Unboxing American Girl Etsy Haul!

Unboxing American Girl Etsy Haul!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Etsy Haul
  3. The Etsy Shop called So Cute Forever
  4. Reviewing the Clothes
    • The Flannel Cardigan
    • The Fall Colored Romper
    • The Black Checkered Romper
    • The Fuzzy Shorts
    • The Denim Overalls
    • The Denim Jeans
    • The Denim Skirt
    • The Black Skirt
    • The Pink Skirt
    • The Big Dramatic Skirt
    • The Gray Sweater
    • The Pink Sweater
    • The Other Sweater
  5. Dressing the Dolls
    • Dolls 45, 50, and 51
    • Dolls 38 and 35
    • Dolls 21 and 26
    • Dolls 15 and 43
    • Dolls 67 and 62
    • Dolls 48 and 24
  6. Conclusion

Article: A Review of the So Cute Forever Etsy Haul


Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! Today, I am super excited to share with you all my recent Etsy haul from the shop called So Cute Forever. As you may know, I have been searching for cute clothes for my dolls, as their current wardrobe is in desperate need of an upgrade. After weeks of research, I stumbled upon this amazing Etsy shop, and I couldn't wait to place my order. In this article, I will be reviewing the items I purchased and showing you how they look on my dolls. So, without further ado, let's dive into the haul!

About the Etsy Haul

Before we get into the review, let me give you a quick overview of the items I ordered. I decided to go for a variety of pieces that would not only be perfect for the fall season but could also be used all year round. From flannel cardigans to rompers, overalls to skirts, the shop had an extensive collection of adorable outfits that caught my eye. The prices were a bit on the higher side, but I don't mind investing in high-quality pieces that support small businesses.

The Etsy Shop called So Cute Forever

Let's talk a bit about the Etsy shop I ordered from – So Cute Forever. The shop offers a wide range of handmade clothes for dolls, and their attention to detail is simply impressive. I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging, as each item was carefully wrapped in tissue paper and adorned with a pretty bow. Opening the package felt like unwrapping a special gift, and I genuinely appreciated the seller's effort to make the experience delightful.

Reviewing the Clothes

Now, let's get into the details of each item I purchased. I will provide honest reviews and share my thoughts on the quality, design, and overall appeal of the clothes.

The Flannel Cardigan

The first item I got was a flannel cardigan. This little piece is absolutely adorable and perfect for the fall season. The material is soft and comfortable, and the design is on point. I am obsessed with this cardigan and can't wait to see how it looks on my dolls.

The Fall Colored Romper

Next up, I picked out a fall-colored romper. This piece caught my eye because of its warm hues, which make it suitable not only for fall but also for spring and summer. The romper is well-made and versatile, and I am excited to see how it will look on my dolls.

The Black Checkered Romper

I also couldn't resist getting the black checkered romper. The pattern is trendy and stylish, and the cropped waist adds a touch of uniqueness to the piece. The long sleeves make it perfect for colder weather, and I can already imagine my dolls rocking this romper with confidence.

The Fuzzy Shorts

One of my favorite pieces from the haul is the pair of fuzzy shorts. Let me tell you, these shorts are the softest things I have ever felt! They may not scream "fall" but I couldn't resist their charm. I can already envision my dolls pairing these shorts with a white tank for a cute and comfy look.

The Denim Overalls

Moving on to the denim section, I grabbed a pair of denim overalls. Overalls are always a classic and versatile choice, as they can be worn throughout the year. I love how I can style them with a white sweater for a cozy fall look, or with a simple t-shirt for a summery vibe.

The Denim Jeans

Of course, no wardrobe is complete without a pair of denim jeans. I opted for a distressed style to add a little edge to my doll's outfits. These jeans are far from basic and will definitely elevate my dolls' style game.

The Denim Skirt

Continuing with the denim theme, I also got a cute little denim skirt. The skirt has a unique block design with different shades of denim, making it easy to pair with various tops. It's a staple piece that can be worn all year round, and I am excited to mix and match it with different outfits.

The Black Skirt

As a substitution for an item that was unavailable, the seller included a little black skirt. It's a pleasant surprise, and I actually adore the look of this skirt. The color is eye-catching, and it gives off a Frankie Stein vibe. I am more than happy to add this to my doll's wardrobe.

