Running a Full Time Etsy Shop: Packing 180 Orders!

Running a Full Time Etsy Shop: Packing 180 Orders!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Busy Day Packing Orders
  3. Designing Enamel Pin Backing Cards
  4. Organizing the Office Space
  5. Conclusion


In this article, we will delve into the busy day of a small business owner who is packing orders for a successful Valentine's Day card sale. We will also explore the process of designing enamel pin backing cards and organizing the office space. So, let's dive in and discover the behind-the-scenes of running a small business.

Busy Day Packing Orders

The day starts off with a motivated small business owner excited about the number of orders received. She has already had 391 sales, primarily Valentine's Day cards, and is determined to pack them all today. The numerous labels and cards awaiting her attention illustrate the volume of orders she needs to tackle. As she starts the process, she mentions the challenge of filming the packing for ASMR footage, which tends to take longer than usual. She prioritizes efficiency but considers filming as a possibility later.

Designing Enamel Pin Backing Cards

Once the orders are packed, the small business owner shifts her focus to designing backing cards for the upcoming enamel pins. She shares her excitement about the pins, explaining that they have yet to be manufactured. She has already received proofs that she's happy with and plans to send them off once payment is sorted. She shows a first draft of a smiley rainbow design with a blue background, white gradient, and doodled cards and sparkles. She also showcases a peach design with a simple peach-to-white gradient. She's pleased with the designs and plans to get them printed to maintain the cohesive theme.

Organizing the Office Space

After completing the backing card designs, the small business owner decides to organize her office space. She purchases pastel-colored crates from a small business and uses them to tidy up her top shelf, where she keeps her mugs and miscellaneous items. She showcases three crates: a lovely green shade called melon, a beautiful bright blue called Arctic blue, and a vibrant baby pink crate. She arranges them on the top shelf with her light box and mugs, creating an attractive and organized space.


This article provided an inside look into the hectic yet rewarding day of a small business owner. From packing orders to designing enamel pin backing cards and organizing the office space, she showcases the dedication and passion required to run a successful business. It's clear that her enthusiasm and attention to detail contribute to her achievements in the crafting industry.

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