artwork. This trend is now prevalent in various products, especially those depicting skulls and roses. Bath and Bodyworks has also jumped on this design trend, making it a promising choice for artists and embroidery shops. Discover how you can incorporate embroidery-style elements into your clothing, art, or other products to tap into this creative and sought-after trend.

Honorable Mentions in Halloween Trends

Apart from the prominent trends discussed above, there are several honorable mentions worth exploring. These include skulls with crowns, neon-style Halloween imagery, dripping roses, and crystal spiders. Incorporating these elements into your Halloween-themed products can add a unique and captivating touch, appealing to diverse types of buyers. We'll delve into these trends further and guide you on how to make them stand out in your product offerings.

Staying Ahead on Halloween Trends

To stay ahead and continually discover emerging Halloween trends, there are various resources you can tap into. One such resource is a group called "Halloween Decorating Fanatics 2023," where members share updates on new trends they spot in stores. By monitoring these discussions, you can uncover fresh ideas and incorporate them into your own product lineup. We'll explore more ways to stay updated on Halloween trends so you can maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Fall Trends and Color Palettes

Apart from Halloween-specific trends, fall offers a plethora of opportunities for sellers. We'll touch upon some general fall trends, including color palettes and themes that resonate with the changing season. By incorporating these fall trends into your product offerings, you can appeal to shoppers looking for cozy, warm, and autumn-inspired items.


The early planning and effective incorporation of trending themes and keywords can significantly boost your sales during Halloween and fall seasons on Etsy. By leveraging the insights provided in this article, you'll gain a competitive advantage and attract the attention of eager shoppers. Keep an eye out for upcoming trends, embrace niche themes, and infuse your creativity to create unique products that stand out from the crowd. Have a spooktacular selling season!


  • Discover emerging Halloween and fall trends on Etsy
  • Incorporate unique niche themes into your product offerings
  • Gain insights from major brands to stand out as an Etsy seller
  • Explore the popularity of snake-themed products beyond Halloween
  • Impress buyers with stained-glass-inspired designs
  • Incorporate vintage-style frames to add a nostalgic touch
  • Capitalize on the popularity of embroidery-style art and designs
  • Stay ahead on Halloween trends through community engagement
  • Embrace fall trends and color palettes to attract autumn shoppers
  • Boost your sales with creative, unique, and high-demand products


Q: When is the best time to release fall and Halloween products on Etsy?
A: The best time to release fall and Halloween products on Etsy is in September, as shoppers begin their search early. However, it's advisable to start working on your products even earlier to meet the demands of early shoppers.

Q: How can I incorporate niche trends into my product offerings?
A: To incorporate niche trends, such as snake-themed products, stained glass designs, or vintage-style frames, consider adding elements that align with these trends to your existing products. For example, you can create clothing with snake motifs, incorporate stained glass designs into mugs or wall art, or use vintage-style frames in your product photography.

Q: Where can I find more Halloween trends and updates?
A: Joining Halloween-themed groups or communities, such as "Halloween Decorating Fanatics 2023," can provide valuable insights and updates on new trends spotted in stores. By actively participating in these communities, you can stay ahead of emerging trends and incorporate them into your product offerings.

Q: Are there any fall trends apart from Halloween-specific themes?
A: Absolutely! Fall offers a wide range of opportunities beyond Halloween. Some general fall trends include cozy and warm color palettes, themes inspired by nature (such as leaves and pumpkins), and motifs that evoke a sense of autumn and harvest. Embrace these trends to appeal to shoppers looking for seasonal-inspired items.

Q: How can I ensure the uniqueness of my products in a competitive market?
A: To stand out in a competitive market, focus on offering unique and creative products. Incorporate trending elements but add your own personal touch and creativity to make your products distinct. Think about how you can combine different trends or introduce unexpected twists to captivate buyers' attention.

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