Unboxing Favorite Mickey Ears from Etsy Small Shop

Unboxing Favorite Mickey Ears from Etsy Small Shop

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. About the YouTube Channel
  3. Supporting Other Disney Channels
  4. Introduction to Kayla's Etsy Shop
  5. The Creative Process Behind the Mickey Ears
  6. The Beauty of Hand-Embroidered Mickey Ears
  7. Tiana, an Underrated Disney Character
  8. The Unboxing Experience
  9. Trying on the Mickey Ears
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to The Adventures of Malli! In this unboxing video, Ali shares her excitement about a special package she has been eagerly waiting for. Join her on this adventure as she unveils the contents of the package and reveals a unique item that she couldn't resist getting. Along the way, she discusses her love for Disney, her support for other Disney YouTube channels, and her fascination with hand-embroidered Mickey ears. Get ready for an unboxing experience like no other!

About the YouTube Channel

The Adventures of Malli is a YouTube channel created by Ali and her partner Liz, dedicated to sharing their adventures around Disney and Wisconsin. With a focus on all things Disney, including their visits to the parks and their DIY Disney projects, they offer a mix of entertainment and informative content that delights Disney fans of all ages. Join Ali and Liz on their magical journey through videos filled with joy, laughter, and a sprinkle of pixie dust.

Supporting Other Disney Channels

One of the core principles of The Adventures of Malli is supporting other Disney YouTube channels. Ali and Liz are avid fans of the "Hopefully Ever After" channel, run by Kayla and Mark Alyn. They appreciate the love and effort Kayla and Mark put into their videos, showcasing their frequent visits to Disney and providing valuable tips and tricks for planning Disney vacations. Ali encourages her viewers to check out their channel and subscribe for an abundance of fun-filled vlogs and Disney-related content.

Introduction to Kayla's Etsy Shop

Kayla, the creative mind behind "Hopefully Ever After," recently started her own Etsy shop. With a background in theater and costuming, Kayla brings a unique touch to her creations. Her shop initially offered headbands, but it has since expanded to include Mickey ears - a fan favorite among Disney enthusiasts. Ali, being a huge fan of Mickey ears, fell in love with one of Kayla's designs and couldn't resist making a purchase. In this unboxing, Ali introduces viewers to Kayla's Etsy shop and the handcrafted treasures it holds.

The Creative Process Behind the Mickey Ears

Kayla's Mickey ears stand out from the crowd due to their exceptional design aesthetic. Ali admires the innovative patterns and attention to detail in Kayla's creations. The handmade nature of the ears speaks to the dedication and care that goes into each pair. Ali recognizes the extra effort and skill that hand embroidery requires, appreciating the personalized touch it brings to the Mickey ears. In this segment, she delves into the creative process behind the making of these unique and enchanting accessories.

The Beauty of Hand-Embroidered Mickey Ears

Hand-embroidered Mickey ears hold a special place in Ali's heart. She expresses her admiration for Kayla's choice to hand embroider each ear, highlighting the intricate details that make them stand out. Ali shares her love for Tiana, a Disney character she feels is often overlooked, and her excitement at owning a pair of Tiana-inspired Mickey ears. As Ali unwraps the package and lays eyes on the beautifully embroidered ears for the first time, she can't contain her joy and appreciation for the craftsmanship.

Tiana, an Underrated Disney Character

In a world of iconic Disney princesses, Tiana often takes the back seat. Ali voices her opinion on the lack of attention given to Tiana and her desire to show support for this underrated Disney character. She believes that Mickey ears are an ideal way to showcase one's personality and design aesthetic. Ali expresses her admiration for Kayla's ability to think outside the box and create designs that go beyond the typical Disney character motifs. Through her Tiana-inspired Mickey ears, Ali celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of this often underappreciated princess.

The Unboxing Experience

As the unboxing commences, Ali shares her excitement for the package, which she hasn't opened yet. She reveals the box, showing the updated logo of "Hopefully Ever After" that Ali adores. Ali unwraps the package with delight, revealing the carefully packed items. Each step of the unboxing process is accompanied by Ali's enthusiastic commentary, showcasing her anticipation and appreciation for the items she ordered.

Trying on the Mickey Ears

The highlight of the unboxing is the moment Ali tries on the hand-embroidered Tiana Mickey ears. She expresses her satisfaction with the comfort and balance of the ears, comparing them to the standard Disney park ears. Ali shows off the intricate details of the hand embroidery, highlighting the tiny frogs and flowers on the back of each ear. Through her infectious enthusiasm, she invites viewers to admire the beauty and artistry of these special Mickey ears.


In this unboxing adventure, Ali shares her love for Disney, her support for other Disney YouTube channels, and her excitement over the hand-embroidered Tiana Mickey ears she received from Kayla's Etsy shop. Through her engaging storytelling and authentic enthusiasm, Ali captivates viewers and invites them to join her in celebrating the magic of Disney and the artistry behind handmade Disney creations. Tune in to The Adventures of Malli for more Disney-filled adventures and inspiration.


  • An unboxing video featuring hand-embroidered Mickey ears from Kayla's Etsy shop.
  • The dedication to supporting other Disney YouTube channels.
  • The celebration of Tiana, an often overlooked Disney character.
  • The unique design aesthetic and personal touch behind Kayla's creations.
  • The joy and excitement of trying on the beautiful hand-embroidered Mickey ears.


Q: How can I find Kayla's Etsy shop? A: You can find the link to Kayla's Etsy shop in the video description of the unboxing video or in the description box below the video.

Q: Are the Mickey ears handmade? A: Yes, the Mickey ears featured in the unboxing video are handmade, with each ear being hand-embroidered.

Q: Can I purchase the same Tiana-inspired Mickey ears? A: Yes, the Tiana-inspired Mickey ears can be purchased from Kayla's Etsy shop. Be sure to check the available options and designs.

Q: Are there other hand-embroidered Mickey ears in Kayla's shop? A: Yes, Kayla offers a variety of hand-embroidered Mickey ears, including designs inspired by different Disney characters and themes. Explore her Etsy shop to discover the full range of options.

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