The Secret to Earning $45,000/Month Selling Digital Products on Etsy

The Secret to Earning $45,000/Month Selling Digital Products on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Bailey's Journey into the Digital World
  3. Transition from Handmade to Print on Demand
  4. Discovering the Digital Side
  5. The Leap into Digital Design
  6. The Success of Bailey Design Co.
  7. Revenue from Etsy and Digital Sales
  8. The Journey of Bailey Design Co.
  9. Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies
  10. The Potential of the Etsy Market
  11. Tips for Newcomers in the Digital Space

Bailey's Journey into the Digital World

Bailey, the founder of Bailey Design Co., has had an incredible journey in the digital space. She started as a handmade seller, creating physical tumblers and other customizable products. However, with the challenges of scalability and time constraints, Bailey decided to explore a more efficient business model. That's when she discovered the world of print on demand. With her knowledge from YouTube tutorials and channels, Bailey successfully ran a custom personalizable store on platforms like Etsy. Despite its success, Bailey soon realized that she wanted to simplify her business further and explore the potential of digital design.

Transition from Handmade to Print on Demand

Pregnant with her third child, Bailey found it challenging to manage the demands of physical product creation and order fulfillment. She knew she needed a more time-effective solution. Bailey decided to delve into print on demand, where she could focus on design creation while leaving production and shipping to printing partners. This transition allowed her to scale her business rapidly, with a growing number of listings and an increase in sales.

Discovering the Digital Side

While experiencing success in the print on demand realm, Bailey became curious about digital products. She wanted to learn how to create the digital versions of the designs she had been making. Despite having no design background, Bailey embarked on a journey of self-teaching. With determination and a leap of faith, she transitioned from print on demand to digital-only listings. Bailey shut down her print on demand side and focused solely on digital designs, a move that would prove to be hugely successful.

The Leap into Digital Design

Bailey's switch to digital design marked a significant turning point in her business. With the help of design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Krita, she honed her skills and started creating high-quality designs. She also utilized platforms like Creative Fabrica to access commercial-use designs, allowing her to diversify her product offerings and cater to a broader range of audience niches. Through trial and error, Bailey found her rhythm, streamlining the design process and maximizing productivity.

The Success of Bailey Design Co.

Bailey's dedication to digital design paid off. Her Etsy shop, Bailey Design Co., quickly gained traction, attracting a loyal customer base and generating substantial revenue. By continually refining her keyword research strategies and staying up to date with market trends, Bailey was able to identify underserved niches within the digital product space. This attention to detail and her commitment to creating quality designs set her apart from the competition.

Revenue from Etsy and Digital Sales

Since transitioning to digital-only listings, Bailey Design Co. has achieved remarkable success on Etsy. The shop has generated over a million dollars in revenue, solidifying its position as one of the top sellers on the platform. With the combination of past print on demand sales and current digital sales, the overall revenue exceeds 1.5 million dollars. Bailey's income continues to grow, with promising results for the current year.

The Journey of Bailey Design Co.

Bailey Design Co. officially launched in January 2022, marking the beginning of a new chapter for Bailey's business. Despite its relatively recent inception, the shop has experienced rapid growth and has already surpassed many established competitors. Bailey's dedication to continuously adding new listings is evident, with over 500 listings created within the first few months. Her ability to cater to multiple styles, holidays, seasons, and occupations has created a versatile product offering that appeals to a wide range of customers.

Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies

Bailey recognized the power of social media and email marketing in growing her business. In May of her first year, she started a Facebook group that quickly gathered more than 8,500 members. This group serves as a community where Bailey can engage with her target audience, share product updates, and gather valuable customer insights. Additionally, Bailey built an email list of 18,000 subscribers by offering free Tumblr wraps as a lead magnet. She leverages her email list to communicate directly with her customers and announce new designs or promotions.

The Potential of the Etsy Market

Despite concerns about market saturation, Bailey firmly believes that there is still ample opportunity for newcomers to thrive in the digital space on Etsy. She emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough keyword research and identifying underserved niches to stand out from the competition. Bailey encourages aspiring sellers to explore products they are passionate about and would enjoy creating for, as this genuine interest will foster better understanding and engagement with the target audience.

Tips for Newcomers in the Digital Space

For individuals looking to start their digital businesses, Bailey offers valuable advice. Firstly, she emphasizes the importance of choosing products and niches that align with personal passion and interest. This ensures a higher level of enjoyment throughout the creation process and a deeper understanding of customer needs. Bailey also highlights the significance of creating quality designs that offer something unique or superior to existing options. Additionally, she underscores the value of email marketing, emphasizing its effectiveness in driving conversions and maintaining direct communication with customers.


  • Bailey Design Co. achieved over a million dollars in revenue within a year of launching.
  • Transitioning from print on demand to digital allowed for rapid growth and scalability.
  • Keyword research and design quality are crucial for success in the digital product space.
  • Bailey's social media and email marketing strategies have proven effective in building a strong customer base.
  • The Etsy market still offers ample opportunities for newcomers, especially in underserved niches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much revenue has Bailey Design Co. generated? A: Bailey Design Co. has generated over a million dollars in revenue since its launch, with a projection of 1.5 million by the end of the current year.

Q: What tools does Bailey use for design and mock-ups? A: Bailey primarily uses Adobe Illustrator and Krita for design, while Photoshop is her go-to software for mock-ups.

Q: Is the Etsy market saturated for digital products? A: No, Bailey believes there are still plenty of opportunities in the Etsy market, especially when targeting underserved niches and providing quality designs.

Q: How did Bailey grow her social media presence? A: Bailey started a Facebook group with over 8,500 members and built an email list of 18,000 subscribers by offering free Tumblr wraps as a lead magnet.

Q: What tips does Bailey have for newcomers in the digital space? A: Bailey advises newcomers to choose products they are passionate about, conduct thorough keyword research, and focus on creating quality designs. She also highlights the importance of implementing email marketing strategies for direct customer communication.

Q: Is a design background necessary to succeed in the digital product space? A: No, Bailey is proof that a design background is not a requirement for success. Through self-teaching and utilizing design tools, anyone can learn to create compelling digital designs.

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