Stay Protected with Etsy's Purchase Protection Program

Stay Protected with Etsy's Purchase Protection Program

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Etsy Purchase Protection Program?
  3. Eligibility for the Program
  4. How Does the Program Work?
  5. Orders Eligible for Protection
  6. Cases Covered by the Program
  7. Limitations of the Program
  8. Steps to Comply and Be Eligible
  9. Thoughts and Considerations
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to the Squeak and Shout Show with me, Sam! In this video, I will be discussing the newly launched Etsy Purchase Protection Program. This program aims to provide buyers and sellers with a purchase protection plan, ensuring a smooth transaction process and resolving any issues that may arise during the buying and selling process on Etsy. In this article, we will dive deeper into the details of this program, its eligibility criteria, how it works, and what sellers need to do to comply with the program guidelines.

1. What is the Etsy Purchase Protection Program?

The Etsy Purchase Protection Program is a new initiative introduced by Etsy to safeguard the interests of both buyers and sellers on their platform. It serves as a purchase protection plan that offers financial coverage in the event of disputes or issues related to orders, ensuring a fair resolution for all parties involved. The program ensures that buyers receive the products they ordered, and sellers are protected from fraudulent claims or unfair refund requests.

2. Eligibility for the Program

In order to be eligible for the Etsy Purchase Protection Program, sellers need to meet certain criteria. Firstly, all orders must have valid tracking information, regardless of whether they are shipped or picked up. Secondly, sellers must use Etsy Payments as their preferred method of collecting payments. This ensures that all financial transactions are securely processed on the Etsy platform. Additionally, orders must be shipped to the address specified by the customer during the order placement process.

3. How Does the Program Work?

The Etsy Purchase Protection Program works by providing financial coverage to buyers in certain situations where a case is opened against a seller. If a buyer opens a case due to non-delivery of their order or if they receive an order that does not match the listing's accuracy, Etsy will step in and refund the buyer up to the value of $250, including postage and tax. This relieves sellers from the burden of refunding the buyer out of their own pocket, provided they have followed all the necessary guidelines and are not at fault.

4. Orders Eligible for Protection

Under the new purchase protection scheme, there are two types of orders that are eligible for coverage. First, orders that have not been delivered to the customer are eligible. These include cases where the package is lost in transit or delayed beyond the expected delivery date. Second, cases opened against sellers regarding the listing's accuracy are covered. This means that if a customer receives an item that does not match the description or photos provided in the listing, they can open a case under this program for resolution.

5. Cases Covered by the Program

The Etsy Purchase Protection Program focuses on resolving cases where a buyer is dissatisfied with their order and opens a dispute against the seller. The program aims to ensure fair treatment for buyers while protecting sellers from unjust refund requests. However, it's important to note that the program does not cover cases of damage during shipping, except under extreme circumstances or international orders involving customs. Each seller is allowed one case per rolling 12 months related to order damage.

6. Limitations of the Program

While the Etsy Purchase Protection Program offers valuable benefits to both buyers and sellers, it also has limitations to consider. The program does not cover cases of damage during transit, as this is typically the responsibility of the shipping carrier. Sellers are expected to carefully package their items to prevent damage during transit. Additionally, the program is subject to eligibility criteria and guidelines set by Etsy, and sellers must comply with all the requirements in order to be eligible for protection.

7. Steps to Comply and Be Eligible

To ensure eligibility for the Etsy Purchase Protection Program, sellers need to follow certain steps outlined by Etsy. These steps include having valid tracking information for all orders, using Etsy Payments as the preferred payment method, shipping orders to the customer's provided address, carefully packaging orders, adhering to the advertised processing time, having correct and updated shop policies, and maintaining a good standing with Etsy in terms of policy adherence.

8. Thoughts and Considerations

The Etsy Purchase Protection Program presents both advantages and considerations for sellers. On one hand, it offers sellers a safety net in situations where loss or dissatisfaction occurs, providing financial coverage and protecting them from potential financial losses. However, it's important to approach the program with a balanced perspective. While the program may benefit sellers in certain circumstances, it is ultimately designed to protect Etsy's interests by ensuring fair transactions and maintaining buyer satisfaction.

9. Conclusion

The Etsy Purchase Protection Program aims to create a secure and fair buying and selling environment on Etsy. By offering financial coverage and resolving disputes between buyers and sellers, the program provides peace of mind for both parties involved in transactions. Sellers need to familiarize themselves with the program guidelines and take necessary steps to comply with the eligibility criteria to fully utilize the benefits offered by the program. It is a valuable initiative that can help maintain trust and satisfaction within the Etsy community.


  • Etsy has introduced the Purchase Protection Program to safeguard the interests of buyers and sellers.
  • The program offers financial coverage in cases of non-delivery or inaccurate listings.
  • Sellers need to meet certain eligibility criteria to participate in the program.
  • Buyers can be refunded up to $250, including postage and tax, under the program.
  • Cases of damage during shipping are not covered, except under extreme circumstances.
  • Sellers must follow specific steps to comply with the program guidelines and be eligible for protection.
  • The program benefits both buyers and sellers but ultimately serves the best interests of Etsy.


Q: Are international orders covered under the Etsy Purchase Protection Program? A: Yes, international orders are eligible for coverage under the program, including cases involving customs.

Q: How many cases of order damage can a seller refund under the program? A: Sellers are allowed one case per rolling 12 months for orders damaged during shipping.

Q: What if a seller is unable to comply with all the eligibility criteria? A: Sellers who are unable to meet the eligibility criteria may not be able to take advantage of the program.

Q: Is the program optional for sellers, or is it mandatory? A: The program is not mandatory for sellers, but participating in it can provide additional protection and benefits.

Q: Can sellers appeal a decision made by Etsy under the program? A: It is recommended to contact Etsy directly for any concerns or issues regarding decisions made under the program.

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