Organize and Create: Studio Vlog 21

Organize and Create: Studio Vlog 21

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Excitement for Package Delivery
  3. Designing Business Cards
  4. Organizing Stickers with Manila Folders
  5. Creating Dividers with a Cricut Machine
  6. Printing Challenges and Solutions
  7. Using Erasable Pens for Reusability
  8. Organizing Stickers with Dividers
  9. Makeup Inspiration from Michelle Phan
  10. Enjoying Bubble Tea with Friends
  11. Trying Jerk Chicken for the First Time
  12. Desk Stain Disaster
  13. Conclusion


In this article, we will embark on a journey through the daily life of the author as they share their thoughts, experiences, and moments of excitement. From eagerly awaiting package deliveries to creating business cards and organizing stickers, the author takes us through a variety of activities and mishaps. We'll also delve into their foray into makeup, a fun outing for bubble tea, and their first taste of jerk chicken. Join us as we explore the ups and downs of the author's day-to-day adventures.

1. The Excitement for Package Delivery

The author begins their day with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the arrival of several packages. They express their excitement and the joy of tracking their packages' progress hourly. However, they also mention the frustration of delivery personnel never ringing the doorbell. Despite this, the author looks forward to the fun projects they have planned with the items they ordered.

2. Designing Business Cards

As the packages finally arrive, the author shares their excitement about receiving the materials needed to design new business cards. They describe the specific qualities of the extra thick 5x7 cards they ordered and their dedication to creating professional-looking designs for their business. The author reveals their morning routine and the rush to start work after a slight delay.

3. Organizing Stickers with Manila Folders

The author discusses their previous method of organizing stickers with makeshift dividers made from index cards. They mention a sticker group they're a part of and their discovery of cute manila dividers in 4x6 size. However, since they need larger dividers, they explain their decision to utilize their Cricut machine to create custom dividers using the purchased manila folders. This solution saves them money and offers the perfect size for their stickers.

4. Creating Dividers with a Cricut Machine

Delving deeper into the process of creating dividers, the author shares their journey of cutting out tabs using their Cricut machine. They provide insights into the efficiency of this technique, emphasizing its usefulness for sticker collectors or those running sticker businesses. By highlighting the cost-effectiveness of cutting their own dividers, the author shows their resourcefulness and ability to save money.

5. Printing Challenges and Solutions

The author faces challenges when printing their designs due to the issue of borderless printing. They explain the frustration of their images being cut off and share their final solution of setting the paper size to a larger dimension. This adjustment allows them to achieve the desired borderless prints for their business cards. The author mentions the failed test prints they accumulated during this process.

6. Using Erasable Pens for Reusability

In a savvy money-saving tip, the author suggests using erasable pens when writing on sticker dividers. They explain the benefits of this approach, allowing users to erase names or details on the dividers for reuse. This versatility helps eliminate waste and makes it easier to update or remove information as needed.

7. Organizing Stickers with Dividers

The author proudly showcases the results of organizing their stickers with the newly created dividers. They express their satisfaction with the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the organized collection. Each divider represents a different sticker sheet style, and the author details their thoughtful arrangement of the dividers for easy access to specific designs.

8. Makeup Inspiration from Michelle Phan

The author shares their decision to wear makeup after being inspired by a photo of Michelle Phan. They mention their lack of regular makeup usage and their reliance on glasses. However, with the recent switch to contacts, the author seizes the opportunity to experiment with an orangey makeup look. They humbly acknowledge that their makeup skills may not match Phan's expertise, but are pleased with the end result.

9. Enjoying Bubble Tea with Friends

Breaking away from their daily routine, the author excitedly embarks on an outing with friends to a newly opened bubble tea shop. They share the irresistible allure of a buy two, get one free promotion, emphasizing their love for bubble tea. The author mentions the taste of the milk tea and the unique golden bubbles the shop uses. They include visuals of their delicious meal and express their happiness.

10. Trying Jerk Chicken for the First Time

Continuing their culinary exploration, the author chronicles their first experience with jerk chicken. They express their excitement and reveal their previous encounter with jerk chicken poutine, but consider this their first true taste of authentic jerk chicken. They describe the flavors and their enjoyment of the dish, but note that the chicken could have been more tender.

11. Desk Stain Disaster

The author encounters an unexpected mishap when a plastic bag containing food stains their desk. They express frustration regarding their attempts to remove the stain using alcohol. Despite their efforts to salvage the situation, the author concludes that the stained portion of the desk is the best they can achieve. They worry about potential damage to the desk's finish.

12. Conclusion

In conclusion, the author invites readers to join them on this eventful journey through their daily life. The article highlights moments of excitement, productivity, and unexpected challenges. From package deliveries and creative projects to makeup experimentation and culinary delights, the author provides an engaging narrative filled with personal experiences. They leave readers with a sense of anticipation for their next adventure.


  • Eagerly awaiting package deliveries and tracking their progress
  • Designing business cards with extra thick 5x7 cards
  • Creating custom dividers with a Cricut machine for organizing stickers
  • Overcoming printing challenges with borderless prints
  • Using erasable pens for reusable sticker divider labels
  • Organizing sticker collections with aesthetic and functional dividers
  • Makeup inspiration from Michelle Phan and experimenting with an orangey look
  • Enjoying a bubble tea outing with friends and trying jerk chicken for the first time
  • Dealing with a desk stain disaster and concerns over potential damage


Q: How can I track my package deliveries effectively? A: The author suggests checking the tracking information regularly and staying updated through online platforms provided by courier services.

Q: What is the benefit of using a Cricut machine for creating dividers? A: The Cricut machine offers precision cutting, allowing you to create custom dividers to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Q: Can I reuse sticker dividers? A: Yes, by using erasable pens when labeling dividers, you can easily erase and re-label them for future use.

Q: How can I remove stains from my desk? A: While using alcohol is often effective for removing stains, it doesn't guarantee complete removal. Additionally, there is a risk of damaging the desk's finish.

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