Rare Vintage Bostok Watches: Exquisite Unboxing

Rare Vintage Bostok Watches: Exquisite Unboxing

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing Part 1 2.1. Purchase from Etsy 2.2. Condition of the Watches
  3. Unboxing Part 2 3.1. Traditional Vostok Watch 3.2. Franken Watches
  4. The Appeal of Vostok Watches 4.1. Eastern European Aesthetic 4.2. Durability and Reliability
  5. Reviewing the Unboxed Watches 5.1. The Weird Lion's Head Watch 5.2. The Watch with the Crown at Two O'Clock
  6. Repairing and Servicing the Watches 6.1. Working with Watch Parts 6.2. Cleaning and Fixing the Movements
  7. Conclusion


In this article, we will be exploring the unboxing of a collection of Vostok watches purchased from Etsy. The watches were obtained in two separate shipments, and we will discuss the condition of the watches and the expectations surrounding their functionality. We will also delve into the appeal of Vostok watches, their unique aesthetic, and their reputation for durability and reliability.

Unboxing Part 1

The first shipment of the Vostok watches arrived, and we eagerly opened the package to see the contents. These watches were purchased from a seller on Etsy, located in the Russian Federation. It was evident from the package that these watches had a distinct Russian influence. The first box contained the requested items, including a watch that was actually running. However, it is important to note that the price paid for these watches reflects the understanding that they were in need of repair. Therefore, it would be unfair to judge the store owner based on the condition of these watches, as the buyer was fully aware of what they were getting into.

Unboxing Part 2

The second shipment of Vostok watches presented a new set of items to explore. Among the items was another watch movement without the case back, but this one had a more traditional Vostok design with the crown positioned at three o'clock. The dial was somewhat unconventional, but it was clear that this particular movement would require extensive repairs. It is worth mentioning that the seller's Etsy website showcased intriguing sculptures made from Vostok watch parts, showcasing their creativity and ingenuity.

The Appeal of Vostok Watches

Vostok watches have gained a dedicated following due to their unique charm and aesthetic. Many collectors and enthusiasts are drawn to the Eastern European or former Russian style that these watches embody. Upon repairing these watches, their durability and reliability become apparent, making them virtually "bulletproof" once serviced.

Reviewing the Unboxed Watches

Among the watches unboxed, there were some standout pieces that caught our attention. One particularly peculiar watch had a cracked appearance and featured a distinctive lion's head design. Its unconventional design made us question its purpose. Additionally, there was a square watch that stood out due to its distinct shape and vintage appeal. These watches exemplify the diversity and quirkiness found in Vostok timepieces.

Repairing and Servicing the Watches

Given that these watches were purchased with the intention of repairing them, it was no surprise that they required some work. While some of the watches were priced as low as two dollars, it is essential to understand that the buyer did not get ripped off. These watches are known for their forgiving nature, and with proper servicing, they can be restored to their former glory. Cleaning the watches and fixing the movements will be the first step in the repair process, bringing them back to their original condition.


The unboxing of these Vostok watches from Etsy has allowed us to explore the world of Russian timepieces and delve into their unique aesthetic. We have seen the potential that lies within these watches and the opportunity to revive them through repairs and servicing. The journey of restoring these watches and creating functional timepieces is both challenging and rewarding. Stay tuned for updates on the progress and transformation of these Vostok watches.

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