Must-Have Baby Boy Finds

Must-Have Baby Boy Finds

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Baby Boy Haul - Supporting Small Businesses
    • Bubs and Babes - Rattle and Turtle Toy
    • Cala and ie - Medium Rainbow
    • Danika and Sons - Handmade Baby Swaddle
    • Hope and Plum - Ring Sling
    • Rattle and Roll - Wooden Toys
    • Cotton Grace Co - Handmade Lovey
    • To Land's Handmade - Crocheted Booties
    • Rainbow Kiddo - Pants and Onesie
    • Miss Bliss Design - Teething Necklace and Clip
    • Pixie and Co - Soft Swaddle and Burp Rag
    • Oh Little Rabbit - Organic Cotton Onesie
    • Babies Hangar - Knotted Gown
    • Kite Baby - Sleep Sack
    • Eddy Innovations - Baby Hat and Booties
    • Bobo Baby - Handmade Bunny Lovey
    • Baby Octopi - Handmade Octopus Toy and Swaddle
    • Noel Gray - Onesies with Succulent Prints
    • Psy Foo - Organic Clothing and Teething Accessories
    • Thai Food - Pacifier Clips and Swaddle
    • Me (Cherry or Sheree) - Hair Clips and Bibs
    • Arabella & Co - Fringe Blanket and Matching Hat
    • Baby Boos Designs - Personalized Swaddle and Blanket
  3. Conclusion

Baby Boy Haul - Supporting Small Businesses

Today, we are delighted to share with you our baby boy haul, featuring a range of products from small shop owners on Instagram and Etsy. These handcrafted items are not only adorable but also a wonderful way to support small businesses. Let's explore each item in detail:

Bubs and Babes - Rattle and Turtle Toy

The first item in our haul is the rattle and turtle toy from Bubs and Babes. This unique toy features a plastic ball wrapped in nylon rope with a wooden ring. The craftsmanship is exceptional, and it provides a safe and engaging sensory experience for babies. Check out Bubs and Babes for more creative baby products.

Cala and ie - Medium Rainbow

Next, we have a beautiful handmade rainbow from Cala and ie. This size medium rainbow will be a lovely addition to our baby boy's nursery. The colors were custom chosen, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. Cala and ie also offer pre-made rainbows and custom options. Don't forget to use our discount code Corinne10 for 10% off your purchase.

Danika and Sons - Handmade Baby Swaddle

Danika and Sons have sent us a gorgeous handmade swaddle. Their tie-dye designs are remarkable, and we fell in love with this particular swaddle. The quality is excellent, and the fabric is incredibly soft. Make sure to check out their Instagram to see the latest items, including adorable onesies.

Hope and Plum - Ring Sling

For baby wearing enthusiasts, Hope and Plum have provided us with a beautiful ring sling. This Lagoon-colored sling from their Hawaii collection is both stylish and functional. The copper/rose gold rings add a touch of elegance. We can't wait to give this sling a try for hands-free and close bonding with our baby.

Rattle and Roll - Wooden Toys

Rattle and Roll specialize in natural wooden toys, and we couldn't resist their products. We have a wooden car seat toy and a rattle toy. These toys are perfect for stimulating our baby's senses and providing safe materials to chew on. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are remarkable.

Cotton Grace Co - Handmade Lovey

Cotton Grace Co has sent us a beautiful handmade lovey. This versatile item can double as a lovey or a soft toy for our baby to cuddle. The colors are delightful, and the quality is outstanding. Check out their other handmade products from the Pacific Northwest.

To Land's Handmade - Crocheted Booties

We are huge fans of handmade booties, and To Land's Handmade did not disappoint. These crocheted booties are made from a unique combination of Peruvian highland wool and superfine alpaca. The untreated fibers make these booties safe and cozy for our little one. We can't wait for him to wear them during the fall season.

Rainbow Kiddo - Pants and Onesie

Rainbow Kiddo has provided us with a stylish onesie and matching pants. All of their clothes are made using organic materials, which is a big plus for us. The print on the onesie featuring stars and colorful stripes is simply adorable. Browse through their collection for more organic clothing options.

Miss Bliss Design - Teething Necklace and Clip

For teething relief, Miss Bliss Design sent us a teething necklace and clip. The necklace is not only functional but also fashionable, allowing us to wear it as a stylish accessory. The wooden rings and beads make it safe for our baby to chew on. The teething clip is a practical addition to keep pacifiers within reach and prevent them from falling on the floor.

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