Unbox Savings & Upgrade Your Wallet with Etsy

Unbox Savings & Upgrade Your Wallet with Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Savings Update
  3. Unboxing of Envelopes
  4. Simplifying Budgets
  5. The Journey to Becoming a Minimalist
  6. Swapping Envelopes
  7. Changes in Budgeting Approach
  8. Flexibility in Budgeting
  9. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the journey of Toya as she provides an update on her savings progress. We will also delve into her experience with using envelopes for budgeting and her decision to simplify her budgeting process. Additionally, Toya will share her efforts to embrace a minimalist lifestyle and the impact it has on her financial decisions. Let's dive in!

Savings Update

Toya begins by expressing her excitement about her savings progress. She had set a goal to contribute $200 from each paycheck, but she managed to surpass that target. Currently, she has reached the $710 mark and aims to reach $1,000 in the next paycheck. This milestone is significant to Toya as it signifies her journey towards becoming completely debt-free.

Unboxing of Envelopes

Toya recently purchased envelopes from Mary Plans on Etsy. She had high hopes for the quick shipping that was promised by other customers, but she was a bit disappointed with the shipping time. However, she appreciates the personalized touch in the package, including a savings challenge from Mary Plans. Toya shares her excitement as she unboxes the envelopes and showcases each one dedicated to different spending categories such as dining out, fun money, household expenses, groceries, and gas.

Simplifying Budgets

Toya reveals her decision to simplify her budgets. She no longer plans to keep individual trackers inside her envelopes but will track her expenses through receipts and sinking fund trackers instead. This approach will streamline her budgeting process and make it more manageable for her. Toya also considers eliminating the "no spend" challenges in her budgeting journey as they start to feel restrictive and extreme. She emphasizes the importance of finding a budgeting approach that works best for each individual's unique needs.

The Journey to Becoming a Minimalist

Toya shares her interest in embracing a minimalist lifestyle. She reveals her intentions to declutter and simplify her possessions. She also mentions her desire to share her journey towards becoming a minimalist with her viewers. Toya combines her minimalist aspirations with her budgeting practices by transitioning to a single wallet that can also hold her cash envelopes, further streamlining her financial organization.

Swapping Envelopes

Toya demonstrates how she transfers her budgeting system from a binder to a wallet. She shows her viewers the wallet she found during her decluttering process and expresses her excitement about carrying a compact and efficient solution. She arranges the envelopes in the wallet, ensuring they fit perfectly. Toya decides to use the wallet as her sinking fund instead of carrying a separate money envelope, making her financial management even more convenient.

Changes in Budgeting Approach

Toya elaborates on her decision to simplify her budgeting approach further. She no longer plans to keep track of individual spending categories in her envelopes but will rely on receipts for documentation. She explains her intention to track expenses in her sinking funds and discusses the benefits of this revised approach. Toya emphasizes the need for a budget that aligns with personal preferences, avoiding routines that feel burdensome and demotivating.

Flexibility in Budgeting

Toya concludes by offering a reminder that budgets should be flexible and adaptable. She highlights the importance of creating a budget that is enjoyable to follow rather than feeling like a chore. Toya expresses her willingness to make changes to her budget in the coming months and shares her positive experience with allocating savings at the beginning of each pay period. She encourages her viewers to embrace budgeting as a tool that enhances their lives and supports their financial goals.


Toya's savings update and journey towards simplifying her budgeting process provide valuable insights for anyone striving to achieve financial stability. Her experiences with envelopes, minimalism, and personalized budgeting approaches offer inspiration for creating a budgeting system that aligns with individual preferences. By balancing flexibility and discipline, Toya demonstrates the potential for financial success while maintaining a positive and enjoyable relationship with money management.

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