Unboxing a Surprising Nail Art Box from Etsy

Unboxing a Surprising Nail Art Box from Etsy

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing the Mystery Box 2.1. Introduction to Kitschy's Nails 2.2. Packaging and Delivery
  3. The Contents of the Mystery Box 3.1. Nails 3.2. Crystals 3.3. Love Hearts 3.4. Mickey Mouse Shapes 3.5. Pastel Hearts 3.6. Different Colored Hearts 3.7. Glitter 3.8. Dots and Circles 3.9. Rhinestones 3.10. Stickers: Letters and Numbers 3.11. Stickers: Flamingos and Flowers 3.12. Full Cover Wraps 3.13. More Stickers 3.14. Foils 3.15. Tip Guides 3.16. Butterfly Decals 3.17. Mini File 3.18. Nail Polish 3.19. Holographic Envelope 3.20. Butterfly Decals
  4. Impressions of the Mystery Box
  5. Conclusion

Unboxing the Mystery Box: A Treasure Trove of Nail Art Delights

Everyone, welcome back to another exciting video! Today, I have a special surprise for you—a mystery box from Kitschy's Nails. I stumbled upon this small business on Etsy and couldn't resist ordering their mystery box to keep myself busy during lockdown. So, let's dive right in and unbox this exciting package together!

Introduction to Kitschy's Nails

Before we open the box, let me introduce you to Kitschy's Nails—a small business that specializes in nail art supplies. From crystals to stickers, they offer a wide range of products to help nail enthusiasts unleash their creativity. Now, let's see what treasures they have packed for us!

Packaging and Delivery

The package has just arrived, and it's still sealed. I love the attention to detail in the packaging—a neatly designed box that ignites curiosity. Without further ado, let's open it up and explore the wonders inside.

The Contents of the Mystery Box

  1. Nails: The box contains a set of pre-designed nails, which will be perfect for quick and easy nail art. The best part is that they're pink, allowing for various pink-themed designs without the need for a separate base coat.

  2. Crystals: In this bag, we find an assortment of dazzling crystals. Although they are currently in a plastic bag, the color shift in these crystals is undeniable. I can't wait to transfer them to pots for better visibility.

  3. Love Hearts: These stunning love hearts come in a variety of colors, adding a touch of romance to any nail design. The vibrant shades are a welcome addition to my collection.

  4. Mickey Mouse Shapes: The collection includes an array of adorable Mickey Mouse shapes. From darker pinks to brighter pinks and pastel shades, these shapes offer endless creative possibilities.

  5. Pastel Hearts: These pastel hearts are a visual treat. The color shift and delicate hues make them perfect for adding a soft and dreamy touch to nails.

  6. Different Colored Hearts: In this section, we discover an exquisite collection of violet-colored hearts. These unique hearts provide an alternative aesthetic for those seeking a touch of elegance in their nail art.

  7. Glitter: Ah, glitter—the ultimate nail art accessory. This 10-gram jar contains a generous amount of stunning glitter. Its vibrant shade and abundance make it a valuable addition to any nail artist's toolkit.

  8. Dots and Circles: These dots and circles stickers are an exciting addition to the collection. While I usually don't reach for these types of stickers, the combination of dots and circles creates a mesmerizing effect that I can't resist experimenting with.

  9. Rhinestones: Kitschy's Nails has thoughtfully provided a rhinestone wheel, consisting of pink and silver stones. Although I prefer storing my rhinestones in pots, this convenient wheel will come in handy.

  10. Stickers: Letters and Numbers: These stickers are perfect for adding personalized touches to nail designs. With capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers, the possibilities for creating unique nail art are endless.


  • Kitschy's Nails offers a diverse range of nail art supplies, making it a one-stop-shop for all your nail art needs.
  • The mystery box is affordably priced at only £9.99, making it a great value for money.
  • The packaging is visually appealing and adds to the excitement of unboxing.
  • The nature of the mystery box allows for surprises, making it a thrilling experience.


Q: How long does delivery take? A: Delivery from Kitschy's Nails is usually quick, with orders arriving within a few days of placement.

Q: Can I customize the contents of the mystery box? A: The mystery box is pre-packaged, so customization isn't currently available. However, it offers a wonderful assortment of nail art supplies.

Q: Are the products in the mystery box of good quality? A: Yes, the products in the mystery box are of excellent quality, providing nail artists with everything they need to create stunning designs.

Q: Can I purchase individual items from Kitschy's Nails? A: Absolutely! Kitschy's Nails offers a wide range of individual products on their Etsy shop.

In conclusion, Kitschy's Nails has truly impressed me with their mystery box. Packed with a variety of nail art supplies, this box offers incredible value for money. Whether you're a seasoned nail artist or a beginner, these products will ignite your creativity and take your nail art to new heights.

So, if you're looking for a delightful surprise delivered right to your door, I highly recommend exploring the world of Kitschy's Nails and treating yourself to one of their mystery boxes. Happy nail art adventures to all!

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