Ultimate Packing Guide: Poshmark Order, Etsy Backpack Unboxing & Home Project

Ultimate Packing Guide: Poshmark Order, Etsy Backpack Unboxing & Home Project

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Long Wait for the Bag
  3. The Arrival and Unboxing of the Bag
  4. The Features of the Bag 4.1. The Design and Color 4.2. The Monogram 4.3. The Size and Pockets
  5. Pros of the Bag
  6. Cons of the Bag
  7. The Excitement and Satisfaction
  8. A Busy Day and a Project in Mind
  9. The Search for Olive Oil Dispensers
  10. The Disappointing Dollar Store Visit
  11. Alternatives for the Project
  12. Final Thoughts and Goodbye

Unboxing and Review of My New Monogram Backpack

The Long Wait for the Bag

In my previous video, I mentioned that I had ordered a new bag from an Etsy shop. After two weeks of waiting, the shop owner messaged me to inform me that the color I originally ordered was out of stock. However, they provided me with an option to choose from their new spring colors or cancel the order altogether. After seeing the pictures of the spring colors, I found one that I liked even better than my original choice. From there, it took about a week for the bag to ship, but unfortunately, it got lost in the mail, causing further delays. Despite the wait, I was thrilled when the package finally arrived.

The Arrival and Unboxing of the Bag

As soon as the cameras were turned off, I couldn't contain my excitement and rushed to open the package. The bag I received was a monogram backpack in a color I had never owned before. The monogram was done in gold, using a modern font that looked stylish and sleek. The bag came with a non-adjustable shoulder strap, along with handles for easy carrying. One of the features I loved was the hidden zipper at the back of the bag, adding an extra touch of convenience. The size of the backpack was perfect, with two interior pockets, two side pockets, and additional zip pockets for storing essentials. The gold stitching and the overall design of the bag exceeded my expectations.

The Features of the Bag

4.1 The Design and Color

The bag's design and color were eye-catching and unique. The pastel color I chose added a touch of elegance and stood out among my other bags. The gold monogram complemented the color perfectly, making the bag even more visually appealing.

4.2 The Monogram

The monogram on the bag was beautifully done in a modern font. The gold color of the monogram added a touch of luxury and sophistication. It was a personalization detail that made the bag feel special and unique.

4.3 The Size and Pockets

The backpack had a spacious interior with two pockets, providing ample space for organizing personal items. The two side pockets were perfect for holding water bottles or small accessories. The additional zip pockets added extra storage options and kept items secure.

Pros of the Bag

The bag's unique design and color made it stand out among other bags in my collection. The gold monogram added a personalized touch, making it feel special and customized. The size and pockets of the backpack provided sufficient storage for various items, ensuring convenience and organization.

Cons of the Bag

One downside of the bag was the non-adjustable shoulder strap. While it had a trendy hobo style, it limited the versatility of wearing it as a backpack. However, this was a minor inconvenience that could easily be overcome by using the handles or removing the strap.

The Excitement and Satisfaction

After waiting patiently for the arrival of the bag, I was thrilled with the end result. The bag exceeded my expectations in terms of design, quality, and functionality. The gold monogram and the unique color made it a standout piece in my collection. The wait was definitely worth the satisfaction I felt when I finally had the bag in my hands.

A Busy Day and a Project in Mind

On a busy day, I had been feeling tired, but I also had a project in mind that I was eager to complete. I needed olive oil dispensers for my kitchen and had initially searched for them at various stores. However, I discovered that the Dollar General had them available online. Excited about the possibility of finding the dispensers, I decided to make a trip to the store.

The Search for Olive Oil Dispensers

I visited the Dollar General store, hoping to find the olive oil dispensers I needed for my project. Unfortunately, they didn't have the specific glass bottles with nozzles that I was looking for. Despite this setback, I found some clear plastic bottles that could serve as an alternative. They weren't exactly what I had in mind, but they were affordable and functional.

Alternatives for the Project

Although I couldn't find the ideal olive oil dispensers, I decided to make the best of the situation and use the clear plastic bottles from the Dollar General. I planned to clean and label them, creating a more aesthetically pleasing display in my kitchen. The bottles would hold my collection of flavored syrups, adding a touch of organization and style to my countertop.

Final Thoughts and Goodbye

In conclusion, the arrival of my new monogram backpack brought immense joy and satisfaction. The bag's design, color, and functionality exceeded my expectations. Despite the slight inconvenience of the non-adjustable shoulder strap, the bag was a valuable addition to my collection. Additionally, the search for olive oil dispensers proved challenging, but I found an alternative solution that would still serve the purpose of my project. Overall, it was a busy and productive day, filled with excitement and creativity. I bid farewell, looking forward to sharing more experiences and projects in the future.


  1. Unboxing and review of a unique monogram backpack from an Etsy shop.
  2. The long wait and challenges faced during the shipping process.
  3. The features of the bag, including its design, color, and functionality.
  4. Pros and cons of the bag, emphasizing its uniqueness and minor drawbacks.
  5. The excitement and satisfaction upon receiving the bag.
  6. The search for olive oil dispensers and the disappointments encountered.
  7. Alternative solutions for the project.
  8. Making the best of the situation and finding creative ways to organize and display items.
  9. The importance of customer feedback regarding vlog length.


Q: Can the shoulder strap of the backpack be adjusted? A: Unfortunately, the shoulder strap of the backpack is non-adjustable. However, it can easily be removed if desired.

Q: Are there pockets inside the backpack? A: Yes, the backpack contains two interior pockets, providing storage space for various items.

Q: How many pockets are there on the outside of the backpack? A: Apart from the two side pockets for water bottles or small accessories, the backpack also has additional zip pockets for added storage options.

Q: What is the color of the monogram on the backpack? A: The monogram on the backpack is gold, adding a touch of luxury and personalization.

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