Save Money on Etsy Shipping: Ship Stickers with Tracking for Just 57 Cents!

Save Money on Etsy Shipping: Ship Stickers with Tracking for Just 57 Cents!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Changes in Shipping Methods
  3. Reasons for Changes
  4. Domestic Shipping Only
  5. Machinable Envelopes and Letters
  6. Etsy's Tracking Requirement
  7. Setting Up Fixed Price Shipping on Etsy
  8. Creating a Shipping Profile
  9. Purchasing a Shipping Label
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we will revisit the topic of shipping stickers using Etsy's tracking option. Over the past year, there have been changes in the shipping methods and requirements for domestic orders within the United States. We will explore the reasons behind these changes and how they can simplify the shipping process for Etsy sellers. Whether you are new to shipping stickers or looking to optimize your current methods, this article will provide you with valuable information and step-by-step instructions.

Changes in Shipping Methods

Since my previous video on shipping stickers, there have been significant changes in the way I handle shipping. I have stopped shipping stickers with stamps and shifted to including tracking through Etsy. This change was prompted by the fact that the cost of shipping with tracking through Etsy is almost the same as using a stamp. Additionally, international shipping has been temporarily suspended by USPS, making it more complicated for me to handle. Therefore, this article will focus on domestic shipping within the United States.

Reasons for Changes

The decision to switch from stamp shipping to Etsy's tracking option was driven by multiple factors. Firstly, the cost of shipping with tracking through Etsy is comparable to using a stamp, making it a more viable option. Secondly, Etsy is the only platform that provides this type of tracking for lightweight objects like stickers. Therefore, it makes sense to utilize Etsy for this purpose. Lastly, USPS has temporarily halted international shipping, further cementing the need to focus on domestic orders. By addressing these changes, I aim to provide clarity and guidance for sellers who may have questions or concerns.

Domestic Shipping Only

Due to the temporary suspension of international shipping by USPS, this article will solely cover domestic shipping within the United States. If you are shipping outside the United States, this specific tracking option through Etsy will not be available to you. It is vital to note that the inclusion of tracking within Etsy is restricted to shipping within the United States. By limiting the scope of this article to domestic shipping, we can ensure we provide accurate and relevant information to sellers.

Machinable Envelopes and Letters

When utilizing Etsy's tracking option for stickers or lightweight objects, it is crucial to understand the limitations. Only machinable envelopes and letters can be shipped using this specific tracking service. Machinable items refer to those that are bendable or flexible. It is important to ensure that your packaging meets the requirements for machinability; otherwise, the tracking option may not be applicable. Rigid objects are not eligible for this type of shipping service.

Etsy's Tracking Requirement

Etsy has implemented a requirement that any item priced over ten dollars must be shipped with tracking. Therefore, it is highly recommended that sellers use Etsy's tracking option for their shop. By adhering to this requirement, sellers can avoid any potential issues or disputes that may arise from untracked shipments. Although it may seem like an additional step, shipping with tracking brings peace of mind and ensures a smoother transaction process.

Setting Up Fixed Price Shipping on Etsy

To utilize Etsy's tracking option, it is necessary to set up fixed price shipping for your listings. This allows you to include the cost of postage and any shipping supplies in a single price. By doing so, you eliminate the need to manually calculate shipping costs for each item. This section will guide you through the process of setting up fixed price shipping in your Etsy shop.

To begin, access your shop manager and navigate to the "Listings" section. Choose the listing you wish to apply the fixed price shipping to and scroll down until you find the shipping options. If you already have presets in place, you can proceed with those. However, for demonstration purposes, we will set up a custom shipping option from scratch.

Click on "Enter custom shipping options" and ensure that the "Calculate costs" option is disabled. This ensures that you have control over the pricing and can set a fixed price that includes postage and shipping supplies. Select "United States" as the shipping destination and enter the size of the envelope or package you intend to use. Keep in mind that only envelopes are eligible for the specific tracking option being discussed.

Specify the weight of the item (in this case, stickers) and input the dimensions of the envelope. It is essential to ensure the dimensions are accurate to avoid any discrepancies in shipping costs. Next, select the USPS First Class Mail option under "Shipping Service." Choose the "Fixed Price" option and add the cost of postage plus your shipping supplies. Include any additional fees you may charge for multiple items or to cover listing fees.

Creating a Shipping Profile

To streamline the shipping process and avoid repetitive manual entries, it is recommended to create a shipping profile. This allows you to save the preset settings for future use, saving time and effort. To create a shipping profile, click on "Save as a shipping profile" after confirming all the necessary details. You can provide a name for the profile, such as "Letters" or any other relevant identifier.

By saving a preset shipping profile, you can easily apply it to future listings without having to input the same information repeatedly. This feature enhances efficiency and simplifies the overall shipping process.

Purchasing a Shipping Label

When it comes time to ship an order, Etsy provides a convenient method for purchasing shipping labels. By following a few simple steps, you can generate a shipping label that includes the necessary tracking information. This section will walk you through the process of purchasing a shipping label using Etsy's tracking option.

Start by navigating to one of your sold orders and click on the shipping details. From there, select "Get Shipping Labels." If you have a saved preset for fixed price shipping, you can choose that option. However, for demonstration purposes, we will go through the process from scratch.

Choose "Letter" as the package type and enter the weight and dimensions of your envelope. It is important to remember that letters need to have a specific height (0.25 inches) for the tracking option to work correctly. Once you have entered the necessary information, Etsy will calculate the shipping cost based on the weight and dimensions.

Review the shipping label details, including the return address and customer's address, which will appear just like a regular letter. If everything looks accurate, you can proceed to purchase the shipping label. By following these steps, you can efficiently ship your stickers or lightweight objects while providing tracking information to your customers.


In conclusion, shipping stickers using Etsy's tracking option can simplify the shipping process, provide peace of mind, and meet the requirements for domestic orders within the United States. By understanding the changes in shipping methods and following the step-by-step instructions outlined in this article, Etsy sellers can optimize their shipping practices and ensure a smooth transaction experience for both themselves and their customers.

Remember, by utilizing Etsy's tracking option, you can provide added security and transparency to your customers, enhancing their trust in your shop. While international shipping may currently be unavailable, focusing on domestic orders allows you to streamline your processes and deliver excellent service within your own country.

With the information provided in this article, you are now equipped with the knowledge and tools to efficiently ship stickers and lightweight objects using Etsy's tracking option. Implement these methods into your shop and enjoy a hassle-free shipping experience that benefits you and your customers.

Note: Please refer to the description for important links and screenshots related to USPS's temporary suspension of international shipping.


  • Revisiting the topic of shipping stickers and the changes since the previous video
  • Switching from stamp shipping to Etsy's tracking option
  • Temporary suspension of international shipping by USPS
  • The restriction of Etsy's tracking option to domestic orders within the United States
  • Machinable envelopes and letters for utilizing Etsy's tracking option
  • Etsy's requirement for tracking on items priced over ten dollars
  • Setting up fixed price shipping on Etsy
  • Creating a shipping profile for convenience and efficiency
  • Purchasing a shipping label with the necessary tracking information
  • Improving the shipping process for Etsy sellers and customers


Q: Can I use Etsy's tracking option for shipping on other platforms? A: No, Etsy is currently the only platform that provides this type of tracking option for lightweight objects like stickers.

Q: Why did you stop shipping international orders? A: USPS has temporarily suspended international shipping, making it complicated to handle. Additionally, the cost and logistics became challenging for me.

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