Unboxing Boho Bead Happy Mail & Etsy Packaging Haul

Unboxing Boho Bead Happy Mail & Etsy Packaging Haul

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Happy Mail from Fatima
  3. Bohemian Beads by Magnolia Seed
  4. Crochet Doilies from Granny's Heritage
  5. Craft Bags and Packaging
  6. Tape and Book Rings
  7. Cute Packaging Ideas
  8. Embroidery Floss in Bulk
  9. Conclusion

Happy Mail and Craft Haul

Today's video is all about happy mail and a craft haul! I have received some wonderful goodies from Fatima, who has her own Etsy shop called Magnolia Seed. I'll be sharing what she sent me, as well as some items I purchased from Amazon. So let's jump right in!

Happy Mail from Fatima

Fatima, a talented crafter and the owner of Magnolia Seed, sent me some lovely happy mail. She included a card and a heartfelt letter, which I really appreciate. It's so nice to receive such thoughtful gestures from fellow crafters. Along with the card, Fatima also sent me a whole bunch of eyelash trims and her handmade bohemian beads.


  • Thoughtful and personal touch with the letter and card
  • High-quality eyelash trims and bohemian beads
  • Supportive collaboration offer for my craft kits
  • Attention to detail in the packaging


  • None

Bohemian Beads by Magnolia Seed

Fatima's bohemian beads are absolutely stunning. She hand-rolls the bases of her beads out of paper, which I find incredibly impressive. The beads she sent me are not only gorgeous but also beautifully packaged. I highly recommend checking out her Etsy shop if you're looking for high-quality and affordable bohemian beads.

Crochet Doilies from Granny's Heritage

To add a touch of elegance to my craft kits, I purchased hand-crocheted doilies from Granny's Heritage on Etsy. These doilies are meticulously crafted and add a special touch to any project. I also received some doilies from Robin at Turtle Creations for You and Stephanie from Above Park Crafts. I'm grateful to all the talented individuals who contributed to making my craft kits even more special.

Craft Bags and Packaging

When it comes to packaging my crafts, I like to ensure that they look professional and presentable. I found some adorable craft bags on Amazon that are perfect for packaging my handmade items. The quality of these bags is excellent, and they add a nice finishing touch to the overall presentation.

Tape and Book Rings

One essential item for any crafter is tape, and I found a great deal on Amazon for high-quality tape. Buying in bulk not only saves me money but also ensures that I always have tape on hand for my packaging needs. Additionally, I purchased book rings for creating tassels, and they have been reliable and durable.

Cute Packaging Ideas

In my quest for attractive packaging, I came across some beautiful packaging options on Amazon. Although they are slightly more expensive, they are worth it for special occasions and gifts. I plan to use these for my favorite packs and even for the fabric in my main kits.

Embroidery Floss in Bulk

To replenish my embroidery floss stash, I bought a pack of 100 different colors from Amazon. This bulk pack was a great deal and offers a wide variety of colors for my crafting projects. It's always handy to have extra embroidery floss, both for personal use and for crafting with kids.


I hope you enjoyed this happy mail and craft haul video. It's always exciting to receive goodies from fellow crafters and find great deals on crafting supplies. If you're interested in any of the products mentioned, check out the links in the description below. Stay tuned for more crafting tutorials and craft with me videos. Thanks for watching, and have a great day!


  • Received thoughtful happy mail from Fatima, owner of Magnolia Seed
  • Magnolia Seed's bohemian beads are stunning and beautifully packaged
  • Hand-crocheted doilies from Granny's Heritage, Turtle Creations for You, and Above Park Crafts add elegance to craft kits
  • Found cute craft bags and packaging options on Amazon for professional presentation
  • Purchased tape and book rings in bulk for packaging and tassel-making
  • Explored various packaging ideas for a stylish touch
  • Replenished embroidery floss stash with a bulk pack from Amazon


Q: Where can I buy the bohemian beads mentioned in the article? A: The bohemian beads mentioned in the article can be purchased from Fatima's Etsy shop, Magnolia Seed. The shop offers a variety of beautiful beads at affordable prices.

Q: Can you recommend other sellers for crochet doilies? A: Yes, apart from Granny's Heritage, you can also check out Turtle Creations for You on Etsy for hand-crocheted doilies. Stephanie from Above Park Crafts also offers crochet doilies. Both sellers provide high-quality doilies that add an elegant touch to any project.

Q: Are the packaging options mentioned available on Amazon? A: Yes, the packaging options mentioned in the article can be found on Amazon. Check the links in the description for easy access to the specific products.

Q: How can I purchase the tape and book rings mentioned in the article? A: You can find the tape and book rings mentioned in the article on Amazon. The links in the description will direct you to the respective products.

Q: Can I buy the embroidery floss in bulk from Amazon? A: Yes, Amazon offers embroidery floss in bulk packs. You can find a variety of options with different colors and quantities. Check the links in the description for more details.

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