The Pink Skirt

Next, I got a pink skirt with ruffles at the end. This skirt adds a unique touch to an otherwise regular skirt. The ruffles make it stand out and give it a playful look. I can already come up with several outfit combinations featuring this adorable skirt.

The Big Dramatic Skirt

For a more dramatic flair, I opted for a skirt that makes a bold statement. This skirt can be paired with a tank in the summertime or dressed up with a sweater or blouse for a more formal occasion. Its versatility and soft material make it a fantastic addition to my doll's wardrobe.

The Gray Sweater

One item that didn't quite meet my expectations was the gray sweater. It had an ugly red checkered print that I thought was a part of the pants showcased on the model doll. Unfortunately, it turns out the print was actually on the sweater itself. While it does fit the fall theme, it doesn't align with my personal style. I might still find a way to incorporate it into an outfit, though.

The Pink Sweater

On a brighter note, I was thrilled with the pink sweater I purchased. It features a mini turtleneck design and a delightful pattern. The attention to detail is impressive, and it's evident that the seller puts a lot of effort into creating these beautiful pieces. I can't wait to showcase this sweater in various doll outfits.

The Other Sweater

Another basic but essential item in my doll's wardrobe is a white sweater. I purchased two of these to ensure that my dolls have a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. The quality is fantastic, and the fit is perfect for most of my dolls.

Dressing the Dolls

Now that I have given you an overview of the items from my Etsy haul, it's time to show you how they look on my dolls. I have spent hours dressing them up and creating various outfits for them. Please keep in mind that I am not a professional stylist, but I have done my best to create looks that showcase the clothes and make the dolls shine.

Starting with dolls 45, 50, and 51, I chose outfits that reflect their individual personalities. Doll 45 looks stunning in the pink sweater and skirt ensemble. The colors complement her skin tone beautifully, and she exudes confidence in this chic outfit. Doll 50 rocks the white sweater and black skirt look effortlessly, showcasing her timeless elegance. As for doll 51, the gray sweater and jeans combination adds a touch of grunge to her style, making her stand out among the other dolls.

Moving on to dolls 38 and 35, I opted for outfits that highlight their youthful and playful personalities. Doll 38 looks adorable in the fall-colored romper, while doll 35 stuns in the black checkered romper. Both outfits fit their characters perfectly, and I am delighted with how they turned out.

Dolls 21 and 26 embrace the casual and trendy side of fashion. I dressed doll 21 in the denim overalls, creating an effortless and laid-back look. Doll 26 rocks the brown sweater with jeans, showcasing a simple yet stylish outfit. These two dolls exude coolness and are ready for any adventure.

Dolls 15 and 43 embrace their girly and feminine sides with their outfits. Doll 15 looks charming in the fuzzy shorts ensemble, radiating a sense of comfort and cuteness. Doll 43 shines in the pink skirt outfit, emanating grace and charm. These two dolls are perfect for a day out with friends or a fun photoshoot.

Dolls 67 and 62 exude sophistication and elegance in their chosen looks. Doll 67 stuns in the big dramatic skirt ensemble, showcasing her versatility and fashion-forward style. Doll 62 shines in the blue corduroy skirt outfit, exuding a classic and timeless charm. These dolls are perfect for more formal occasions or when you want to make a statement.

Finally, dolls 48 and 24, two of my personal favorites, showcase their style prowess. Doll 48 looks chic and trendy in the white sweater and polka dot trainers combination. She effortlessly pulls off a casual yet fashionable look. Doll 24, my giveaway doll, looks radiant in her meet outfit, effortlessly capturing the essence of American Girl's classic style.


In conclusion, my Etsy haul from So Cute Forever has exceeded my expectations. The quality, design, and overall appeal of the clothes are remarkable. Each item has added a unique touch to my doll's wardrobe and has given them the stylish upgrade they desperately needed. I am incredibly grateful to have discovered this wonderful Etsy shop, and I look forward to future orders. If you are looking for high-quality clothes for your dolls, I highly recommend checking out So Cute Forever. It's time to give our dolls the fashion they deserve!

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