Optimize Order Tracking on Etsy with Printify

Optimize Order Tracking on Etsy with Printify

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Challenges of Managing Multiple Tracking Numbers
  3. Solutions for Managing Multiple Tracking Numbers
    1. Option 1: Manual Notification
    2. Option 2: Regularly Checking Order Status
  4. Conclusion


If you sell various products in your Etsy print-on-demand store, you may have encountered the issue of customers ordering different types of items in the same order. This often results in the need for multiple tracking numbers and can be challenging to manage both for you and your customers. In this article, we will discuss some simple ways to handle this situation and keep your customers updated without confusion or frustration.

Challenges of Managing Multiple Tracking Numbers

When using a platform like Printify, there are certain limitations in place when it comes to handling multiple tracking numbers for Etsy orders. Partial order fulfillment is not currently supported by Etsy, which means you can't load a tracking number without marking the order as complete. This means that only the first tracking number that syncs with an order will be recorded, and any additional tracking information will not update the order record automatically. This limitation requires manual intervention to ensure all tracking numbers are uploaded.

Solutions for Managing Multiple Tracking Numbers

While there is no automated solution available to handle multiple tracking numbers seamlessly, there are still a couple of options you can explore to ensure your customers receive the necessary tracking information.

Option 1: Manual Notification

One approach is to manually add your email address to the order before submitting it. By doing this, you will receive a notification when the tracking numbers are loaded and the order is fulfilled. This serves as a reminder for you to manually add the additional tracking information to the order. Simply open the order, edit it to include your email address, and check the box to send a shipping notification. This way, you will receive an email containing the tracking information, and the customer will receive the standard Etsy notification.

Option 2: Regularly Checking Order Status

Another method involves regularly checking your orders to identify those with multiple items. When viewing your orders page, look for orders with the status "Multiple." This status indicates that an order has more than one item, each with a different tracking status. By checking the order status every other day, you can manually add the second tracking number to the order record. While this option may require more frequent monitoring, it ensures you don't miss any changes or customer inquiries.


Managing multiple tracking numbers for Etsy orders poses a challenge, given the current limitations of platforms like Printify. However, by utilizing manual notification or regularly checking order status, you can overcome this issue and keep your customers informed. While an automated solution would be ideal, it's essential to explore the available options and choose the method that works best for your shop. By proactively managing multiple tracking numbers, you can provide a positive customer experience and reduce confusion surrounding order fulfillment.

{'keywords': ['multiple tracking numbers', 'managing orders', 'Etsy store', 'customer satisfaction', 'shipping notifications'], 'summary': 'This article discusses the challenges of managing multiple tracking numbers in an Etsy print-on-demand store and provides two solutions for keeping customers updated and satisfied. The first option involves manually adding your email to receive shipping notifications, while the second option suggests regularly checking order status. Though an automated solution is not currently available, proactive management ensures accurate tracking information for a smooth customer experience.'}

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