Unboxing a Fake Pokémon Game? Shocking Truth Exposed!

Unboxing a Fake Pokémon Game? Shocking Truth Exposed!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Discovering the Custom-made Missingno Card
  3. Exploring the Website Etsy
  4. Custom-made Pokémon Cases with Games
    1. The Appeal of Bootleg Pokémon Games
    2. Subjectivity in Pokémon Cases
    3. Potential Risks of Buying from Etsy
  5. Unboxing the Custom-made Pokémon Case
    1. The Strangeness of the Encounter
    2. The Seller's Use of Clickbait
    3. The Value of Authenticity
  6. Reviewing the Description of the Pokémon Game
    1. Examining the Gameplay Premise
    2. The Drawbacks of ROM Hacks
    3. The Seller's Awareness of Being Bootlegs
  7. Assessing the Quality and Worth of the Pokémon Games
    1. The Real Game in a Broken Game Boy
    2. Reflections on the Seller's Market Awareness
  8. Gameplay and Commentary of Pokémon ROM Hack
    1. Retracing the Steps of Familiarity
    2. The Engagement of Viewers
    3. Offering to Continue the Game on the Channel
  9. Exploring the Controversies and Legal Implications
    1. Nintendo's Stance on ROM Hacks
    2. The Ethical Dilemma of Selling Bootleg Games
    3. Potential Consequences and Risks for Buyers
  10. Conclusion
  11. Highlights
  12. FAQ

Unboxing a Custom-made Pokémon Case: The Appeal and Risks of Bootleg Games


In this article, we will delve into the world of custom-made Pokémon cases with actual games inside. These bootleg games have gained popularity, particularly on websites like Etsy. While the appeal of owning unique Pokémon merchandise may be strong, it is important to understand the risks involved in purchasing these products. We will explore the subjectivity of the cases, unbox a custom-made Pokémon case, review the gameplay premise, and assess the quality and worth of these bootleg games.

Discovering the Custom-made Missingno Card:

It all began with a chance encounter on Discord, when a viewer sent an image of a custom-made Missingno Pokémon Trading Card. Intrigued by its uniqueness, the author ventured onto Etsy, a website known for its handmade and vintage items. Here, they stumbled upon custom-made Pokémon cases with actual games. Although aware of the inherent oddness of these products, the author decided to explore them further, despite not recommending others to do so.

Exploring the Website Etsy:

While Etsy has been heard of before, the author had never visited the site or made a purchase. Curiosity led them to browse through the various custom-made items available. Among them, the custom-made Pokémon cases stood out as particularly interesting. The author envisioned showcasing these unique TCG cards in videos, but was hesitant due to their audience not necessarily aligning with this type of content.

Custom-made Pokémon Cases with Games:

The author's discovery of these custom-made Pokémon cases led to a deeper understanding of their subjectivity. Each case seemed to have its own unique design and style, making them a niche collectible in their own right. However, it is important to note that the cases obtained may not be to everyone's taste, as preferences can be highly subjective. Therefore, it is essential for potential buyers to consider their personal preferences before making a purchase.

Unboxing the Custom-made Pokémon Case:

The author decides to unbox one of the custom-made Pokémon cases and shares the experience with their audience. The process of unboxing reveals the subjective nature of the case design. The author acknowledges that the design may appear peculiar or even strange to some viewers, while also acknowledging the potential discomfort some may feel due to the nature of the design.

Reviewing the Description of the Pokémon Game:

The author proceeds to review the description provided with the custom-made Pokémon case. The description outlines the gameplay premise, presenting a narrative involving a rivalry between the player and a childhood friend. While the concept may sound interesting, it is crucial to realize that these games are ROM hacks, created by other individuals and not officially endorsed by Nintendo. As such, the author emphasizes the importance of not buying these bootleg games and highlights the ethical concerns surrounding their creation and sale.

Assessing the Quality and Worth of the Pokémon Games:

Although the author expresses their reluctance in recommending these bootleg games, they acknowledge the effort put into packaging the ROM hacks inside legitimate cartridges. The uniqueness of possessing an actual physical game adds an element of appeal. However, considering the potential legal and ethical consequences, the author advises against purchasing these games. Additionally, the author reflects on the wait time and the uncertainty of receiving the product after spending a significant amount of money.

Gameplay and Commentary of Pokémon ROM Hack:

The author showcases some gameplay footage of the ROM hack, providing commentary along the way. They highlight the nostalgic elements of the game and reminisce about similar games they played in the past. The engagement with viewers becomes evident through rhetorical questions and an invitation for feedback in the comments section. Ultimately, the author suggests the possibility of continuing the game on their channel if there is sufficient interest from the audience.

Exploring the Controversies and Legal Implications:

The article delves into the controversies and legal implications surrounding ROM hacks and bootleg games. Nintendo's stance on ROM hacks is made clear, as these unofficial games infringe upon their intellectual property rights. Moreover, the author raises ethical concerns about the creation and sale of bootleg games, emphasizing the risks for both buyers and sellers. Potential consequences, such as legal action or damaged reputation, are also discussed.


In conclusion, while custom-made Pokémon cases with actual games may be aesthetically appealing, it is crucial to recognize their bootleg nature and the associated risks. Despite the allure of owning unique merchandise, it is advisable to refrain from purchasing these games. The legality, ethical concerns, and potential consequences make the acquisition of bootleg games an unfavorable choice.


  • The discovery of custom-made Pokémon cases with actual games
  • The subjective nature of the case designs and personal preferences
  • Unboxing a custom-made Pokémon case and sharing the experience
  • The gameplay premise and recognition of the ROM hack nature
  • Assessing the quality and worth of bootleg games
  • Gameplay footage and commentary on the ROM hack
  • The controversies and legal implications surrounding bootleg games
  • Nintendo's stance on ROM hacks and intellectual property rights
  • Ethical concerns regarding the creation and sale of bootleg games
  • The recommendation to refrain from purchasing bootleg games


Q: Are these custom-made Pokémon cases officially endorsed by Nintendo? A: No, these custom-made cases with actual games are bootleg products and not officially endorsed by Nintendo.

Q: Should I buy these bootleg Pokémon games? A: It is not recommended to buy these bootleg games due to legal and ethical concerns, as well as potential risks associated with purchasing from unofficial sellers.

Q: Can I trust the quality and authenticity of these bootleg games? A: While the effort to pack ROM hacks within legitimate cartridges may be appreciated, the lack of authorization and potential legal consequences make it difficult to trust these bootleg games.

Q: Is it legal to sell or buy bootleg Pokémon games? A: Selling and buying bootleg Pokémon games infringe upon Nintendo's intellectual property rights and can lead to legal action. It is advised to avoid participating in such activities.

Q: Will the author continue playing the ROM hack games on their channel? A: If there is sufficient interest and demand from the audience, the author may consider continuing the gameplay of these ROM hack games on their channel.

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