Regretting the Mistake: A Story of Missed Opportunity

Regretting the Mistake: A Story of Missed Opportunity

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Role of a Tarot Reader
  3. The Rejection Card: Four of Cups
  4. Understanding the Nine of Swords
  5. The Fear of Rejection
  6. The Golden Question: Why Are They Not Taking Action?
  7. The Fear of Judgment: The Reason for Inaction
  8. The Importance of Detachment
  9. Becoming the Empress: Putting Yourself First
  10. Attracting Positive Energy: The Power of Self-Love
  11. The Chaos in Their Mind: The Seven of Cups
  12. The Future: The Ten of Cups and the Wheel of Fortune
  13. Facing Their Fear: The Fear of Failed Relationships
  14. Communication and a Major Move Towards You
  15. The Importance of Letting Them Pursue You
  16. Conclusion


Welcome to this reading where we delve into the intricate dynamics of a relationship. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind a person's rejection, their fear of rejection, and how you can navigate this complex situation. Through understanding their mindset and focusing on self-love, you can attract positive energy and make progress in this relationship.

The Role of a Tarot Reader

As a tarot reader, my goal is to provide guidance and insights into various aspects of life. Whether it's through personal tarot readings or intention items, I am here to help you manifest love, money, success, career, and healing. Throughout this article, I will draw upon tarot cards to shed light on the situation at hand.

The Rejection Card: Four of Cups

The Four of Cups represents rejection and pushing someone away. It signifies a lack of acknowledgment and action towards a person. If you have felt the cold energy from someone who has rejected you, this card resonates with your situation. It is frustrating and leaves you with feelings of sadness and grief.

Understanding the Nine of Swords

The presence of the Nine of Swords indicates a parallel struggle between both parties. While you are plagued by thoughts of the person who rejected you, they, too, face inner turmoil. They experience guilt and regret for causing you pain, but they struggle to process their own actions.

The Fear of Rejection

The question that lingers in your mind is why they have not taken any action towards you. The answer lies in their fear of judgment. Having treated you poorly, they are now apprehensive about facing potential rejection from you. They fear that if they come forward and express themselves, you may reject them in return.

The Golden Question: Why Are They Not Taking Action?

You may wonder why they shrink away and keep their emotions hidden. The answer is simple: they do not want to risk rejection. The very thought of you rejecting them is uncomfortable and unsettling. They prefer to keep their emotions suppressed rather than face the possibility of your rejection.

The Importance of Detachment

In this situation, detachment is vital. By focusing on yourself and putting your well-being first, you create an attractive energy that draws others towards you. Detaching allows both parties to understand themselves better and provides the space necessary for the other person to come forward.

Becoming the Empress: Putting Yourself First

Imagine yourself as the embodiment of the Empress energy. Regardless of whether this person comes back into your life, prioritize self-love and self-care. When you exude confidence and prioritize your own needs, you become a magnet for positive opportunities and the relationships you desire.

Attracting Positive Energy: The Power of Self-Love

Putting yourself first and loving yourself unconditionally are the keys to attracting positive energy. By lifting your vibrational energy through rituals and intention items, you create a space for this person to feel drawn to you. Detachment, coupled with self-love, acts as a trigger for them to realize the value you hold.

The Chaos in Their Mind: The Seven of Cups

While they may not be taking immediate action, they constantly think about you. The presence of the Seven of Cups suggests that their mind is filled with chaos. They experience overwhelming thoughts and feel pulled in multiple directions due to various demands from others. This chaos is a significant obstacle they need to overcome.

The Future: The Ten of Cups and the Wheel of Fortune

Despite their current inaction, they yearn for a fulfilling relationship. The presence of the Ten of Cups and the Wheel of Fortune indicate that they see you as a life partner. They desire a stable and loving connection with you, but they need time to prepare themselves emotionally.

Facing Their Fear: The Fear of Failed Relationships

One of the reasons they pushed you away is their fear of failed relationships. They believe that this relationship could follow the same pattern of disappointment and rejection. This fear, coupled with their fear of abandonment and rejection, has shaped their actions towards you.

Communication and a Major Move Towards You

As they navigate through their fears and personal growth, they will reach a point of reflection. They will realize their mistake in pushing you away and will feel compelled to communicate their true feelings. The Magician card signals that they will initiate communication with you, expressing their emotions and desires.

The Importance of Letting Them Pursue You

To facilitate their journey towards you, it is crucial to let them take the lead. They find comfort in pursuing and making their own decisions. By allowing them the space and freedom to act on their own terms, they will feel more at ease in coming forward and fully expressing themselves.


In this complex situation, it is important to understand the fears and emotions that drive their actions. While their rejection may have caused you distress, it is essential to focus on yourself and practice self-love. By embodying the Empress energy and attracting positive energy through detachment, you create the perfect environment for this person to realize their mistake and pursue you once again.

Please note that this reading is meant to provide guidance and insights. The ultimate decisions and actions are in your hands. Trust yourself and prioritize your well-being throughout this journey.


  • Understanding the rejection and cold energy from someone
  • Exploring the fear of rejection and judgment that prevents action
  • Importance of detachment and self-love in attracting positive energy
  • Letting them pursue you for a more comfortable and authentic connection


Q: How can I overcome the pain of rejection? A: The healing process starts with prioritizing self-love and self-care. Focus on activities and practices that bring you joy and promote inner peace. Surround yourself with a supportive community and seek professional help if needed.

Q: Can I initiate contact with the person who rejected me? A: It is recommended to let them come to you. Allowing them the freedom to pursue and take action gives them a sense of control, which helps alleviate their fear of rejection. Express your feelings and desires but let them take the lead in moving forward.

Q: How long should I wait for them to reach out? A: There is no set timeframe for when they will come forward. Each individual's journey is unique. Focus on your own growth and let things unfold naturally. Trust that the right timing will align for both of you.

Q: What if they never come back? A: The most important aspect of this process is taking care of yourself. Regardless of whether they return, prioritize self-love and personal growth. Trust that the universe will bring the right person into your life, whether it is this individual or someone better suited for you.

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