Stunning Boho Naked Junk Journals - Limited Stock!

Stunning Boho Naked Junk Journals - Limited Stock!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The First Junk Journal: Naked and Antique
    • 2.1 Antique Book Cover from the 1920s
    • 2.2 Handmade Indian Paper
    • 2.3 Lace Embellishment and Pocket
    • 2.4 Boheimian and Vintage Theme
  3. The Second Junk Journal: One Signature Wonder
    • 3.1 Unique Cover made from Packaging
    • 3.2 Distressed and Sturdy Cover
    • 3.3 Dangles and Twine Binding
    • 3.4 Similar Pages from Digital Kits
  4. Conclusion

The Art of Creating Naked Junk Journals

In the world of crafting and journaling enthusiasts, there's a special place for naked junk journals. These journals provide a blank canvas for creativity, allowing artists to decorate and fill the pages in their own unique styles. In this article, we'll explore two sweet little junk journals and delve into the different approaches taken to bring them to life. From antique book covers to handmade paper and intricate embellishments, these journals are brimming with charm and personality. So, let's dive in and discover the art of creating naked junk journals.

The First Junk Journal: Naked and Antique

The first journal we'll explore is adorned with an antique book cover from the 1920s titled "Perfect Behavior: A Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen in All Social Crisis" by Donald Ogden Stewart. This well-preserved book cover adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance to the journal. Inside, you'll find handmade Indian paper sourced from World Market, featuring intricate gold painting that adds a touch of luxury. To make the pages even more delightful, a lace embellishment graces the edges, creating a beautiful and delicate border. Additionally, a pocket is thoughtfully added for you to include your own personal treasures. The interior of the journal consists of a captivating blend of digital kit papers, showcasing a bohemian and vintage theme. Every page tells a unique story, making it a perfect companion for writing, reflecting, and preserving memories.

The Second Junk Journal: One Signature Wonder

In contrast to the first journal, the second junk journal follows a different approach. This journal features a single signature, allowing for a more compact and streamlined design. The cover of this journal is made from repurposed packaging material, showcasing the endless possibilities of creativity. The sturdy yet flexible cover is given a distressed look, with imperfect edges that add character. A delicate lace print from a digital kit by Ruby and Pearl XO adds a touch of femininity, while fabric scraps and messy stitching create an eclectic and bohemian aesthetic. The absence of pockets allows for a minimalist design, perfect for those who prefer a more simplistic approach. Inside, you'll find a similar selection of digital kit papers and tea-dyed sheets, providing ample room for writing, sketching, or adding your own personal touches. Embrace the freedom to expand and customize this journal to suit your creative desires.

In conclusion, naked junk journals offer a blank canvas for your creative expression. Whether adorned with antique book covers or repurposed packaging, these journals invite you to embark on a journey of self-expression and storytelling. With each turn of the page, you'll discover a world of possibilities waiting to be filled with your unique thoughts, memories, and dreams. So, grab your pens, paints, and embellishments, and let your creativity run wild in the pages of these enchanting journals.


  • Antique book cover from the 1920s adds a touch of nostalgia to the first journal.
  • Handmade Indian paper from World Market showcases intricate gold painting.
  • Lace embellishment and a pocket provide opportunities for personalization.
  • Digital kit papers create a bohemian and vintage theme throughout the first journal.
  • The second journal features a repurposed packaging cover for a unique and sturdy design.
  • Distressed edges and messy stitching add character and an eclectic aesthetic.
  • Both journals offer ample room for writing, sketching, and personal embellishments.
  • Embrace the freedom to expand and customize these journals to suit your creative desires.


Q: Can I add my own photographs to these journals?

A: Absolutely! These journals provide ample space for adding photographs and writing about them.

Q: What materials were used for the covers of these journals?

A: The first journal features an antique book cover from the 1920s, while the second journal is made from repurposed packaging material.

Q: Are these journals suitable as gifts?

A: Yes, these journals make wonderful gifts for creative individuals who enjoy journaling and crafting.

Q: Can I use these journals for purposes other than writing?

A: Definitely! These journals can be customized for various purposes, such as scrapbooking, sketching, or even as a planner.

Q: Are the papers used in these journals suitable for various art mediums?

A: The papers in these journals are versatile and work well with a variety of art mediums, including pens, paints, and markers.

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